Trust your self

"Can you stop planning – dare you stop planning – and just be open?
We mean only good. Above all, trust – trust your self."


Why *not* be simple?

"So you see, even when you’ve done all your planning and all your clever dodges it still comes back to the simplest things. So why not be simple in the first place?"


Where love & trust rule there is no inadequacy

"Fear is the product of inadequacy. Where love and trust rule there is no inadequacy."


Holiness becomes you

"Holiness (intunity) becomes you – wear it like a robe of light and noone can harm you."


You are forgiven

"I am encircled by love –
led onward by love –
sustained by love.
Love is my present
and my goal.

Be still O soul – listen to the waves washing against the shores of your heart.
If in the world you have karma to undergo, in the eternal present you are cleared of all sin.
In your heart neither Jesus nor Buddha nor Sai nor any aspect of God condemns you – you are free – acknowledge that freedom and let it manifest in your life."


Uncover your golden heart

"To uncover your golden heart, softly and gently wipe away the dirt with your hands. If you ram a spade in or seek to yank it clear of its setting you will only injure yourself and your heart.
Trust that you need do no more than gently wipe and it will soon sparkle. But you must spend time on it."


Your work is to be yourself

"Your work is to be yourself – that will produce the richness, that will produce the sweetness. Music has the potency of electricity – its power can be harnessed for good or ill – but the experience of music must be grounded in the body."


When it's time your timing is right

When it is time I will reveal,
To prepare for revelation you must already know,
Knowledge comes from inspiration,
Inspiration comes from trust.
Trust is simplicity,
Simplicity never questions the timing.


Don't allow the weather to affect your inner truth

"The difficult times are no different from the easy times — for the ‘easy’ times should never be taken lazily, nor should the ‘difficult’ times give cause for anxiety. The same consciousness guides you — the same forces attract you inwards to the realisation of your true nature as both human and divine. Only fear can hinder the journey. Know, don’t just imagine, know that you are protected so long as you remain full-square within your own sense of truth. But if you are untrue to your inner senses we are powerless to help you because that is how we help you – that is our line to you – if you cut it, it goes dead for both of us.
"To create birth immense forces come into play. If you oppose them you injure everyone involved. It won’t take long. Trust and relax."


The universe reciprocates the trust of those who trust

"You have a unique turning point. For your own sake you must trust the unknown. You will entrap yourself more deeply in problems if you do not step out & release what binds you.
"You know the answers – that’s why there’s nothing else coming thru.
"If you trust, the support system will emerge. The problem for you is that your divinely-given ego is so strong it veils your spiritual personality. Once you needed that quality. Now you no longer do. You must let it go or it will stifle what is coming next."


Find your pattern - find your self

"The money issue is about coming into balance – no binge banquets and then days of fasting. Accept your pace and pattern and resist the carbohydrate highs of fair-weather friends who offer what they can never deliver. Coming into balance is a part of aligning yourself with the deeper patterns in your soul life, which alone can trigger your release into spiritual freedom."

> True. True. But dear me, how long it takes us to real-ise these things.


Let the goal be the path

"If your feet stray outside the sacred space you will have terrestrial problems.
Let your walk be on the holy highway of your soul's progress.
You can do it."


You create your reality

"Look out of your window. On the tree, the birds are playing. They are fed. They constantly seek food because their 'truth' (/nature) demands that they sustain themselves. There is summer and winter. But you control and create what happens around you – is it feast or famine? Simplicity or tricksiness? It represents a reality you have generated – that ability is part of your God-like nature. What are the birds doing? They are playing – glorying in their God-like nature.
If you can live in that reality you can truly bring the highest radiance into the awareness of the mundane."


Each changing season of life brings its own richness

> Recently I was dragged to visit Cadbury’s World by my kids – a full-scale chocolate exhibition that is now part of their enormous Birmingham factory. I was struck by how the whole enterprise rested effectively on the shoulders of one man, John Cadbury, who had not been merely a single-handed manufacturer, but a manufacturer to relied on an internationally tradable commodity. In other words in his early days he must have been doubly at the mercy of chance, for commodities are a notoriously fickle market-place. Yet on the back of this capricious monster he, and later his sons, erected not merely a successful company, but one which committed itself to spending millions improving the conditions of its workers – building houses with individual gardens in the 1880s and laying out an environmentally sustainable community that is its own monument. Such an enterprise now appears ‘as safe as houses’ – yet, whatever advantages they may have had, the reality must have been very different and at times, no doubt, very testing indeed.
> So it’s important to keep a sense of perspective when we face difficulties. And that perspective stretches way out of our sight, out of one single lifetime. I know no more of John Cadbury’s vision than the exhibition told me, but one thing stands out: in his ‘allowing’ the process within his life –his Quaker commitment to fair dealing and his concern for his fellow humans– he created a thought-form which survives as a living present.

"It is hard to embrace times of trouble and uncertainty, and yet they are as natural as changes in the weather. For how often, looking back on that film of our life, we find those periods have actually been ones of exceptional ‘innergy’ – what we thought was a disaster was the seed of future growth. We cannot know the ultimate outcome of any of our actions, what counts is that it seems right, in the deepest sense, when we take it – for the rest we must trust the ‘innergy’ that comes from allowing what is right for our lives.
"Within each of us lies our own answer. We cannot wrest it from ourselves as we would so dearly love. We can only allow it to emerge. Allowing is not by any means a passive or fatalistic process, it means fully engaging with the processes of life, but listening (to your self) as well as well as expressing your needs. And to do that you must first trust your self. And in order to trust your self simply allow."



"In the midst of great anguish it must seem impossible that it should play a useful part in your life – and yet if there is one lesson to be learnt from the lives of those who have overcome obstacles and reached peace, it is that they have allowed the processes within their life to complete their cycle, for unless the underlying dynamic of the problem is dealt with it will recur.
"Metal is fashioned into sharp or useful forms by being forged and tempered in fire. Amid the flames can it see any point? No, the point emerges as a result. We create whatever happens in our lives – albeit involuntarily. It may not be what we 'want', but it will be what we need if we're to grow. (We can of course choose not to.)

"If you are alone after a relationship has ended, especially if you have children to care for, it must seem as if the sky has fallen in. Each day is an unending weariness, followed by a night of worry. Remember the story of Alexander the Great who sent soldiers to a hermit /philosopher in order to seek understanding of life’s events. The philosopher made no reply but drew characters in the sand, and what he wrote spelled ‘this too will pass’.
"Thinking over what occurs in our lives the images blur like a film in fast forward – so many things that seemed important at the time, so many demands, so many worries. What we remember most are the good times, they seem like gifts. And out of the good times comes a sense of something we have always known – a happiness to which we feel we have a right, and which makes us anguished when we are denied it.
"When those times came they came so easily, the laughter was unforced, the companionship so natural. But nobody is now denying it to us except ourselves – & one of these ways we do this is to make certain conditions before we can be happy – usually we need a specific person or thing, eg money. Actually, happiness is what we are – if we can allow ourselves it. All too often we have an image of ‘happy’ that involves these other ingredients and so we say “I cannot be happy because I haven’t got X or Y.” Not so!
"Finding happiness without our prime ingredients is scary because it demands we allow our whole operating system to be remade from within. But stick with it, because when it's done it'll be the one you really wanted all along.

"One of Buddha’s stories is of a person pursued by wild dogs who falls into a pit, but in the pit s/he sees vipers. To escape s/he attempts to climb up a hanging creeper. Above hir appear two mice, one black, one white, who gnaw at the creeper’s stem. At that moment s/he sees a small cluster of wild strawberries directly within hir reach. Mmm, how sweet they taste."