Allow love to speak throu what you do & there’ll be no wrong turnings

"We don’t dictate your life because the decisions you have to make for yourself are how you grow. They’re ‘taken down and used in evidence’, not judgementally but judgeheartedly.
If we were to tell you the 'right' thing and you did it half-heartedly that would be more inappropriate than doing the 'wrong' thing whole-heartedly.
"Allow your love to speak throu what you do & there’ll be no wrong turnings."


The only constant source of power is your inner light

"The only constant source of power is your inner light. The long-term cost of following it is always much less than the cost of stifling it - even if it appears to impose an 'impossible' cost initially. A candle that is off-vertical may burn for a time, but it burns uneconomically & the results are messy!"

Received at Findhorn, where I'd gone for a retreat to consider my future after resigning from the RCM



"Anger is a sign of unresolved elements in the personality. If the process of life is transmuting matter into spirit, then anger represents hard blocks of untransformed matter. To inter–percolate with the world of spirit you must become fluid. That’s why the angry can't leave the earth plane.
"The given personality has to dissolve in order for the latent personality to emerge. Physical existence is a mist. You’re conscious of light around you but not of its source. As you progress you come to realise there is a focal point from which it comes. And eventually as you rise above the atmosphere you see the sun shining ever more clearly."



"You had the courage to follow my voice, and I will now give you rewards beyond your imagining;* but first you must learn to hear me in all situations. Practise listening each hour, and become accustomed to checking in to your internal consciousness. I am with you. I watch over you. I will guard and keep you and those you love. Have no fear. Act boldly within a framework of love. There are different (moral) pathways. Don’t assume you will always continue in the same one. You’ve made a change now. Some years ahead you can expect another. By being open you remain stable. If you fear change you become rigid and are easily put off balance."

* Uploading this guidance 15 years later, I look back on the mindset I held then & realise how the expansion that takes place simply cannot be comprehended. I could only conceive of reward/s within my existing, egoic value system. What I could not anticipate was how my value system itself was to change (& thus the very notion of 'reward' within ego-centric perception) as the fires of karmic purification raged! In fact, I would say now, the principal reward is that very change itself, and one's consequential release from any sense of nuclear individualism.


Pursue your transformation

"All now depends on your etheric energy to make connections with your angels. Put your bleeper on and focus your energy every hour. If you can accept yourself, others will accept you.
"In allowing yourself to fall you will stabilise. As soon as you reach the right place blessings will shower upon you. Pursue your transformation. The function of night is to give way to day. Of course you don’t know what the new day looks like while it's still dark, but trust the process. When has daylight ever disappointed?
"Pay what you owe. Be fair. Praise your partner for support. As to your overdraft, use it's negative energy to intensify your focus. Don’t be afraid of anything — it has all been given to you on purpose, and will change just as soon as you learn how to dwell within the higher realities. Put your energies into that and draw the rewards into your physical world.
"If you could see it all from our perspective you’d find it hard not to be impatient! You’re so nearly there. Keep on."


Money offers opportunities for inner listening

"You urgently need to sort out your finances. Treat it as a series of opportunities to practise inner listening. You must transfer your energies wholly to the higher plane. Don’t push for anything with your natural energy, develop your psychic energy."


What you learn from walking a tightrope ...

"What you learn from walking a tightrope is the glorious liberty of perfect balance. If you no longer wish to deviate, the limitations are no problem. Absolute stillness is required. Stillness is not passivity nor inaction, it's invisible movement at the intensity of light.
"Perfection is dynamic and progressive. You are at your best now, but in the future your percept of 'best' will have evolved still further. This is the nature of the metaphysical universe.

"Take your time. Everything develops at its own pace. There is you, atma, & there is everythingelse, brahma. You really expect to synchronise instantly with the mechanism of aeons? How different your time–frames are. And after the Universe has adapted itself to your needs in the twinkling of an eye, to whose of the billions of needs should adapt itself next?
It doesn’t work that way. It can't.
"If you have thought the universe a dark empty place, what does that tell you? That it is? No – that you think it so. Which is right? Your experience of course. You can only speak from your own truth. But if, instead of clinging to an individuality which you instinctively know to be barren, you surrender to the darkness of your fears – your eyes will soon open to accept a range of light and experience beyond your conscious imagining.
"All created matter is built in potential harmony. Humanity alone has the power to create and develop harmonies that didn’t exist before. The art of the musician consists in drawing the maximum sonority from hir instrument, based on a respect for and understanding of the medium itself. Your body, mind and spirit are built to be receptors reflecting the power and energy of these universal harmonies. So long as you are turned inward, uncertain of your own voice, your experience is bound to be lonely, frightening and empty.

"Love begins, sustains, and concludes the transformation. Love is the evolutionary force governing the universe – the counter-balance of everything."


Use laughter to enter a relaxed feeling of honouring

If one’s meditation is blocked, are there any techniques?
"Think of something funny. Use laughter to break up the situation and enter a relaxed feeling of honouring. I have to say you probably wouldn’t be blocked if you’d got up when you first woke! Be disciplined."

Later, when I was asking about my authentic voice a dog yelped in the street and I realised that it was necessary only to speak naturally.


Where great light abounds great darkness is also found

"You’ll get throu this, but only if you walk step by step. It's vital for you both to pool your knowledge about spending, and to buy groceries with the utmost care, excluding whatever is not absolutely essential. The situation has been engineered to cause you to literally watch and pray. Please now stop drinking altogether; apart from the expense, it deadens your inner ear.
You can't serve God & Mammon. It's important that you consult and decide together. No more, you in your corner, C in hers.
"Where great light abounds great darkness is also found. Now the period of unreality is over you must make your life a tribute to the light.
"You are the Moses. You must find your Aaron. In the meantime by all means offer yourself to Geoff. It would be a fine learning path. I am not yet made whole in you. K is in danger, you should be prepared to help her."


As the pace quicken you must pay the most careful attention to remaining in the light

"To traverse from one state of consciousness to another involves passing throu a black hole, or point of negative gravity. Light approaching this gets sucked in, reaching a narrow beam of coherence. Before you come to this juncture you have considerable latitude, but as the pace quicken you must pay the most careful attention to remaining in the light if the process is to succeed."


Don't miss your big chance - Be single-minded about being ready

"You can't have it both ways. Either you want to follow a spiritual path and be led by the highest power ... or you know best. This dithering between the 2 ways has brought you to the point you now face.
"Your energy has been refined like air to receive from spiritual sources and therefore is no longer as dense as is required to motivate those who are earthy. Unless you make the leap and commit yourself wholly to the higher energies the lower ones will drag you down, and you’ll be caught forever between the 2, belonging to neither.
"It isn’t our way to dictate. But if you can't follow what is being said clearly, how will you grow in perception to receive the subtler transmissions that can direct you forwards? If you were a trapeze artist and the swing was traveling toward you how could you hope to catch it if you weren’t poised to respond with split-second precision? If you just stand there, not concentrating to see which direction its coming from and hoping that it’ll hit you, there’s every chance you’ll fumble the connection or be knocked off balance. If the swing turns back without you it could be many years before all the rhythms recycle to bring it back. And you’d be left dangling. This is your chance. Be single-minded about being ready."


A second chance

"When you hear something clearly and then you equivocate, how can you expect to continue to hear my voice? Look, in the summer I expressly showed you to resign from the RCM at Christmas and go to Findhorn. Then you retracted your resignation, and as a result you floundered. Now, unusually, I’ve given you a second chance and you’re still not sure. This is it chum. If you’re so disattuned you can’t heed my voice there’s nothing more I can do."


Step forward joyfully into the dawn

"You’ve now come to the point of decision. Step forward joyfully into the dawn. Don’t allow the dark shadows to excite the apprehension in your mind. What you have longed for has come to pass. Do it courageously. I will provide."

This came as I finalised my resignation from the the Junior Royal College of Music


Getting and giving is a mutual process

"Getting and giving is a mutual process. If you’re a prudent giver you’ll wait until the desire of your recipient matches what you wish to offer. God functions in a similar way. S/he must draw you to a point of mutuality. If you resist, or insist you know best, there’s nothing s/he can do. For the gifts have to travel from the world of infinite possibility (mushín) before they can emerge in your physical world.
"Therefore both realities have to be closely synchronised for the process to take place. Belief/trust/faith is what synchronises them. And praise/honour is what excites faith. Try to create an atmosphere of praise and warmth."


Examine what challenges you

"Nothing is of itself: all things are part of another. The spiritual person sees that and walks accordingly: the fool seeks to divide and claim possession of a single element. Different people have different gifts precisely so as to have the capacity and the privilege to trust each other. Imagine the effect knowing everything would have on an un-spiritually-prepared person?
"Remember always to show respect to all people and viewpoints — especially those you hate. They will probably have a deeper message for you than those you can readily accept. Examine what challenges you: absorb what disturbs you so that you can balance your experience. Enter your enemy’s experience; perhaps s/he'll no longer be your enemy?"


Honouring your self creates harmony all around you

"If giving praise (honouring) is important, so is receiving it. Observe how insincere people trade flattery – observe the wonderful effect it has! Everyone loves them. They're actually doing what you should be doing — warming their atmosphere with praise. Characteristically, they speak of the outer person but you can speak of the inner.
"Perhaps you think you haven’t the insight or the status? What nonsense. You have a unique entitlement to say what I/we show. The more holistic, the better it’ll work; & the better it works, the more it’ll unify your own personality. Praise doesn’t just make you look outward, it opens your heart to receive honour directly from heaven. If you’re in the habit of honouring /praising it’ll attract honour /praise to you.
"And yourself? Why not praise /honour your self? Honouring sets all things in harmony. It is the nature and state of heaven. When your heart is exalted you experience heaven. This is what awaits you! Something to look forward to, eh? But you can know it now, you can have that experience within your everyday life, if you’ll only make that little effort to love yourself and show yourSelf approval. If you strive it can't happen — it requires trust. For trust produces balance.
"All we want to do is welcome more and more joyful-filled /joy-fulfilled souls into our world of light. Come with us, be one of us."


5 Riddles of Light

"How pleasant to see you again. We bring you light. The light showers upon you, whether you can see it or not."
How could we not see light? If it did not enlighten, how indeed could it be light?
"Many lights shine upon you do they not? Only people with spiritual attunement can distinguish between the different qualities. Some light carries the whole spectrum, some a highly partial one. Subjectively all may be functional but only a certain kind of colour balance is actually beneficial to the eye.
"The glare of delusion often eclipses the simple flame of truth.
There are 4 things that are hard to understand, a fifth that puzzles the greatest minds:
What is the condition of light when it is not shining?
What happens to darkness in the presence of light?
What is the origin & source of light that it should be different from darkness?
From the heat of toil, darkness is a blessing – yet people fear it.
There is no path dividing darkness & light that can be recognised or trodden."


Light is never lost, even in the dark season

"Within everyone there is a light which guides. If that secret, personal light is tended and nurtured it becomes a joyful fire which warms the individual and enlightens anyone who touches your life in any way. If the inner light is not attended to it shrivels away to the faintest glimmer. So long as life exists it can never be extinguished, but if covered over or lost among artificial illumination it may be very hard to restore.
"If you want to understand, you can. But you must put away every theory and be willing to listen to nothing except your own heartbeat. Don’t be surprised if it gives you different answers at different times — or even at the same time! This is just a reflection of your divided personality. Within every dilemma you can sense that one path calls you to growth, while other paths are suggested by your mental conditioning.
"At first it is often by no means easy to discern which is which. However, your heart knows. Follow it no matter how ‘impossible’ — a way will open throu whatever barrier opposes you, be it rock, desert, or sea. Each obstacle strengthens you to become weaker. Helpless you become aware of your true power.
"As you grow you become lighter. Shining you become conscious of the darkness. Grounded you’re released from gravity. But if you strive you hold yourself back. If you seek reward it’ll tie you to the earth. If you care, you'll be trapt.
"Dance in the morning sun. Feel it echo the warmth within. Welcome the rain which makes things grow. Welcome the frost which causes seeds to germinate. Welcome the autumn which lays things to rest.
"Welcome the time of summer’s abundance, but don’t forget that its to be no more than a quarter of your cycle. Winter will pass when its work is done. Hasten it by accepting what must die, and allow the new light to glimmer, then glow, then flicker, then burst out into the tremulous glory of a new springtime."



Be content to be invisible, humble, steadfast.
Be content …
Don't strive for situations that can only expose you to moral danger.
Don't strive …
Just accept that you are within the plan the Universe has for you.
Just accept …
Follow your inner voice no matter how alarming your predicament.
Follow your inner voice …

It is all part of experience designed to help you
respect yourself as a whole person.
You are a whole person already -
please acknowledge yourself for all you're worth.


The relationship between physical & psychic need

"It is right for you to concentrate on your outer needs at this time."
Why didn’t you bring this into my awareness sooner?
"Because you weren’t ready. Your needs are not as you see them, for your ‘need’ distorts your perception. Physical needs are always reflections of psychic needs.
The natural human impulse is to meet the physical need and then sort out the psychic. But by doing that you close up the window of greatest opportunity for inner transformation. Your physical need has evolved in order to peel back layers of protective consciousness. When that process has reached its most acute your outer awareness is thinnest and therefore most alert to the inner world.
"Suppose I had resolved your outer need earlier, you would have assumed that represented the maximum transformation required? You trusted and were, as promised, sustained. By continuing to respond to your inner promptings, even in the face of pressure, you have detached the existing linkage that locked your inner and outer realities together, and are now free to alter the balance — which you never would’ve been before. Now you’re to be rewarded, and I tell you now so you may prepare and not be swept off balance by new opportunities. Moreover, your spiritual priorities having been established you will no longer have false expectations about how and whence this comes.
It is above all important, if you wish to progress spiritually, that you maintain an inner detachment. Always resolve psychic need first. If you can't separate the two ask what most dignifies the Way, your immediate surroundings. This doesn’t imply losing sight of your goal, or not having one, rather it means allowing it to evolve.
Maybe your goal was at first the physical realisation of a certain ambition. Don’t be misled by the presence of other people’s expectations: your goal is always to do what is right for the Universe. In that there is transformation for you and for everyone. The goal is to make whole — but be wise: wholeness is relative. You’ve seen for yourself; to make fully whole may require to a fundamental remoulding. Don’t attempt to do our work for us! Don’t invent agendas for others, nor build with unstable materials. When you’re centred the right partners will manifest themselves. Armed with that knowledge you need never be weak.
Never allow the magnitude of your surroundings to daunt you. The same principles apply in palaces as in hovels. It takes real balance and inner attunement to know when its right to yield and right to be firm. But by remaining flexible, if need be to the point of resignation from your own creation, you maintain an awareness that allows for the possibility of evolution.
Always retain the right to change your mind, but do so in such a way that others can participate in the process. If they accuse you of inconsistency ignore the charge, for you can be sure that they will be the least consistent themselves. Don’t allow the imbalance of others to distort your own, no matter how strong the pressure. Don’t introject (absorb as a reality) the consciousness of others with a strong outer reality but inside a psychic vacuum. Be true to your inmost self, avoid excess. Balance is both the way and the destination."


Sequere Deum - follow the energy

"You’re ready to distinguish between inner and outer reality, or higher and lower consciousness. You conduct an enormous voltage. If that power isn’t connected to a ring main it just goes straight into the earth and can't accomplish what it's sent to do.
"If you’re among people whose plugs/sockets/voltages are different how can you connect? It's another way of saying the tribe knows its own. If you go trying to connect with situations or people whose energy doesn’t match yours, small wonder that circuits fuse or people unplug.
You can only conduct your full power when you’ve brought your inner and outer reality into harmony. The inner reality we speak of is your higher consciousness. It's no good having the raw power of higher consciousness informing your inner reality if your outward connection is dodgy or broken. It isn’t enough. Power not transformed & transmitted is a very dangerous entity. It can flare out and burn the very people it was meant to enlighten.
"The expectations of other people create the ring main or power network. Everybody has a different energy need, and you’ve to find those whom you can share with, otherwise the surplus power will burn you up. Do you feel that voltage? Is it connecting properly? No? Then where is it strongest? Go there. Follow the energy. Equalise the inner and the outer. Don’t worry if it seems to involve lower inner energy. It wont happen that way, and you’ll receive so much you won't notice the lack.
"If you’re called you must act, otherwise the next step won't appear. You’ll have to wait for a new set of circumstances."


Nothing comes from outside your self

"Don’t expect hope to be an external thing — something you’re ‘given’. No, hope is you yourself and your knowledge of spiritual truth. If that is true then your hope will be unshakeable confidence. If it's based on a false premise it’ll fall if shaken.
"Not just your own salvation, but that of others who come after you, can only be built on stable arches — which must be tested and secured. If no weight were to be placed on them it wouldn’t matter. But salvation (accurate guidance) calls for firmness, solidity, deep grounding.
Trust it. Learn to trust your heart centre against all odds — that is true hope: knowing."


Light on the dark path

"You have chosen a dark path for a while. It is a further process you need and that others need. You aren’t the vessel only of your own salvation, each of you is also the vessel of others. Don’t let that weigh you down, just continue your own process. As you grow you grow others: as others grow they grow you.
"Don’t lie to yourself about sadness. If you’re sad be sad, that way you stay real. Allow unreality to enter and you don’t know what you feel any longer.
"Why aren’t you 'allowed' to be sad? – Because it exposes the sadness within others that they can't deal with? – Because their lives are built on lies? – So be real, admit you don’t know the answers. Allow things to fall apart a little. So what? You can still breathe — your breath is the most beautiful part about you, cherish it.
"Maybe there are no answers? Maybe there are no questions?
"When the sun rises the stars don’t go away. The heavens exist without alteration, it's only your perception that changes.
"Know that all you think is true. At the appropriate time the light will return to illuminate your world. And just as you are guided by the faithfulness of others so yours will glow in the dark as a luminous beacon to others. Salvation is not a simple matter. The seed is not yet the plant. The vessel of your life fertilises others by its full humanity and openness.
"So be it."


Praise is the energiser and the focusing-point of the psyche

"Noone who has sufficient praise need be short of anythingelse. Praise is the energiser and the focusing-point of the psyche. No time spent in praise is ever wasted. It cuts throu all atmospherics and static putting you in direct communication with God hirself."


Attraction is a spiritual principle

"Attraction is a spiritual principle. You grow you’re attracted to form units of cooperation – from 2 to 2,000,000. Within attraction there are internal checks and balances intended to keep you in a right relationship with the attracting entity and with yourself. The attraction will have opened up a need within you — that is how you know you’re being attracted!
"If you throw yourself into it you won't satisfy your deepest instinct, which is to grow the desired quality within yourself. Attraction is, in any case, a mutual process. If the other party is unable to acknowledge it the result can never be growth for either. Instead, a self-imprisonment takes place which accurately reflects the individual’s subconscious world. And that’s as true for your relationship with groups as it is with individuals.
"The ultimate function of relationships is to open up and exchange awareness. By so doing you and the relationship are sustained and grow. It’s always a 1 to 1 process whether the other party is a single person or the unity of a group awareness. In either case the goal is interdependent independence not submission/submersion.
"If you throw yourself at the object of your desire you surrender your own power of attraction, namely that which is yourself. By maintaining your own centre of balance you dignify and honour your attracter, and so allow the engagement to become a mutual process which gives both parties opportunity to develop and coordinate their responses. If this is true of individuals it’s even more true of groups. By joining any group you will transform its consciousness, just as it will transform yours. Is that something you/they/it want?
"Avoid any group or person who requires a certain set of responses before you’re acceptable. Where’s the mutuality in that? Neither you nor they will be free. The two parties to an attraction may find their natural relationship at any point along a continuum ranging from chance encounter to lifelong commitment. If you approach the process without preconditions you’ll avoid the disappointment of projecting your own needs onto the attracter, and thereby failing to see hir needs clearly.
"Take your relationship with a group: it may be mere interest, a tangential association, passive membership or full commitment. It will reflect where both you and they are. How much more then are personal relationships a reflection of both parties’ current state. For only what you agree about the relationship can exist at all. If you passionately want someone/thing, it's almost certainly not the person or object per se, but the quality they represent to you. 9/10 times that quality is self-confidence. So instead of learning to stabilise yourself you fling yourself at the object, further destabilise yourself and probably unbalance the other party as well!"


The divine impulse is present in all life

"People get confused by the difference between the clear sky of heaven above the clouds and the patchy weather of the earth. Once they’ve made a spiritual commitment they expect everything to be sunny on earth all the time. Nothing could be further from probability.
The rain falls upon the just as on the unjust feller,
But more upon the just because the unjust hath the just’s umbrella.
"Acknowledging your cosmic awareness brings you into a right relationship vertically and so, by expanding your intuitive awareness, helps you make sense of your horizontal relationships. In no sense does it exempt you from the physical laws of cause and effect, rather it intensifies them. The divine impulse is present in all life: all are called to realise & fulfil their uniquely individual character. Of those to whom little is given, little is expected.
"But those called to higher service are given greater sensitivity, and therefore find their path doesn’t lie easily within the world’s patterns. Often, to begin with, they aren’t aware of having a ‘vocation’ as such. They struggle to make sense of their gifts within a conventional environment and wonder why their peers don’t understand. Learning the difference between what is God-ward and what is human-ward can be a painful process.
"Resolution is itself the solution: growth in spiritual awareness resolves doubt and an increased sense of belonging dissolves fear. You learn to accept and treasure what you are, not to pretend and strive for what you think you ought to be. You can only achieve a small part of this by yourself: for the rest you need a tribe of like-minded people in whose pool of consciousness you can refresh yourself as you also contribute. This is the collective aspect of salvation: nurture it and it will nurture you."


The transformatory cycle

"The stream is never so pure as at its source, its clarity and humility never so sparkling; never so delightful as it rambles over rock and sand, throu woody glades, drifting over the enchanted land. But as it gathers energy so it transforms into a river and that early limpidity is lost in the confusing swirl of waters entering from streams each with its own unique source.
"So the river becomes a mighty army on the march, placid in repose but uncontrolable once aroused. For the wise person it's a magnificent servant – sustaining, irrigating, scouring: for the careless person a flooding, drowning deluge.
"From the certainty and joy of your first steps in the spiritual life you develop as spiritual gravity leads; but this gravity doesn’t draw you downward, rather, it draws you on throu deeper spiritual dimensions as you are willing and able to follow. On the way many tributaries enter your consciousness but, tho they flow into you of themselves, they’re influences you attract. Make sure your energy attracts only positive healthy confluences not turbulent, polluted or irrelevant ones, lest your consciousness be overwhelmed or pulled off course by a stronger tide.
"As you grow bigger and more confident there comes a loss of intimacy, many people will come to draw water from you: your course is no longer uncertain, the current sweeps you onward in a direction hollowed out by millions upon millions before you. Invisible to those who stand uncommitted on the bank it flows and nourishes all things like a river of stars in the sky.
Glory in each hour of the day. Perhaps beyond you the course is unclear, hidden in morning mist? Relish the cool mystery of dawn as much as the glorious noonday, trust the current to bear you onward in spite of your frantic paddling. (If you can't see clearly, how do you know which way is downstream?)
"Maybe you think the sun will never rise? Have you ever known it not to?
"Has the midday heat become unbearable – wasn’t it for this you longed in the frosty dark? Seek shade but praise God for the balance in all things.
"Do you lament the growing shadows? Yet night transforms existence, allowing for renewal of body and mind and for their intimate connection with their own timelessness.

"All this the river sees, all this the river is, all this you are. And when it is your time to merge into the vast ocean of those who traveled before carry with you into this strange, tumultuous environment all the energy, joy and freshness of your conception. For when you’ve rested, the transformatory cycle will begin again: you’ll rise to the clouds as spirit/vapour, and so be discharged onto the earth once more to assume your role in the interaction of all things."


"Praise charges your spiritual batteries . Why go throu life on dim and faltering power when you could skim along in a bright gleaming shower of light. It's your choice.
What ever energy you give to praise returns to you manyfold.
Seek always to praise rather than blame. Live that life of joy you’ve always promised yourself. Don’t be afraid. Consider the bottle half full rather than half empty. Have fun — be fun."


Dance /praise

"Let the sense of praise invade your whole life. Dance tru y’ days wit d’ light. No more gloom now. No grand plans either. Take each day as it comes. The spiritual life is made of small steps. That way the broad vision is realised across many interacting lives."


You’ve chosen to do something very difficult, if you surrender who’s left to win?

Help me to communicate to others what I know.
"You do communicate it. You are playing your part, I assure you. The problem is you want everything to happen at once. One day of feeling blue and now nothing works any longer! You’ve chosen to do something very difficult, if you surrender who’s left to win? The crown is reserved for overcomers. Don’t look for support where none is to be found, follow your inner calling in a praise of spirit. Remember you already are. The dough that goes into the oven already is the loaf of bread, but requires the heat to bring it to perfection.
"Praise is what makes the yeast rise and assume a life of its own."


Just hang on — that’s what faith is.

"Being is much more important than receiving these messages. Teaching is about integration, yet only those with sufficient integrity can begin to learn. First whole (/heal) yourself. Place your hands either side of your head and quietly feel the healing power — transfer that to any other part of the body that needs it. Give up for ever your ambitions in the world of ego — trust your consciousness to bring you to the place you belong. It may involve many shifts to accomplish so just hang onthat’s what faith is. You’ve left the world of ego. If you could get there by eyesight and physical skill, however meritorious, no real faith would’ve been involved — conventional religion can achieve that!
"Don’t measure your achievements against others — there is no such scale in the world of spirit. Our loving parent sees each of you individually without judgment and praises your growth. Praise reflects mutual esteem. Your praise of someone makes that person respond complementarily. Praise God, praise your fellows, praise the meagrest thing — whatever warmth you give will be reflected a hundredfold."


Let go & BE

"Now you’re no longer afraid to feel the gaps in your mind it's possible to help you. Before, you were so busy helping yourself you were afraid to receive.

"So, let go and be."


Prediction - distinguishing between short and long term truth

"The reason some can predict the future is because they refine their vibrations to the point they can detect the difference between short and long term truth. However, longer term truth isn’t something fixed, it's a balance of probabilities that mutates within tolerances established by the probabilities themselves. A seer picks up these vibrations, which may derive from an individual or a wider situation, and responds — often without being aware of the process. No human can ever be wholly free from ego, it's one of the foundation stones of consciousness, but the greater the willingness to release personal ambition the more of hir self a seer makes available to receive.
"Males are more endowed with ego. However the psychological stability this is intended to create within communal relationships has been distorted by those who find they can use it to exercise power over others. Those who have been bred within these false values find it hard indeed to shed them and develop the responsive side of their personalities. Correspondingly, those with constitutionally lower ego profiles find it easier. If you understand the process, you’ll be willing to let it takes its course, however improbable that may appear on the ground."


The spiritual function of the division between ego—soul—spirit

"Your soul is the undying part of you which incarnates as it needs to on a continuum of development towards god-consciousness. Even if you choose to call it your spirit what is described is that which is essentially and inalienably you apart from ego. The two together form the Self.
"If you want to play the ‘big guy’, stay within the power and sphere of the ego! So long as your physical energy holds out your ego is 'safe' from ‘divine sabotage’. While the vessel surrounding the liquid soul is strong and virile, the physical vigour of its exterior is attractive; but inevitably it decays — and what then happens to the meagre unfermented soul within? ‘Divine sabotage’ is designed to shatter the ego so that the liquid of soul flows multi-dimensionally, merging and blending to nourish the world – for part of your function is to progress the cycle by growing others as you yourself were grown.
"Have there been points in your life you feared you might cease to exist owing to the stress you felt yourSelf, your personality, to be under? That’s just the structure of your ego metamorphosing to prepare for an abundant release of soul. (Picture an analogy with the birth process or the transformation of the pupa.) After the soul is open to receive, comes its fertilisation by spirit. Spirit exists in many forms as ‘collective unconscious’. Every family or tribe of humans has its own spirit — an archetype which reinforces their sense of identity as they come closest to it. In early days where family and tribe were synonymous the continuity was easy to maintain. Now a different situation exists where the two are quite separate. You’re born into family but you choose the tribe on the basis of affinity.
"There is a core experience within every separate vocation -be it acting, accountancy, or animal welfare- that forms an archetype or algorithm. The more a practitioner can synchronise hir own rhythms with those of the algorithm, or archetype, the greater hir success will be — because s/he is harnessing the latent energy in the algorithm and ceases to strive. The absence of striving in turns contributes an apparent effortlessness to that person’s activities which is, quite correctly, thought of as godlike.
"Spirit therefore by fertilising the Self releases into a new dimension of metaphysical possibilities. Given the impulse of the universe to move towards unity the vast majority of Spirit algorithms tend towards the positive. But there are negative algorithms and these too can be discovered and harnest. If you persevere in either direction you will find the archetypal consciousness within, & into, which yourSelf can be released.
"However, overarching/underpinning all, is the ultimate algorithm of the infinite unity which encompasses all shorter cycles, and within which is contained every possibility — of the universe, of the earth, of life, of humanity, of flora, of nations, of people, of fauna, of relationships, of thought.
"To discover and reconcile yourself with that great Aum of consciousness is to be released into the timeless possibilities of being interpenetrated by Holy Spirit, the divine One of eternity."


What you’re seeking lies very deep within

"Don’t torment yourself. The infliction of self-pain is a means of seeking excitement, a way of seeking to break throu the impervious wall of your outer experience to a state of inner knowledge. But it can never be achieved that way. No matter how you batter away or slash at your conscious mind it will never yield the result you want, for consciousness is constructed out of interlocking concepts; and if you succeed in breaking one out another drops into its place.
"What you’re seeking lies very deep within. Only by the carefullest and tenderest self-love can you create an inner alternative that allows the existence of the wall to dematerialise. It doesn’t cease to exist, for it still supports your awareness, it just ceases to be material.
"It is an immense journey from knowing nothing of the inner world – back to your nucleus, where at last you know yourself as you were at first. On that journey the elements of consciousness are dissolved and rearranged.
"This can involve going throu periods of great disharmony – and those who don’t want to embark on that journey themselves often respond negatively to the unfolding soul – for they’re mortally afraid of the dissolution of consciousness that they know awaits them. You have to learn to let such people go."


Relax & praise your Self

"Don’t repeat questions, like a child, when you’ve already had the answers!
"Either you do trust or you don’t. If the latter then examine that problem. If the former, quietly relive your high-point experiences and remind yourself of the deeper meaning of trust — namely allowing the one you trust the time bringing about orbital conjunctions at the appropriate time.
"Trust is dynamic, don’t expect the relationships between truster and trustee to remain constant. You may be, probably will be, drawn onwards into a deeper awareness. (You’d quickly tire of a human relationship that didn’t progress, wouldn’t you?) So. Lighten up. Always remember praise. If you feel too tired to make the effort, then open up and listen to God praising you! After a little while maybe you’ll want to join in too? What've you got to lose?"


Trust your heart

"Nobody destabilizes you. You destabilize yourself by looking around for approval when you think you’re doing well. Trust your heart.
"Why this mission to explain? Were you called to do this? No, you were called to be. If you resonate with self-attunement the vibrations will call others. Striving dulls your note – and unresolved desire leads to anger, which in turn creates a negative environment where others will instinctively withhold what they might otherwise willingly give.
"It seems awfully hard, I know, that you should always be expected to act on your own, but how otherwise can you create the environment you wish? Why not simply trust the divine process to impregnate others as it has you?
"Let go."


Be here still

"It is for God alone you write. If you seek approval from anywherelse you’ll fail. Only if you adhere to what you’re shown and don’t go wandering off will you get throu the maze.
People nourished by human consciousness draw their inspiration from fellow contact and respond subconsciously to the corresponding movements of thought patterns. Those who have deeper roots must keep stiller in order not to disrupt their ability to respond to the slower rhythms of the collective unconscious. As ideas translate themselves outwards from one area to the other or emerge to the surface it's easy to be affected by the energy resulting from the new viewpoints that collude with the process. But only those who have been to the depths know, independently of knowledge."
What then is an appropriate response to those who don’t have the depth of perception?
"Tolerance. If you try and guide them a certain way, having no balance, they’ll only misunderstand you. To use your own voice (=consciousness) to correct what you see as deficiencies will only result in further imbalance. Patience is hardest when you’re clear yourself, but you must trust the power of the universe to speak.
"Remember the keel slicing thru the water, giving balance to the vessel yet invisible to the eye. Translate the concept to a world without gravity. The water, the ship, the keel are wherever, going in whatever direction. Your holding onto your own stillness (but not onto any of the elements individually) harnesses the energy of the situation to your chosen ends. Panic, or look down, and you’re lost.
"Accept that if someone with stronger energy barges in they’ll pull it their way. Therefore continually be replenishing your own energy and stillness at a deep level. If the opposition can disrupt your consciousness they’ve won. But even then don’t strive. Accept that by losing you’re furthering the cause of balance, and strengthen the depth of your awareness to insure against a similar occurrence. If that distances you a little from people there’s no harm. I am here. We are here, your silent witnesses & loving helpers."


Why did my play fail when I believed that every word represented a teaching?

"In whose eyes did it fail? The time is not yet ready. Painful as it may be, you have to accept that you’re a servant not a master. If you were a master you would not receive such gifts, your ego would exclude them. And how would you know your own mind amid the pampered expectations of your own servants? As the juggernaut of the future rolls inchwise across the empty tracts of time it is recreated afresh in the humblest act of each human – its direction defined by the relative perceptions of truth in each act. Nothing is unseen, no good ever wasted.
"You chose to be born into a body of long slow rhythms, and having learned to trust, you must trust for good and for all. Endurance is your testimony to the truth. The steadfastness is no harder than what those you admire have suffered. You have received a rare invitation to join their company. Accept what you have been given and compose yourself."


Rest in peace

"Rest in peace. If you lose touch with me(/yourself) – stay where you are, don’t go racing around – otherwise you simply obliterate the path laid out for you to follow. If that happens you must wait for another one to form. You’ve done nothing wrong, it's merely a phase of spiritual meteorology. Shelter till the weather passes, waiting for the new light.
"If you were to follow the earlier path now, that would be a mistake, the situation has altered. Shake off your inertia. It's all new. Glory and revel in the returning light. Trumpet your praise in a fresh dawn. Be alive, alert. There’s everything to play for."


Why strive to surpass your self - if you did, what good would it do?

"If you try to do more than I show you’ll lose contact with me, and get yourself back into the morass.
"So – it doesn’t mean anything to anyonelse? They’re not the judge of what best suits our purposes. It may take 10, 20, 50, 200 years before your contribution matures. But at the right time, it’ll be there. If you strive to be understood by those who have no understanding where’s the gain in that? You are not and cannot be responsible for other people’s reactions. Of course its rewarding to be appreciated, but you must stop needing it. Want it by all means, but anything that deflects you from the integrity of your walk should be avoided.
"To be alone is not to be lonely."


"Not only don’t strive — accept not striving. Release the whole apparatus of ambition. Allow yourself to hear my voice calmly and without interference. Even if you aren’t understood your stillness will be. Be honest when you can't do something, don’t feel you must oblige everybody. Aren’t you entitled to rest too? In communicating your vision let it explain for you, don’t strive. You’re called to develop another dimension of perception, just relax and it’ll come. Accepting your own pace is more important than meeting deadlines."


Let go

"If you hold feelings they chain you to the earth — hate, rage, regret, sorrow, nostalgia.
If you release feelings in exchange you get joy, praise, lightness & surrender.
"You can't hold onto the latter feelings — they have to be constantly recreated in a series of living presents. Negative feelings are like a room full of cigarette smoke – only those intent on their own death submit to such an environment.
"For those who wish to live the windows must be opened and fresh air allowed to sweep into the lungs. A grievance nurtured turns hurt to hate. You enfold yourself with negativity and your stomach seethes ...
"Open, open, open — open the windows of your heart. Let the energy you’re creating go to warm and power the wings of forgiveness. Be released for takeoff. Soar above the problem, see it from the perspective of spirit.

"Perhaps it was a tiny tack set there to burst the bubble of your ego?"


Creating new worlds

"An immense experience — to see a world realised and peopled. How you gloried in the characters you’d created at points where they synchronised with your imagination and longed for them to be different at others. So it is with your maker. S/he has known, long before you stumble into self-discovery, what you’ve the potential to become. It's the process of becoming your potential (of growing into childhood dreams) that defines your development.
"The feelings that ran thru the play were like a keel slicing deep beneath the water, steady, straight and invisible. At any juncture there can only be one centre, one groove. You’ve to be sure your consciousness is in that sync point and not to either side. That puts you right in the energy flow of the moment, the matrix that joins universal and subjective time. As you become centred you become consciousness."

After the run of my play The Watcher in the Rain


There is no limit

"Anyone can exist, but how much of the personality does this involve? The function of education is to make people aware of dimensions of experience that are there for them to expand into. There is no limit to growth. A person who has gone as far as s/he can is then offered new dimensions of experience to conquer, and so on within infinity/eternity. Yet these realities are finite in themselves, held in balance by the many polarities which define relative s/pace."

The day my play, The Watcher in the Rain opened


Be still & know that You Are

"Stillness is your greatest gift to the world. Most are so blown about by the hurricane of their emotions that they’re forever uncertain of, even, who they are physically. Don’t compete with egos, be content to be ignored, it's better than having created a false position which you must then sustain.
"Concentrate the maximum energy into your stillness so that your silent clarity is heard above all the clamour."


Only by simple acceptance are you freed from the barbed bait of perpetual enquiry.

"Don’t seek to ‘understand’. Only by simple acceptance are you freed from the barbed bait of perpetual enquiry. The multi-dimensional logic of the Universe can't be reduced to the conceptual world of human thought. Within the totality of all that exists nothing is amiss.
"At a simple binary level every Question has its Answer, tho the Answer might have been given several thousand years before the Question was asked, or might appear in a completely different cultural context. The point is, that only by ceasing to strive can the range of perception be extended limitlessly in any direction. Many of the Answers are of infinite subtlety; a factor here, a factor there, an undreamt wish from elsewhere, which perhaps require to be combined in a historical awareness lost centuries ahead.
"You’ll always find what you seek, but it’ll be the desire of your heart not of your head. Your heart knows: it knew before you were born, and it draws you onwards until your Question becomes the Answer you already feel."


"Purity is a hard-won thing. It isn’t virginal ignorance. It’s knowing all, yet not allowing yourself to be deflected from your true path. For each individual that is the ancient path of hir timeless soul. Being true may involve being misunderstood. If you really stand in truth, that won't worry you: if it worries you, you aren’t standing in truth.
"That is what purity is – purity of purpose. It requires no flags to be raised, no external permission to be sought. It is, and it knows -if not where- then always how it is to go. Cultivate that certainty and respect it within yourself — but don’t feel that gives you the right to have it all your own way. Sometimes a wrong result may produce a right situation. (Growth is often a little uncomfortable.) If you strive for truth, however meritorious, your ego invalidates the outcome. Truth is. If you respect it, you respect yourself: if you respect yourself, you respect it and all other lifeforms within which it manifests. All these are characteristics of I AM, the ever-existing one.
"Don’t seek to control, just allow the situation to be. Respect it. If others don’t respect you, it's because they don’t respect themselves. You can't change that except by refusing to play their game. Being Self-respectful maybe your function in that group?
"Heal your past by accepting it. Maybe you didn’t do what you should, or say what you should have. Well you didn’t. Send calmness to the situation, you weren’t misunderstood, they just weren’t ready to hear you. Think how often God is misunderstood, yet s/he is not for an eye-blink deflected from the purity of hir ancient purpose. Quietly and gently let the healing begin with your self.


All life is sacred

"All life is sacred. How are we to get this message across? It is your central moral dilemma.
Wars are a horrific distraction from the real issues of spiritual integration and social progress — distorting human values and giving comfort to those with a commercial interest in the disintegration of society.
"We, released from the physical plane, can't take life. The concept isn’t even relevant for we are purged of anger. And we would do too much harm if we could. When you die you’re released to the inner world, but if we were to ‘die’ we would die eternally — lost between dimensions, invisible tho present, trapt outside consciousness. The sustaining structure of the universe would collapse.
"God would have to begin again, as s/he does with every act of violence on earth, after which the process of evolution has to be woven afresh from its elemental beginnings. (That’s how important each one of you is — nothing can be perfected until every brow is unfurrowed.)
In the world of tomorrow we have described don’t suppose terrestrial life would be painless. Some element of stress is implicit within growth. Sudden, even violent, death couldn’t be avoided.
"What is -already- changing is your growing awareness of life’s meaning. And with freer intercommunication between worlds you learn to hear the answers to your questions. (The answers are always there, but often the questioners shout so loudly as to drown the replies!)
Try, do try, to live bearing these things in mind. The world of ego frequently drowns out your inner stillness but seek to maintain balance even when deafened. Fly by ‘live reckoning’. Glow in the dark."


Not every day is pay day

"You aren’t very still. Bear in mind my purpose in communicating with you: to guide and lead you onward. Individually, everyone’s rhythms tend to be too jerky and inconsistent to be combinable. Therefore to make units of power your separate peaks and troughs have to be blended into a functional whole. And that requires commitment to maintain the wholing process. Not every day is pay day, there are long periods without obvious reward, but in fact it all adds up — tho if you don’t work wholeheartedly in the interval it's reflected in your pay packet when it ultimately arrives.

This knowledge isnt for everyone

"You don’t know it all. You don’t know the half of it. Don’t parade your knowledge before the unprepared. It wrongs you both: you, Mike, because it pandars to your desire for attention, and so distracts you from your true course: your listeners because, if they’re of unbalanced energy, inappropriate spiritual information may unbalance them further.
"This knowledge we’re imparting isn’t for communication at large. It would be misunderstood. It would be taken as head-knowledge and it must always remain heart-knowledge — that is to say, information imparted to those who have reached a level of awareness and integration to whom such knowledge is appropriate.
"Channeling is a privilege, a separate (=‘holy’) activity. It doesn’t belong in the unawakened world for it would be corrupted. So remember that."

Rereading this message in 2005 gave me pause, as I'd already spent many hours creating this blog.



"So you want to understand about evil? That’s a great big question mark isn’t it?

"Each person is not only hirself but also a part of a spiritual family, just as they are of an earthly one. If you can imagine a space-like void in which people are in constant motion, not merely up and down, but in all directions and dimensions — so that they metamorphose not just in size and shape, but completely change appearance as they pass throu different dimensions (as images change 'eidetically' on the point of sleep) — yet each 'family' always retains its character.
"Now try and imagine this without a viewpoint. Allow yourself to experience the free flow of images. If you let yourself go you’ll begin to feel your perception constantly altering, yet you’ll never be in any doubt of your identity — unless you already have a problem with your Self-image, in which case you must whole yourSelf before you can contemplate such an experience.

"All the images you access in this state have the capacity to be whatever you wish. Yet they aren’t neutral. Tho they’re pre-formed, you make them into whatever you want by your choice/s in drawing them into consciousness (ie, your viewpoint of reality).
"As you see this is a multi-dimensional process. There is no before or after. Potentially, the thought image can assume any trajectory. Only the utmost stillness of mind can even begin to contemplate a state of no-mind. With some of these images you know at once what they mean. That meaning is like a colour or shape the activity of your mind superimposes on the image.
"If you could slow your mind to its highest vibration, ironically, you’d be able to accept the intangibility of the images; and so by acceding to their non-appearance you’d relax your mind (ego) sufficiently not to colour what you’re already aware of. Yet at the ultimate level, thought can never exist without a thinker: reality can never exist without a realiser: existence is nothing without one who exists. Far away from, yet intimately present in, the terrestrial plane it is a single thought of I AM which establishes all that is. Yet all that can be known is no more than a momentary image in the consciousness of the Eternal One.

"That evil exists is due to the Eternal One expanding hir unity by creating the potential for further self-integration. The function of this goes far beyond human imagination. Evil is simply anti-matter, or as-it-were malicious duality. Yet even this, like the naked force of electricity, exists as a part of the Great One, whose own evolution is constantly unfolding new vistas of wholeness/health. Even tho for existence to exist at all the integrity/wholth of I AM so far exceeds even our (spirit) awareness that it's like being able to dream in perfectly formed multi-dimensional theorems which have a dynamic which keeps them in constant evolution.
Evil exists in part because transposing pure thought into a limited number of dimensions involves quantization — a kind of simplification for the purpose of encoding infinity within the physical reality of finite things. There are inevitably compromises within such a process and inherent within those compromises lies error. Evil is the archetype of that inescapable corruption from which those of the spirit are motivated to escape.
"In terms of the multi-dimensional perfection of the universe the error rate is 0.∞1. But just as you might wish to correct some imperceptible blemish so the Existent One's loving /evolution works to bring about the healing /wholing of ever more profound aspects of matter. And you are the matter! S/he cannot complete Hirself without your participation. Once the participation of all is secured then, as we’ve told you, physical matter itself will begin to transform, and the whole concept of the universe will enter a new plane of evolution."
Where does that leave us with evil now?
"When the spiritual glaze is less than perfect the water of evil /duality will find a way in. Ironically the glaze isn’t a hardness, which can easily crack: it's an infinitely flexible polymer bond, like skin itself. We’ve explained earlier, your birth-personality is the medium you’ve selected for this particular incarnation, parents and all. Whether that comes with a blessing or curse (in your eyes) is of much less relevance than the use you make of it.
"Perhaps your karma has given you an ideal spiritual personality? Then of those to whom much is given much will be expected! Your realisation of your potential (the elimination of disharmony or ‘sin’) may possibly have significance for others. Your corruption-resistant glaze on your ego may be relatively water-tight. On the other hand, for whatever reason, the glaze may have failed in some measure. Like a leaky roof error may so interpenetrate your ego-mind complex that your multi-dimensional imagination offers you only cancerous data. A whetted knife is oblivious whether it cuts a finger or a plant.
"If your karma has brought you to a point of psychosis in a dysfunctional environment then, alas, there will be innocent victims. The result is an algorithm (the logical waveform of the combined data), or archetype, of the individual’s psychic response to the over-arching situation. But you can change that, and you know it.
"You may feel your situation is hopeless, you can never exceed the goodness of those around you, your personality is stifled by theirs, but you can at least excel in evil and latch onto those dark elements within yourSelf that call forth a powerful negative archetype? Think, how this would be to increase disharmony to symphonic proportions, like a drug-induced pulverisation of the brain. On the other hand there exists in your skull a small corner of blue sky. You can't always grab hold of it but you know it's there. Still your mind, see the blue sky grow. Escape is possible. Know that if you feel confused, God too is confused – and while disharmony exists in a single person all creation is in pain.
"We are not asked to do any more than we can: and that is – to be — to be content — to full of content. The short person isn’t expected to reach where the tall one can. Acceptance of your inner self is the main goal of terrestrial life. Once your heart is at peace it/you can travel to the many dimensions of spirit.
"It may not seem so easy? Then that is your life’s work! Leave the building of great cathedrals to others, concentrate on spring cleaning your own tiny chapel and watch the light come flooding in as the sky dissolves the walls. And in it's cheerful warmth evil disintegrates."


Pat on the back

"Well done. You got here. Do you feel different?
"I’ll tell you something, we’re all very pleased. No, go on, don’t be shy of writing this.
"To take note of that signal we gave, and to get up was very good. Now, if you could exist at this level of consciousness all the time it would be simple for all of us. That’s to say, our work would be swifter.
"Of course your consciousness affects what we can say. How could it not, you’re the medium.
You can't pass clean water thru a rusty pipe."


Nothing matters

"Nothing matters except you and me and this heartbeat. Be here. Be now.

'You don’t tame the tiger by leaping on its back."


Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!

"In receiving knowledge use the yin side of your personality to absorb a complete picture, to hear the things unsaid. Information given on any subject has perforce to concentrate on concepts — but it's invariably the percepts that are of primary value. And these can rarely be exprest. Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!
"Knowledge/awareness exists as musó: it has the potential to be anything — for the purposes of communication it has to become something specific: but that doesn’t mean it can't still potentially be all the other things as well. Put another way: what exists does so independently of human knowledge. While human perception doesn't alter the essence of what exists — human interaction may lead to one particular manifestation rather than another. Truth therefore isn’t what anyone says about something — its what it is, regardless of perception – tho it may indeed be an act of perception that draws ‘truth’ from multi-dimensionality into a reality of limited dimensions where it can more easily be understood. That’s why balance is supremely important in listener and teacher alike. Doubt plays an important role in assisting balance. The extra dimensions within a thought-form, which often can't find expression within human language, are like the aura surrounding individuals — only those with developed sensitivity can see them. Yet they’re the silent witnesses that attest the ultimate probity of what is being said.
"Always trust instincts not words."


How do you define sin?

"… Separation. But to understand that idea you must forget all the programming that tells you it's concerned with sexuality.
"To be in tune with your essential Self is to be in contact with the raw medium of your fulfilment. It's not judgmental to say that any falling short of your potential is, technically, sin – because we're not here to condemn but to guide you to a higher truth. Anything that brings about inner disunity creates separation (=sin), but it's no worse than a bum note in a chord waiting to be resolved into harmony.
"However, it cannot have escaped your notice that this sense of inner dissonance is an endemic aspect of the bicameral brain – so it really is most misguided to go about creating guilt, as if this state was in some way the individual’s personal responsibility. That is like rousing sleepers by blasting a megaphone in their ears! What will their reaction be on waking ... peaceable, loving and sympathetic to collective development? I rest my case!
"Everything truthful resonates with harmony. Harmony facilitates communication and cooperation — indeed nothing much is possible without it. So all activities/thoughts that lead to unity help to heal thru the individual’s personal & collective awareness.
"The reason Jesus the Christ has unique power to ‘deliver from sin’ is because of the cosmic interaction of his life. His acceptance of a destiny which was to involve the disintegration of his personality was what gave his life and teaching power that echoes undiminished down the corridors of time. Having allowed himself to become the active servant of the most profound purposes of the universe, and having achieved a unique degree of integration between psychic and physical consciousness, the Christ then with superhuman abnegation was able to accept not just his own destruction but the apparent destruction of this unique consciousness that the whole of his life had apparently been devoted to establishing. (And you think you’ve got problems?!) Can you now see how far that transcends the wisdom of the many other Christs who have opened themSelves to inspiration?"

Don't be taken in by spiritual illusionists

"The Being at the heart of the universe is constantly evolving, and thus constantlycreating new planes and dimensions of thought. This process draws everyone onward into new realm, offering widening access to awareness that had previously been the domain of esoteric religion. This represents an ever-to-be-reconquered summit – a peak of consciousness that must be woven afresh by the collective soul/psyche/awareness of every generation, with new vistas for each individual requiring integration, if the thought-form isn’t to be a tyrant and taskmaster. This us the reason those who are out of harmony -far from integrating anything!- find the issues so complex and puzzling.
"The true servant of the Being can only offer this message as s/he understands it. If its harmony chimes with the harmonics of other individuals then a glorious awakening will result. (Those people are, in a sense, ‘saved’ from sleep-walking.) The servant who allows hirself to become wholly a funnel of multi-dimensional consciousness may be given the privilege of becoming the resonator whose harmonic frequencies are precisely those required to shatter the glass of illusion that imprisons the less perceptive in their unawakened consciousness (or ‘sin’)."
Q But what of those who have the means to aid such awakening and deliberately retard it for personal gain?
A "They do of course receive their dubious rewards — both here and hereafter! Why/how such people exist is one of the deeper mysteries and can only be understood in relation to the personality of the supreme Being, who contains all experience, both light and dark. Toleration of negative forces is one of the greatest tests of our (spirit) consciousness. Perhaps the best way to understand is to see the tidal motion of digestion. The negative is allowed the privilege of assisting digestion by sweeping away spiritual detritus — that is to say the well-meaning but insufficiently grounded.
If you mine for gold 99% of what you dig up is valueless. It must be sieved, washed & assayed. Negativity, the forces of disbelief, have an essential function in this process. Look around. So much that passes for spirituality is only an extension of an earthbound illusion. Tho God/faith requires nothing of anyone but to Be: the ultimate proof of Self-actualisation lies in the strength of the psychic resonance they leave behind — their gift to those who come after. And nothing is more fragrant than an achieved personality.
"God loves ‘open systems’, you can quote hir on that! Therefore the first test is: do the activities of a person/ group stimulate free harmonious interaction or stifle it? On this level even builder’s merchants can be seen to play their part in the positive flow of the universe — unless they’re trying to lock you into an exclusive system of hardware. So it is in the spiritual. If you can only get your spiritual supplies at one particular chain of shops, change your system!"


One lifetime may not be enough

"You can best understand the transformation of matter and experience if you think of a situation where everyone wills the same end. At the moment all the many algorithms (combined patterns) of past karma have a jangling unsettling effect — cogs don’t engage — rhythms don’t synchronize. So many egos all determined to ride their own cycles! You know how tiring it is trying to focalise if you’ve got people pulling in their own direction. That will all change as the physical world replenishes itself with evolved souls. When all are on the same wavelength the energy of one is available to all — and the faltering individual can immediately tap into the charge held by the whole. It is tiresome for the more advanced to wait for stragglers — but its an essential part of all becoming wholed.
"God hirself is heal-th because s/he unifies the mental capacity of a super-Einstein with the sensitivity of a mountain violet — and from that wholing comes a fusion that powers spiritual batteries with an endlessly renewable energy source. Indeed the universe depends on hir continuing evolution, drawing onward yet synthesising all subordinate experience. In the same way that individual progress comes from resolving issues so too does the collective development within societies.
"Look at the most spiritually developed cultures — what do they have in common? Communication, compassion, and respect for minorities. Here again you see a multi-dimensional function: the individual soul returns to earth to be reborn, to progress in hir wholing and thus be energized for re-entry to the spirit realm. But part of that wholing has a collective application. By virtue of existing you are privileged to participate in evolving/wholing/creating the metamorphosis of a group soul within your 'elective affiliates' – and beyond that exists an earth soul expressing the cumulative aspirations of all life in your era. A similar helix of progressive relationships extends and simplifies itself throu the spiritual realms in an ever increasing number of dimensions until it includes all that can be imagined. (Still that isn’t God! For s/he is all and beyond what exists, yet is also before and ever within each of us. You see therefore why it's simply impossible to live, let alone evolve, in isolation — however much there may be times when its right to be alone?
"If you find it hard to conceive of a soul other than as a personality having the emotions and awareness such as you yourself possess — then allow your rhythms to slow right down until you can feel the energy of praise in a meadow, or the longing for acknowledgement in a rock-formation, or the silent wisdom of an animal. Management of the environment must above all respect those souls who can't articulate their rights for themselves. Awareness of the feelings of all animate life is a major part of experiencing the energy/will of these wider collective entities. Then again, don’t try to feel them, or worry if you can't. When you’re ready you will.
"Spiritual progress always has this multi-dimensional aspect. On the one hand it's deeply personal, on the other its inescapably collective. Reconciling all these experiences and holding them in balance is enough for many lifetimes — let alone a short one like yours!"


Are you unlucky?

"Then you’re probably not on the right path. Listen to your inner voice, no matter how bizarre its suggestions. They probably only seem bizarre because you haven’t understood what I (the insider who is outwith you) am saying.
"If you follow throu the fog, if you trust, the real meaning will soon become apparent like a pale sun dispersing the morning mist before a glorious day.
"You can't praise if you don’t trust, and you can't trust if you don’t praise."


Q Land/sea/earth/air. How could the 4 basic elements mutate?

A "Well, can you imagine, for a start, if every person on the planet harmonised with each other and with the fundamental elements? So that instead of competing against each other for natural resources and seeking to overcome nature you cooperated and allowed the instincts of every plant, animal and human to fall into rhythm with the turning cycle of the sidereal year? By fulfilling your psychic destiny that great scream of pain which characterises so much of planetary experience would die away to be lost in time as a distant echo from a forgotten past.
If all awareness were held in common then where could the private hurt that nurtures anger grow?
"If you respected yourSelves you’d respect others and never seek to impose your consciousness on them. What then would be the reaction of your animal helpers who have laboured so long and patiently under your insensitive tyranny? Suppose they no longer needed to fear humans? Once these things are well in hand the metabolic structure of matter will begin to develop in response to a global consciousness that no longer blindly divides physical & metaphysical existence.
"This doesn’t mean to say, given a physical world, that accidents will no longer happen. What it does mean is that all will have a consciousness that, being harmonized with nature, responds positively to every situation. The sensitivity that one will have for another will long before have put paid to the exploitation of labour, or the multiplication of luxury for the few, or the segregation and degradation of any group. The different awarenesses of each sector will be cherished as complementary by those whose awareness has evolved by another route, and a symbiotic sensitivity will emerge between all individuals and those to whom they delegate management.
"Travel, instead of reinforcing the ego state with an indifference to the transitory environment, will enrich and enlarge your awareness — and it will be appreciated that to maintain individual and collective balance certain self-imposed constraints on the facility of movement may be desirable.
• Where mutual awareness/respect exists locks aren’t necessary.
• If all take a balanced view secrecy is no longer desirable.
• Where individual profit is no longer a criterion all can afford the long view.
"Such a vision isn’t to imply a mere lotus land. No, all of us find our highest Self in service — the skills & energies of each individual blending in balanced awareness to create a harmony of enterprise and achievement. Where respect exists those of humble attainments are welcomed and encouraged while those of exceptional talent find an environment in which deep acknowledgement provides the stimulus for further development. The less developed aspire to learn, the more developed desire to share. How best to prepare for such a time?
1) Control nothing. Look at what happens when you try! Don’t assume responsibility for anyone but yourself.
2) Change isn’t the key: it's Being. Being is full acceptance of yourSelf and your present environment. Only by entering fully into what you’re trying to escape from are you freed to release it.
3) Worship & Praise are the key to growth. Praise is the response of a ‘let out’ soul — a great ecstatic glorious sunlit fulfilling reply to the goodness of all things. If you can't accept a flood of joy, then allow as much of a trickle as you dare to whet your soul. Praise is exprest both vocally and in your life. Singing, or making a joyful noise, is a powerful affirmation of the goodness you feel in your life — and vice versa. Worship too is important but subtler. Whom, or what, do you worship? What’s your personal response to the all encompassing reality of I AM. You could worship anything or nothing, anyone or noone; all would still express an aspect of the life-force or guiding personality of the universe.
"Just as the eye can see only part of the whole so our (yes, even our) inner vision can only comprehend incompletely. Each group of searchers represents an aspect of Hir personality. Different people respond more readily to one understanding than another. What is important however that you commit yourself fully to that group while you’re in it – even if you're drawn to change groups as your perception deepens. Without that commitment you’ll never absorb from the experience the sweetness that waits for you like nectar in a flower. In a fully interdependent world you’ll feel something of that mutuality I’ve explained elsewhere about our life in the spiritual realm. It has to be carefully nurtured and based on a progressively deepening awareness. Each separate grouping needs to respect and understand groupings who respond to a different aspect of the divine character. This calls for a real exercise of spiritual imagination and generosity — but can only be rewarding for all parties.
"Too often you of the earth realm stare at the glass instead of looking throu it – you listen only to the words instead of hearing the inner meaning. All spiritual awareness is dynamic. Words themselves must never be 'believed' but require to be disentangled from the thickets of assumption in which they’re embedded. They can also only be studied from a height.
Develop your inner sensitivity and the true golden meaning of any word will not long remain hidden. Study any words as you would the bark of a tree and you’ll never understand the inner meaning of the heart of an oak."


Co-creating the future

"In all creative art the artist leans forward to draw hirself into the future, and the future into hirself. What s/he sees of it at first is what you see on a hazy morning or in afternoon mist: there are indistisinct shapes of ideas which its the business of the artist to filter thru hir imagination into a material form.
"As s/he becomes more experienced so s/he grows more familiar with the nature of what s/he encounters within hirself and therefore better able to express it. If hir work is publicly acknowledged the artist is immeasurably helped by having other points of contact for the psychic web of hir ideas. Art is a form of mediumship — a sort of earth mediumship that anyone who has the gift can practise. Your society is still so primitive and unused to having windows that you worship the glass (the medium) instead of looking thru it. Do you see how, now your society is ready for idea of multi-dimensionality, its visual artists and writers who have first received the ideas and turned the abstract concepts of scientists into a form that has emotional reality?
"What we give as direct teaching is for the initiated. For those of lower consciousness we offer pictures, sounds, stories that they can grasp. Don’t despise the cruder, or crassly commercial, forms. When you first learnt to read you were so proud of your skill you’d read anything and everything. I remember you reading advertisement hoardings. That’s the function of TV Soaps. They’re teaching people to 'read'. So they never get beyond Lesson 1? Okay, that’s their privilege. If that’s where they’re happy, don’t disturb them. Maybe they’ll move forward in this lifetime — maybe they wont. We’ve got time.
"Fancy thinking 1000 years was a literal number – linking spiritual time to the sidereal year! Spiritual time responds to intensity. If you shamble along not noticing your surroundings, well then, nothing moves much. But when you feel you’re running for your life the spiritual clock is fairly whizzing round … It's when you feel vibrantly alive — whether from good or bad emotions.
"Emotion is the clue. Sidereal time ticks away like a taxi, eventually you’ll come to your destination -or get out early if the fare's too costly- but spiritual time is another dimension, and one that interacts strongly amongst the psyche of all humans. Why do you all want to rush to see the latest one-hit wonder? Because there the psychic interaction makes time leap forwards. That’s magic!
"Okay. Look beyond that. Realise that all that energy goes to waste because tho the ‘magician' has called it into existence s/he probably doesn’t have a ghost of an idea what to do with it. Then it either fizzles out or grows cancerous. And still you humans never learn the lesson!"

How the psyche grows

"The ego is the cup which contains the liquid of the soul. It must be strong enough to withstand shock and intense pressures. The ego, having a physical entity (the body), exists in the gravitational world. The soul/psyche doesn’t. If the person applies hir heart to it, the soul may reach a critical density where it achieves coherence and is no longer threatened by the prospect of the disintegration of its physical container in death. When the ego is triggered to release it the soul is free to embark on the next stage of its journey.
"You can rehearse this process of letting it go by relaxing your intense self-control. If you feel sufficiently confident of yourSelf you can surrender to the deeper feelings within you and preview your new (next) existence — floating in a non-gravitational environment — free to move anywhere but especially forwards in thought forms of experience. Particularly you can extend your personality to an awareness of all sorts of new characters and emotions. But remember, whatever happens, you’re encased in a physical medium — and anything that exists does so according to its constituent laws.
"Because things can go right they can also go wrong. You see this in physical deformities (where you’re beginning to use your resources wisely to assist sufferers). But you humans, with your limited vision, don’t often see so clearly the inner malformations of the psyche — that are governed by similar (tho infinitely subtler) laws. Just as in the body, where conditions for growth can be inadvertently triggered by a freak genetic response, so premature development may occur in the mind/soul complex.
"The soul operates in a way not dissimilar to a software program resident within the hardware of the mind — tho the similarity ends there because the mind & soul are infinitely capable of expansion, and the processing pathways to knowledge/awareness are more than artificial intelligence can dream of, as is the neural relationship between feeling and knowing.

"Just as your undying soul may choose a physical disability within which to incarnate and so seek to evolve a new dimension of Self-integration — so that part of you which already is may have chosen the infinitely steeper path of a mental disability. Now what may happen within the liquid of the mind/soul complex is that the conditions for triggering a certain kind of growth may have been met and activated before all the other processes of the physical container are complete. There are many control systems to prevent this but nothing is exception-proof, for the ‘exception’ may have the effect of introducing a new dimension and thereby bringing esoteric laws into operation.
"Until the ego-cup has done its work of protecting the solidifying soul-liquid it must remain intact. But if the content is too much or too strong for the container, or the ego is dissolved prematurely by what seems to be an exceptional awareness (for instance throu drugs) then the result is what you call madness. The orientation that the gravity of the cup was supposed to provide collapses before the soul has acquired a multi-dimensional coherence that could sustain it — and the liquid dissipates, seeping randomly into pathways incomprehensible to the human mind. What shouldnt’ve happened until you’re ready to move out of the earth environment begins prematurely and the affected person is ‘disorientated’ or ‘alienated’ by an insight and awareness that nothing has prepared hir for — and whose reality, tho intense and subjective, seems to have no tangent with the nature of terrestrial experience.
"The person often seems to have answers to questions that have never been asked. Tragic errors in the evolution of the mind/soul complex result in inappropriate pathways merging to perpetuate disinformation within the knowledge/feeling awareness, differentiating the person at the most basic level of their experience. Behind/within/beyond lies the undying soul who has incarnated in this form and is struggling to reduce into the limited number of dimensions of terra firma the infinity of hir multi-dimensional consciousness.
"Even if s/he could do so there remains the further battle to find a conceptual language that closes the circle — enabling the sufferer to express hirself in a form comprehensible to earthlings. In all of this disorientation the knife-edge balance of consciousness is held by the psycho-chemical constituents of the body. If they too become disordered (again, drugs are a prime culprit) then the molecular construction of the cup -the ego- becomes so contaminated that its disintegration into incoherence is unavoidable.
"Even so, often, all isn’t lost because the soul retains an out-of-body awareness of the events taking place within itself/hirself. If the consciousness of such a person can wrestle with and overcome the donné/data of hir physical existence s/he will have insights of exceptional depth to communicate to the world — just as the wholed personality of a physically disabled person has a unique richness."


Stop trying to control your life

"How many times do we have to tell you? Stop trying to control your life! Of course your ego wants to be a big star — that’s what it's for. It says 'whoopee — hey mum, this is me — go on, love me!' Everyone who follows their ego does so in the expectation of being loved — ie, validated by being fully acknowledged as a person. (Whether they achieve that depends on whether their individual egos are in fact amiable.)
"Whatever happens, the ego will attract to it others of similar or complementary mind on the etheric level. But that is as far as it’ll go. It remains trapt on the earth plane, because its fundamentally a dune buggy — a vehicle for the earth-plane! Those with the strongest egos will always tend to dominate earthly affairs because it's what their best at. But once they begin to develop an awareness of the vastness of creation they’re lost! There are no longer the certainties that the ego depends on. It's like the star pupil who, after exceling in the environment of a School or College where there are specific egos (personalities) to please, finds hirself adrift in the wider world, unable to grasp the complex demands of an open environment.
"The ego is like a sheath protecting the sensitive tip of a growing plant. Once the new growth has emerged above it the old is discarded. Yes yes, we know this can be very hard — we’ve been thru it too, remember! But it is the process, so trust it. Listen to your heartbeat. If it’s racing away — that’s the sound of an ego zooming around shouting 'me! me! me! Isn’t this exciting? I’ve got to fit everything in before I die.' But if you can feel the vibration of a ‘great bass’ rumbling thru your life with a rhythm that goes way back beyond your birth and stretches out timelessly ahead of you — that’s sound of a soul being drawn into the multi-dimensionality of spirit.
"Yesterday we didn’t give you a message because your ego state had blocked us out — and then you went out and attracted a disaster — because there was a mismatch between your cosmic awareness and your physical reality — and into that vacuum you sucked the kind of negative event that exists as part of the psychic duality of the earth environment. You asked for a lesson. You got it. So learn!"