They do not require justification,
They are.

Their hearts beat lightly
in time with the great heart.

They do not strive to consume,
nor to possess, nor to advance themselves.

They bring light into the world,
weaving rainbows & starlight into everyday life
as spiders spin the magic dew into morning jewels.

They aspire to be no more than a feather on the breath,
and dying have no greater wish than to be the breath itself
wafting seeds of hope around the globe to fertile soil.

They cannot be disappointed who have no appointment.
Tho sorrow, tho loss, tho suffering touch them
it cannot etch bitterness into their heart,
for their heart is enclosed in the hand of a loving parent.
Having one wish, to serve, they cannot be discouraged
when service is long and hard.

They who transform humanity’s inhumanity,
they alone resolve injustice,
refusing to demand the second eye, the second tooth.

They? Who are they?
They are we who have ventured into our own darkness,
who have journeyed to the point where I become you.
They are we who see that to beggar my neibour
is to beggar myself – who have perceived that the goal of life
is not to acquire wealth, but to acquire wisdom –
who’ve realised that materialism ties the soul to the earth,
while spirituality releases it to fulfil the destiny of the sky-born.

They are us:
We are you:
I am hir.

As I become,
you too become,
& thus we are.

If you are,
I also am,
but if we are not – noone is.

All is thou – & yet ‘thou’ is more.
Thou art more.

Light and dark are alike.
Antitheses moulding each other
to give existence form.
Night yields to day;
flood turns to ebb;
up becomes down –
each an index of the other’s power.
So it is with love & hatred – no aspect
of experience unrelated to its opposite.

In the dynamic equation of the cosmos
the outcome is always 1 or 0.
The light of I hovering between the 1,
or subjective atma, & its enclosing zero,
the luminous dark brahma of not-I –
each higgs-boson dancing just for me,
yet for nobody – being being the centre point of Being.

It is you, it is me, it is the hidden clarity of I AM
that draws us from the sweet illusions of sleep
into the longed-for dream of waking to a higher self.

Miss this one point & its circumference is invisible.
You see it? You don’t? Both are the background OM,
the ever-oscillating alpha & omega,
as infinity yields its presents.

In the slow process of coming to at-one-ment,
our attunement to what was always inside us,
I & U are the binary vibration of harmony –
an intunity radiating from the heart-wise.

At this point of oneness, there is no I,
for we’re invisibly they, & thou invisibly me.
Resolving this equation fills the beggar’s bowl with stardust,
calming hir aching belly with edible meaning
– rain bringing new life to a dried-out plain.
Balance requires no justification
if the (w)holeness of no-thing
is made perfect in loving one who is nought.