Don't fall back on old patterns

"Well, I’m sorry to have the last laugh, but that was really so easy — like stealing candy from a child. I offered you a hook into your old lifestyle, and you swallowed it with the line and sinker! Dear me! You can do better than that, you really can — and look at the time you wasted! So now, rejoice, praise, clear your mind and start all over again!"

> Can't remember what this was about.



"Stillness and activity are both illusions. The essence is balance. Peace is not an absence of action, any more than action is an absence of peace."


Be still & know that I AM god

"Did you act from a leading? Then you have acted without blame.
Be simple — be still — allow the response to come to you."

> At this time I was terrified for my very existence. I can remember bouncing from nights of inner enlightenment & a sense of profound well-being to white knuckle days spent on the phone apologising to people who expressed justifiable outrage &/or disappointment. Or contrariwise nights of anguish & uncertanty followed by fulfilling days.


Inspired prayer

"Most holy and loving God, my uncomprehending approaches to you are inspired and guided by your gentle magnetism. Give me that simple trust to accept that what is happening is your work in my life. Open my heart to swim with the great possibilities you prepare for me. Still the butterflies in my stomach and the doubter in my head. Let me be filled from the crown of my head with your glowing love, and protect me against the folly of my own decisions and desires. Guard those I love."

> This inspired prayer was given to me as I faced financial melt-down. I appeared likely to lose my house, & with it the trust of my wife & kids – yet when starting my enterprise I had believed I was guided by the cosmic force & so I had to trust that what was now happening was part of the plan. And so it was.
> We did indeed sell our house – for £13,000 more than we were asking – which almost exactly matched the amount of money I'd lost. Now we live in a beautiful house in quiet countryside, where our life-processes have been quietly unfolding ever since; albeit not without some fairly big hiccups. But the experience of this time in 93 has given me great confidence in trusting the God I sense within these events to bring about a harmonious conclusion after the intermediate processes required.


What is the lesson?

"Love. You work to spread love. Let all your doing be as to me. If someone short-changes or swindles you, imagine I had done it! Yes! What would you say then?
"To clean it, a blanket is plunged many times into the water, until the dirt is thoroly scrubbed, beaten and rinsed out. Then when the washer and the blanket are exhausted the blanket is hung up to dry, and all the dirt is discarded along with the water. If you haven’t understood a lesson it's repeated until you do. Don’t worry, you have as long as it takes! So just accept — that’s always the lesson."


If you trust the Powers That Be, trust the process

"Don’t try. Let truth flow out from you as effortlessly as water running downhill. It doesn’t have to urge itself onward. It simply responds to nature. It is your nature to love and wish to live truth. Simply express it."

> This was given to me at a time when my life was in melt-down. I was being sued & threatened left & centre for a situation that was not my fault. I was going to say that it was not of my making, but that would be naive – yet looking back on it I see how this guidance was a golden thread guiding me throu a wild & threatening night. I can also see how it was part of my process that my soul had led me into.
> Normally when people are in a difficult situation their first reaction is to try & back out, but actually if you allow the process you will arrive at where it is intended to bring you.


Being a ball on a fountain

"Your mind becomes confused when you try to figure your way round terrestrial problems. They are too many and too numerous to be resolved, products of other minds attempting to solve other problems. Work at the level that suits you. Don’t be afraid of a high calling. It may separate you from earthy people, but at what gain! Concentrate on being the gift, not giving it.
If you are a person who focuses hir energy on acquiring certain articles do not be surprised if these articles bind you to the earth. Powers of this kind are most rewardingly used for the benefit of all, namely to draw into existence healing, philanthropic endeavours and community-creating good-will - in other words whatever promotes wholeness and spreads that awareness.
"Concentrating on your own needs alone you create division: therefore instead of releasing your power you imprison it within your desires. Since it is not separate from you, your whole awareness is correspondingly focused on specific tangible objects rather than the liberating effect of raising consciousness. Whatever you do, do it for the sensation you have when your inmost being smiles and laughs - for truly, when you do actually please yourself you please all, and when you please all you yourself are pleased.
"All must be held in balance between the earthy and the airy-fairy, between the needs of self and the demands of others. You cannot make a mark and say 'this is my ideal point’, because, firstly, what would you make such a mark on?, and secondly, you yourself know that in two minutes, two days or perhaps two years you will feel completely different. Aim to be a ball on a fountain of water, dancing calmly in the sunlight, any violent moves and you’re likely to fall off. Concentrate on truth and the problems will either unravel themselves or disappear."


Balance the inner & outer

"The importance of detaching yourself from the expectations of others cannot be overemphasised. We are not talking of consciously entered agreements, but of the projections of a person or group. Be the opinion high or low, don't be enslaved by feeling you must respond. Walk quietly in self-awareness, be as close or as distant as you feel led.
"Another thing, don’t lose touch with the you you once were. As some people grow spiritually they retreat from the world into a cosy circle of esotericism, and as a result they may lose their full humanity because they're unwilling to stretch their minds to keep their outer awareness in sync. Try to avoid that - allow your deepening insight to expand your consciousness but keep grounded in the outer world of common-humanity."



"The birds were singing about you, now they are gone. One called, the other replied, and so on. They had no awareness of affirming or denying a destiny. They did what their heart impelled. That is your calling too – but if your heart is flighty whatever you achieve will be borne away by the next breeze. If you spend time with your heart it will grow and assume mass. It will become self-affirming, that is self-reproducing.
"Once you start, the process is self-expanding – not a one-location, one-off planting. Once a growing season has take place your seeds will be borne on the wind all over the world - until a network of consciousness exists.
"So go now, in my strength, and gently hold these feelings, choosing to surrender rather than fight - for so you imbue and, in your scattering /being scattered, impregnate all."