Meditation is where you allow what you do to fall away, so that you can (re)encounter who you are.



If you have music in your soul the whole universe will hear your melody.

If you realise that all things change, there is nothing you need to hold onto. If you are not afraid of dying there is nothing you cannot achieve.

I often ask rhetorically why my work is not recognised? And I believe the answer is that as it expresses a dharmic view, which is not generally acknowledged these days, it is like the sword in the stone that must await someone with an appropriately complementary view of life to draw forth sound from its current silence.

Listening to … what?

When we talk of listening to God in fact we mean attuning to the 'voice' (/thoughts) that are latent within our transpersonal unconscious, the impulse/s to wholeness that are part of our make-up.


'If the fool would persist in his folly he should become wise.' W Blake

If you meditate on the question of your ultimate nature, then in time you come to understand the end point at which to aim, and so (after the journey throu 'otherness') you ultimately arrive home at the true self you never left.


Schumann 200

EBU Schumann Sunday celebrating the bicentenary of his birth in many ways deepened, rather than enlightened, the mysteries surrounding his personality. He was obviously a person of demonic energy: in his 20s publishing his music journal twice a week as well as composing. It certainly points towards a schizoid or bipolar makeup, where he was conscious within the mania that drove him that there existed an unresolved aspect of his personality, but instead of making any rapprochement with it, he kept it at arms length (by naming it Eusebius) until it overwhelmed him.
Alarmingly, Clara was only 8 when he started teaching her. If ever there was a case of anima projection, that would be it.
 What it makes me think, as I have often in other contexts, that whatever the gifts people have, where they do not seek to ground & integrate them in a search for transpersonal wisdom, then ‘all that raised the hero [sinks] the man’ - their very talents are sometimes what leads to the irremediable personality distortions by which they become known. People say they have no need of God, but that is what the need is.


Blessings & Curses are intertwined

I realised recently that whatever wisdom I have acquired throu direct experience (for instance by poking my tiny fingers into an electric plug when <2!) has led me on the path to the 'owned knowledge' of the direct mysticism that is now an integral part of my life. Contrariwise: the way in which I have never been able to assimilate knowledge from books, despite being a fair bookworm, was one of the reasons I ran away from school, and to this day can never bear to read a computer program handbook, or grasp it if I do.
First I must do: then I can theorise. But thats not the way education works these days.