A sacred place is a high place

"The beauty of your ideas is beyond price. Keep them where they belong, don't start trying to bring them down to make them 'fit' or you will lose your crown."


Be Open - Be Lucky

"You can only be open.
"You must trust me to know what's best. You'd so much like to plan your own life - but what do you really know? You only have human eyes, you cant see how things need to fit together. That's why I need you to be open.
"Dont assume any scenario - just be open.

"This is the essence of being lucky: the ability to turn on a sixpence. It doesnt mean being shalllow or flighty, it means being flexible. Remember, flexibility always wins over rigidity."

Love & Joy

"Let us love and bring joy. This is how we can tell the difference between profound love and the shallow counterfeit that goes by the same name. With the former there is no sting in the tail, only opern-heartedness.
"Does your love lead you to open-heartedness?"



Sitting by the brook watching the butterflies darting about on the warm earth, I thought back to the previous evening when focussing on Sai Baba produced an immediate cessation of my virulent head cold. I was given to understand that any saint or holy emissary could be summoned by quiet focus – which is to say that we can attune ourselves to a specific vibration.
At that moment a dragonfly skimmed up the open patch of stream between the dense undergrowth. I readied my camera for its return – but instead a second dragonfly flew up in the same direction. This made me reflect how the various insects are all like the spiritual vibrations that surround us – we have to study their behaviour patterns if we want to receive them.
One or other dragonfly made half a dozen more sorties while I sat there - whether I was attuned enough to get a decent shot, only subsequent inspection will reveal.

Anghiari, near Arezzo, Italy