Dieu Parmi Nous

I could play Messiaen's Dieu Parmi Nous when I was 16. (Or thought I could - there is no documentary evidence.) As I sought to make my way in the world I lost touch with the organ; and didnt return to it seriously until I wanted to play a big piece for my father's memorial service 5 years ago; and then again for Stephen Dodgson's 3 years ago.

Now after a year's regular practice Im delighted to have remastered this monumental work. It's a piece that means a great deal to me. I think hearing Allan Wicks play it in Canterbury Cathedral may have been my introduction to Messiaen. At all events encountering him was like a bolt of lightning - and ultimately led to my decision to run away from school to Paris in 1963. There I would go to hear him play at High Mass on Sunday mornings, but never dared approach him as there was always a crowd of about a dozen pushy American organists jostling for his attention.

Anyway. Now Ive nailed it, and that feels good.