Love allows.
Love does not force.
Love empowers.


Be still & know

"Let every movement come from stillness. Stay within stillness as much as you possibly can, and return to it as soon as circumstances permit.
"I gave you a hard time yesterday to see if you could stand it. You passed with flying colours. Consider yourself an initiate. This tight squeeze is deliberately to test your listening. You will need to be very careful."


What we think, we are.

"Your failures have come from your need to control. If you try and do so again here, only disaster can ensue.
It is not you creating a thought-form so much as a thought-form creating you.
Publish only what you want to publish.
You have done your praying - you have created an image of the reality you want ... now can you sit back, remaining focused, and allow it to happen?"

> How clearly I can remember spinning around, trying to cover all the necessary bases, trying to wear my hats as a publisher, as an editor, as a writer and as the public face of CataList in quick succession - or indeed simultaneously. My ego was involved in believing that I could achieve this impossible juggling act in the absence of any real support, with all our finances touch & go. And for several months we did.


Cause & Effect

"Whatever comes into being will reflect the forces and the priorities which gave it existence. If your concern is principally to make money the vehicle you create will reflect this: if it is to teach spiritual truth, ditto. Whatever your motivation do not expect that you will be free of problems. but if your motivation comes from a high enough point you can be free of worry – as long as you are allowing the energies you are connected with to work on your behalf.
"So you see, always, the magic words are Allow & Be.
"If you allow, your higher self will correct whatever is amiss in your life or perception – and Being, like breathing, is all the Universe requires of you. Yet the higher faculties require you balance practical and metaphysical needs in order to grow harmoniously."

Problems are manifestations of inner psychic reality

"When the needs of survival drum in your ears it is hard to hear the soft pulse of the spirit.
Problems are always a manifestation of inner psychic reality. So often you blunder around in the dark looking for the fault when the answer is always to stand by the door and turn on the light. See the overview before you delve into the detail. The highest, purest light is always available to you. Nothing is ever clear if you're too wound up to see straight!
"There may appear to be an antithesis between doing the right thing and survival, between spiritual direction and material needs. If you are preoccupied with your survival it may (/probably will) obscure your true spiritual direction. A new-born baby’s sensory awareness centres disproportionately around its thumb and mouth, as it grows older its nerve-brain balance spreads more equally over the whole body.
"When the spiritual senses are first awakened you have this immense need to suck the universe dry - you require constant feeding, there is an ache in your stomach for nourishment. But if you cannot get past that stage you’ll never be able to take solid food. And without solid food you cannot hope to grow. If you are going to let your spiritual work be governed by your perception of your material needs you can really forget having a spiritual work at all!
As above so below - not as below so above! Few who achieve spiritual mastery do so not by innate ability – but by persistence, and a refusal to be bought off with anything less than realising the highest truth within their perception."


Keep your focus

"We approve of the changes you are making. Do not hurry them. Allow. Remember, you have all the time you need. Keep your focus, and allow its intensity to draw more and more of what you want within its ambience.
Be clear
, and others will be attracted to your clarity.
Be peaceful
, and others will be attracted to your serenity.
Be powerful
, and others will be attracted to your confidence.
Be forgiving
, and others will be attracted to your love."


Spiritual Days

"A Day in spiritual terms is an epoch or process. For instance your life is a 'day'. Deep insight is needed to see longer cycles, particularly since they often overlap, and what may be the start of a cycle (the incarnation of a master) is also a point in the middle of another 'day’s' arc.
"A physical day is a defined period, a revolution of the earth. A metaphysical Day is more like a piece of music or a book. When someone embarks on it they often have only a vague idea of the length, and the process of composition itself begins to define size and scope of the work: it acquires an inner logic as it progresses, interweaving the thought-strands until the creator feels that an inner logic is satisfied.
"Embarking on a spiritual enterprise creates a similar set of conditions, even tho the whole work may involve many individuals over more than a single lifetime. This is why it is so important that you do not attempt to 'control’ its spirit. What you do naturally reflects you: but if you try to control the result you limit it to reflect your attitudes and the prejudices of your peers – rather than allow it to acquire an energy that engages & integrates your whole personality in its creation, leaving you as well as it changed as a result.
"For any Day’s work to be fulfilled it is important that those who are called to it lay the whole of their personality 'on the altar’ of that work. They and it have been brought together precisely because of their alignment; if one party thinks s/he 'knows best’ it skews, or even prevents, the alignment. Knowing best may be as apparently harmless as following conventional wisdom - itself usually a misnomer!
"Learning to be true to the impulses of the spirit requires the kind of adjustments couples have to make when they first begin to live together. Their relationship’s 'day’ will be defined by the depth at which they’re willing to make adjustments. So it is in any spiritual work you may be called to. Because that work is an organic spiritual force quite apart from your involvement, you and it have to make adjustments. Remember, in any relationship the reactor is the one who moulds it!
"Do not be surprised if the work's evolution [in realms to which your vision may not yet be adjusted] may sometimes create pauses during which you may feel abandoned. When you are intensely involved with a human lover you are super-normally responsive and can sometimes smother relationships by failing to allow your lover the time and space to develop. That involves trust. If you cannot trust that s/he will return you don't have much of a relationship. So also spiritually. You may experience 'gaps’ in your contact with the divine energy source. There will always be a reason, but it may not be possible for you to know it at the time, any more than you can know why your lover has not arrived. Afterwards, when it is appropriate, you will know.
"You are like a traveller receiving directions on the phone from somone who knows the way. If the guide does not tell you to turn off, stick to the way ahead until further instructions are received. To do otherwise is to risk becoming hopelessly lost, and possibly to stray out of reach of the transmitter.
"So, steadiness & trust are the two prerequisites for allowing your day to dawn, sustaining it as runs its course, and having the courage to recognise when evening heralds transformation. With those qualities stillness comes as a natural by-product, and that stillness brings the sensitivity to the existence of Days which are invisible to a loud type of consciousness."


The Choice

"The choice is yours: before you stand Life & Death – choose which you will. Either a full and abundant Life in the Spirit ... or Death by a thousand wounds at an earthly level.
Get free. Sail like a balloonist silently over the heads of others into the sunlit world of being."

> At the time I was still very much constrained by the social, financial & business pressures of publishing my magazine. These were to grow into a crescendo, which ended in a climax a few months further on. And this, while scary, opened everything up and brought about a profound transformation in me.


The forces of Shiva & Kali

"I create and I destroy. I break down and I rebuild. If you know better than me, go ahead: if you don’t, trust."


Love is the evolutionary force

> We talk of love, but what do we really mean? Is love a feeling or is it a principle?
"Love exists as a metaphysical force, creating networks of energy in response to many different kinds of input, not least ours. When we love we instantly connect to that energy network and feel an empowerment. Often you focus such empowerment on another person, but in reality the other person has simply exposed the power source within you.
"Love is felt principally throu a relationship. It is almost impossible to imagine the existence of love as a force if you are not experiencing it throu some human agency. Some people think the opposite of love is hate, but it isn’t: the opposite is simply 'not love’. You have only to look round our cities to see what 'not love’ produces. It isn’t hate, it's indifference. Hate involves the recognition of a similarity in another person which you despise in yourself. Indifference involves no process of recognition at all. Science has demonstrated in many studies that children, animals, even plants, fail to thrive in conditions where indifference, rather than love, is shown."
> How can we strip away the overlaid debris of a busy life and come to that personal 'power point’?
"Stillness is crucial. While you are full of busyness it is easy to overlook or to mistake that 'still, small voice’ which alone is your faithful guide. You have to be willing to follow it without precondition. You may fear an inner impulse could ask some impossible sacrifice, but that is highly unlikely. What is more probable is that your inner voice is attempting to bring itself to your attention and that this is manifesting itself as an 'issue’ because your conscious awareness is actively repressing it. Lastly, and most importantly, you have to trust the process. If you are in a strange city you have no choice but to trust someone who is leading you. Often, to use the old example, you may need to start from a different point to get to your destination – and that may involve the rebuilding of your personality. That experience is incredibly scary, you feel as if the essential you is dissolving [which it is!] - for you cannot experience the depths of love while you hold blocked energy (/anger) in your heart. Love is a dynamic not a passive force – and once you invite it into your life it will work as exuberantly and as completely as the growing grass in springtime. Allow."


Dreams create your reality

"If you maintain your inner focus, a corresponding external reality will be created: if you fiddle with externals you can never produce the inner focus you desire. Nourish the vision. Feed the wellsprings of your dreamself. Clothe your spirit not your body. You already have all the power you need. Simplicity will uncover it – 'ingenuity' will obscure it with false rules and projections."


The way to the heart of the labyrinth

> Why can I not just die and return to spirit like a flower that folds at evening?
"The flower performs its 'righteousness' and is released - so will you be when your dharma is complete."
> What do you mean?
"An animal or a plant cannot deviate from the path allotted to it, wherever it lies in the food chain. Its nature is its path; its path is its service; its service is its duty; its duty is its righteousness; its righteousness is its harmonious perpetuation of life. It lives without choices with its soul at one with the great soul of its species, from whom it derives consciousness and without which it would wither and die. That is the meaning of dharma.
"The life of any plant or animal is the highest form of existence to which you can aspire. When you pledge yourself to the great soul you invite the same forces to operate in your life which operate in theirs. From that point onward pleasure /comfort /happiness is no longer your principal concern; you are now athirst for this 'righteousness', for this connectedness to the great soul – and thus the great soul hirself acknowledges you by treating you as hir own nature. That is your dharma; that is your calling; that is your reward.
"Whom s/he loves, s/he corrects. You enter this new value system with many old preconceptions and prejudices. What you're experiencing is the difficulty in adapting to the new value system. Certain attitudes have to be re-formed - and that is often painful, especially if you think comfort is the highest good. The great soul does not concern hirself with what is easeful but with what is truthful.
"Be of good heart. When your difficulties have led you to understand the new attitude/s required, the time of 'testing' is over. You will 'have your day', depend upon it, but your day is of a completely different character to the idea of an earthly day. If you interrupt the process you simply delay its dawning."