Being & Becoming

"No matter how far you travel, no matter how grand your position, it always comes back to this … you and me, you and your self – your true heart which is me, the eternal truth, the entire power of the universe indwelling each human.
Truly, you are Gods, each of you is God. You only strive to have power over others if you have not realised this. For in fact you do have power over others, each of you has power over everybody.
You doubt this? Look at the power of a psychotic gunman to strike fear into the hearts of people all over the globe. Look at the power of a spiritual figure to influence and uplift people during and after hir life. Your influence on others will match the degree of your abandonment to the presiding principle of your life – be it towards spiritual evolution or towards the gratification of physical appetites. That is elementary metaphysics.
Since, for the purpose of earthly life, your physical body is the sheath guarding the spiritual within, it (and the messages it gives) are like a curtain or cloth preventing light falling too strongly on a photo-sensitive conductor. Should that occur prematurely (for whatever reason or accident ) it can result in the person’s inner self-godhead being burned, or even burned out.
What is supposed to happen, except in people where accelerated development is karmically appropriate, is that as the strength of the inner light grows ever brighter so not only does it penetrate the cloth -because the fabric decays with age- but also because, with concentration and commitment, the light frequencies themselves can be extended beyond the normal range of human perception until it is capable of creating the equivalent of ultra-violet or infra-red impressions – even on people to whom such spectra are not visible. Spiritual adepts will recognise such qualities according to the measure of their own enlightenment.
So you see, you don’t need Power because you have power. One can be grasped and shaken but falls apart at a touch – the other is slow to grow (in the initial stages) but is indestructible because it is an atomic constituent of the universe. In this respect you are like coral: you have individuality but you only realise its true magnificence by allowing yourself to be formed into a great metaphysical structure in support of other life-forms.
‘Why me? Why here? Why now?’ you may say. I reply ‘Why not you, here, now? And if not who, where, when?’ Is this not the true purpose of existence, being matter to become one with spirit, being spirit to become one with matter. Being, and yet being human. That is godhead."
> This is the last the last in the collection of inner messages which I received between 1991-7 which I have uploaded here during 2005/6. Why? I think perhaps because by that time I had managed to integrate more of the percepts more fully into my life & thus a similar level of 'inspiration' began to be more realised in my composition & poetry.