Easter Day 1991

"Thought has wings; and the power of two or more when in tune is immense. That it doesn’t accomplish more may be due either to the immensity of the wish or the lack of appropriate gathering/attunement. Naturally, if you don’t really want the thing wished for you can't energise the psychic vacuum to draw it from the mushín dimension into yours.
"To accomplish anything you have [1] to see it as possible and [2] wish for it with such fervency that you assist the thought to clothe itself with a physical reality. Ideally, too you'll be on your spiritual ley line: ie, to have come to terms with your psychic identity and be progressing towards your personal pleroma, fulfilment."



"The purpose of this existence is to strain off impurities, to filter out the grosser portions of the personality. So that by enhanced lightness and energy the soul resolves ever more of its darkness into light — the fog of doubt and uncertainty yields to the glorious sunshine of rewarded faith.
Psychic energy comes from the opposed polarities of flesh and spirit. The more suddenly the physical carapace is shattered the greater the spiritual release. Sudden death (the sudden falling away of the body) gives enormous energy to the soul.
"Instinct is the best -indeed the only effective- teacher. Instinct, soul knowledge, comes in part from stored inner knowledge (a kind of mental DNA) of the long-term (multi-incarnation) needs which only your psyche knows. It is a surer guide than any handbook, for it often leads us into negative situations, just as important for our growth as positive ones, but which no earthly guide would ever have authority to suggest."



"There is the part of you everyone sees and there are the invisible parts that can only be sensed. The visible part is in your dimension, the others are in the etheric dimensions. To be whole you must be fully functional in all dimensions. To concentrate on the physical and ignore the spiritual is like supposing that a car will run without fuel. It is the very essence of the motor’s life — it is spirit, it is gas.
"Those who have the capacity for psychic growth feel a strength seeking to expand their consciousness. They feel within them a trace-memory of something they have not known — an imperfectly sealed vacuum-lock between this existence and their undying soul. Wanting/fearing to experience the Beyond they try to control its interpenetration, notably by alcohol -which temporarily lifts the veil only to lower a steel ceiling in its place- or drugs -which sweep them towards the experience but dump them before they can arrive.

"To look at the physical world and to learn to see beyond its external forms is the first barrier you must penetrate — to see the skull within the laughter, the rock beneath the meadow — to differentiate the time-proven from the ephemeral. A mountaineer must learn before all else to distinguish between reliable and unreliable footholds. Then s/he must commit hir weight to them.
"The cliff-face only comes into existence as you embark on its ascent. Psychic experience is only there for you when you begin to use it, that is part of its multi-dimensionality. You have to learn to live with the physical uncertainty by seeing beyond to the metaphysical certainty.
Many sensations (of illness and exhilaration) are manifestations of our etheric bodies which can never be ‘cured’ by treatment of the physical body. They have to be comprehended in the totality of Experience, which may have to expand to accommodate them — indeed it is part of their function, to lead us by degrees to a fuller awareness. Smoking mimics the heart-enlargement that we long to feel permanently, but it withers and contracts the heart further as each cigaret is stubbed out.


The nature of Nature

"You ask about my nature? All nature is mine. If it were not it could not exist, the dark and the light are mine alike. If your cosmogony covers only the light you have a shallow view indeed. Death, decay and destruction are as much a part of my nature as regeneration, growth and fulfilment.
"It is necessary for all growth to incubate within the shelter of darkness. There will be periods of pain during emergence into light, it is part of the process of extrusion. Psychic contractions are no less real than physical ones.
"Think how vapid everything would be if the interaction of deeper emotions played no part. If there are deeper, there must also be deepest emotions, just as there must be higher and highest. You are all affected by each other’s cycles, and so the grief of one can become the richness of many, and the happiness of many the reassurance of one.
"Hate, rage and anger are as much part of everyone’s experience as love, joy and contentment. You have to face them and integrate their energies into your world-view or you become someone whose lack of self-awareness makes them afraid to step out (/in) for fear of discovering in others what they are unwilling to address within themselves.
"Premature death is painful for those whose psychic bonds are rudely severed — that is, if you persist in seeing your current existence as the only one. But if you could see how simple it is to move between dimensions you would know that you haven’t in any sense lost contact.
"Even if the passing involved violence, that may have been what was needed to empower and free the individual. The violence done to the Christ was an essential part of his spiritual process and freed him from all need for reincarnation, so that he can interpenetrate matter impervious to its lower energies.
"Don’t ask for such a path, or it will be given you! There are too few who offer themselves, but oh what rewards there are in light.
"Sex too, in its reproductory or aberrant forms, is as much my nature as holiness. It is the energy of all life.
"Only if you can understand how I am the prostitute and her client as much as I am the saint or the happily married couple can you claim to have glimpsed me. The masochist is as much part of my nature as the virgin. But, for lack of balance, the sensualist’s pursuit of intense experience in a specialised area distorts hir awareness of hirself, and thereby the possibility of broadening /relocating that intensity as an energy-source for integration of the whole personality."

Patience is more than a virtue, it's a necessity

"It is very hard to have patience, but as I have explained, you are waiting for the conjunction of a number of separate circumstances. The cycles must be at exactly their right point to interlock. You need to do nothing, either now, or after it has happened, except wait for your cues in an attentive frame of mind.
"You’ve reached this point a little ahead of schedule, tho I was afraid you’d never make it. So relax, feel the water lapping about under the boat as the tide, your tide, comes in.
"Enjoy. There’ll be plenty of action when the time comes, store up relaxation for it! Concentrate on what is deep within you, continue to practise listening to my voice when in company.
"Don’t be certain, or you cant hear my offered alternatives. Don’t lock ideas into brightly painted boxes, allow freedom for them to breathe and develop into whatever they have the power to become.
"So much thought today has to be pre-digested that the idea never reaches its full potential. Find those whose presence rewards you, synergise with them.


Wholeness = Holiness = Wholeness

"Everything is a whole: each part reflects another. When your life is on an even keel your finances will be likewise. Your overmuch striving has unbalanced you and blocked some of the channels by which you should have been receiving.
"Have the courage to wait until the rising water rebalances you and floats you off securely. This cannot be your doing. In times of upheaval stillness requires more courage than action.
"Be like the sky, translucent messenger of another dimension. Let other people see in you what they want: do not try to control, or even guide, other people’s perception. Only in that way can you be freed from their error.
"‘Lord, I am not high-minded: I have no great thoughts.’
"Concentrate on the banal. Be alone. Wait. Take pleasure in simple things.
"At the appointed time I will empower."