Allow love to speak throu what you do & there’ll be no wrong turnings

"We don’t dictate your life because the decisions you have to make for yourself are how you grow. They’re ‘taken down and used in evidence’, not judgementally but judgeheartedly.
If we were to tell you the 'right' thing and you did it half-heartedly that would be more inappropriate than doing the 'wrong' thing whole-heartedly.
"Allow your love to speak throu what you do & there’ll be no wrong turnings."


The only constant source of power is your inner light

"The only constant source of power is your inner light. The long-term cost of following it is always much less than the cost of stifling it - even if it appears to impose an 'impossible' cost initially. A candle that is off-vertical may burn for a time, but it burns uneconomically & the results are messy!"

Received at Findhorn, where I'd gone for a retreat to consider my future after resigning from the RCM



"Anger is a sign of unresolved elements in the personality. If the process of life is transmuting matter into spirit, then anger represents hard blocks of untransformed matter. To inter–percolate with the world of spirit you must become fluid. That’s why the angry can't leave the earth plane.
"The given personality has to dissolve in order for the latent personality to emerge. Physical existence is a mist. You’re conscious of light around you but not of its source. As you progress you come to realise there is a focal point from which it comes. And eventually as you rise above the atmosphere you see the sun shining ever more clearly."



"You had the courage to follow my voice, and I will now give you rewards beyond your imagining;* but first you must learn to hear me in all situations. Practise listening each hour, and become accustomed to checking in to your internal consciousness. I am with you. I watch over you. I will guard and keep you and those you love. Have no fear. Act boldly within a framework of love. There are different (moral) pathways. Don’t assume you will always continue in the same one. You’ve made a change now. Some years ahead you can expect another. By being open you remain stable. If you fear change you become rigid and are easily put off balance."

* Uploading this guidance 15 years later, I look back on the mindset I held then & realise how the expansion that takes place simply cannot be comprehended. I could only conceive of reward/s within my existing, egoic value system. What I could not anticipate was how my value system itself was to change (& thus the very notion of 'reward' within ego-centric perception) as the fires of karmic purification raged! In fact, I would say now, the principal reward is that very change itself, and one's consequential release from any sense of nuclear individualism.


Pursue your transformation

"All now depends on your etheric energy to make connections with your angels. Put your bleeper on and focus your energy every hour. If you can accept yourself, others will accept you.
"In allowing yourself to fall you will stabilise. As soon as you reach the right place blessings will shower upon you. Pursue your transformation. The function of night is to give way to day. Of course you don’t know what the new day looks like while it's still dark, but trust the process. When has daylight ever disappointed?
"Pay what you owe. Be fair. Praise your partner for support. As to your overdraft, use it's negative energy to intensify your focus. Don’t be afraid of anything — it has all been given to you on purpose, and will change just as soon as you learn how to dwell within the higher realities. Put your energies into that and draw the rewards into your physical world.
"If you could see it all from our perspective you’d find it hard not to be impatient! You’re so nearly there. Keep on."


Money offers opportunities for inner listening

"You urgently need to sort out your finances. Treat it as a series of opportunities to practise inner listening. You must transfer your energies wholly to the higher plane. Don’t push for anything with your natural energy, develop your psychic energy."


What you learn from walking a tightrope ...

"What you learn from walking a tightrope is the glorious liberty of perfect balance. If you no longer wish to deviate, the limitations are no problem. Absolute stillness is required. Stillness is not passivity nor inaction, it's invisible movement at the intensity of light.
"Perfection is dynamic and progressive. You are at your best now, but in the future your percept of 'best' will have evolved still further. This is the nature of the metaphysical universe.

"Take your time. Everything develops at its own pace. There is you, atma, & there is everythingelse, brahma. You really expect to synchronise instantly with the mechanism of aeons? How different your time–frames are. And after the Universe has adapted itself to your needs in the twinkling of an eye, to whose of the billions of needs should adapt itself next?
It doesn’t work that way. It can't.
"If you have thought the universe a dark empty place, what does that tell you? That it is? No – that you think it so. Which is right? Your experience of course. You can only speak from your own truth. But if, instead of clinging to an individuality which you instinctively know to be barren, you surrender to the darkness of your fears – your eyes will soon open to accept a range of light and experience beyond your conscious imagining.
"All created matter is built in potential harmony. Humanity alone has the power to create and develop harmonies that didn’t exist before. The art of the musician consists in drawing the maximum sonority from hir instrument, based on a respect for and understanding of the medium itself. Your body, mind and spirit are built to be receptors reflecting the power and energy of these universal harmonies. So long as you are turned inward, uncertain of your own voice, your experience is bound to be lonely, frightening and empty.

"Love begins, sustains, and concludes the transformation. Love is the evolutionary force governing the universe – the counter-balance of everything."