The relationship between physical & psychic need

"It is right for you to concentrate on your outer needs at this time."
Why didn’t you bring this into my awareness sooner?
"Because you weren’t ready. Your needs are not as you see them, for your ‘need’ distorts your perception. Physical needs are always reflections of psychic needs.
The natural human impulse is to meet the physical need and then sort out the psychic. But by doing that you close up the window of greatest opportunity for inner transformation. Your physical need has evolved in order to peel back layers of protective consciousness. When that process has reached its most acute your outer awareness is thinnest and therefore most alert to the inner world.
"Suppose I had resolved your outer need earlier, you would have assumed that represented the maximum transformation required? You trusted and were, as promised, sustained. By continuing to respond to your inner promptings, even in the face of pressure, you have detached the existing linkage that locked your inner and outer realities together, and are now free to alter the balance — which you never would’ve been before. Now you’re to be rewarded, and I tell you now so you may prepare and not be swept off balance by new opportunities. Moreover, your spiritual priorities having been established you will no longer have false expectations about how and whence this comes.
It is above all important, if you wish to progress spiritually, that you maintain an inner detachment. Always resolve psychic need first. If you can't separate the two ask what most dignifies the Way, your immediate surroundings. This doesn’t imply losing sight of your goal, or not having one, rather it means allowing it to evolve.
Maybe your goal was at first the physical realisation of a certain ambition. Don’t be misled by the presence of other people’s expectations: your goal is always to do what is right for the Universe. In that there is transformation for you and for everyone. The goal is to make whole — but be wise: wholeness is relative. You’ve seen for yourself; to make fully whole may require to a fundamental remoulding. Don’t attempt to do our work for us! Don’t invent agendas for others, nor build with unstable materials. When you’re centred the right partners will manifest themselves. Armed with that knowledge you need never be weak.
Never allow the magnitude of your surroundings to daunt you. The same principles apply in palaces as in hovels. It takes real balance and inner attunement to know when its right to yield and right to be firm. But by remaining flexible, if need be to the point of resignation from your own creation, you maintain an awareness that allows for the possibility of evolution.
Always retain the right to change your mind, but do so in such a way that others can participate in the process. If they accuse you of inconsistency ignore the charge, for you can be sure that they will be the least consistent themselves. Don’t allow the imbalance of others to distort your own, no matter how strong the pressure. Don’t introject (absorb as a reality) the consciousness of others with a strong outer reality but inside a psychic vacuum. Be true to your inmost self, avoid excess. Balance is both the way and the destination."


Sequere Deum - follow the energy

"You’re ready to distinguish between inner and outer reality, or higher and lower consciousness. You conduct an enormous voltage. If that power isn’t connected to a ring main it just goes straight into the earth and can't accomplish what it's sent to do.
"If you’re among people whose plugs/sockets/voltages are different how can you connect? It's another way of saying the tribe knows its own. If you go trying to connect with situations or people whose energy doesn’t match yours, small wonder that circuits fuse or people unplug.
You can only conduct your full power when you’ve brought your inner and outer reality into harmony. The inner reality we speak of is your higher consciousness. It's no good having the raw power of higher consciousness informing your inner reality if your outward connection is dodgy or broken. It isn’t enough. Power not transformed & transmitted is a very dangerous entity. It can flare out and burn the very people it was meant to enlighten.
"The expectations of other people create the ring main or power network. Everybody has a different energy need, and you’ve to find those whom you can share with, otherwise the surplus power will burn you up. Do you feel that voltage? Is it connecting properly? No? Then where is it strongest? Go there. Follow the energy. Equalise the inner and the outer. Don’t worry if it seems to involve lower inner energy. It wont happen that way, and you’ll receive so much you won't notice the lack.
"If you’re called you must act, otherwise the next step won't appear. You’ll have to wait for a new set of circumstances."


Nothing comes from outside your self

"Don’t expect hope to be an external thing — something you’re ‘given’. No, hope is you yourself and your knowledge of spiritual truth. If that is true then your hope will be unshakeable confidence. If it's based on a false premise it’ll fall if shaken.
"Not just your own salvation, but that of others who come after you, can only be built on stable arches — which must be tested and secured. If no weight were to be placed on them it wouldn’t matter. But salvation (accurate guidance) calls for firmness, solidity, deep grounding.
Trust it. Learn to trust your heart centre against all odds — that is true hope: knowing."


Light on the dark path

"You have chosen a dark path for a while. It is a further process you need and that others need. You aren’t the vessel only of your own salvation, each of you is also the vessel of others. Don’t let that weigh you down, just continue your own process. As you grow you grow others: as others grow they grow you.
"Don’t lie to yourself about sadness. If you’re sad be sad, that way you stay real. Allow unreality to enter and you don’t know what you feel any longer.
"Why aren’t you 'allowed' to be sad? – Because it exposes the sadness within others that they can't deal with? – Because their lives are built on lies? – So be real, admit you don’t know the answers. Allow things to fall apart a little. So what? You can still breathe — your breath is the most beautiful part about you, cherish it.
"Maybe there are no answers? Maybe there are no questions?
"When the sun rises the stars don’t go away. The heavens exist without alteration, it's only your perception that changes.
"Know that all you think is true. At the appropriate time the light will return to illuminate your world. And just as you are guided by the faithfulness of others so yours will glow in the dark as a luminous beacon to others. Salvation is not a simple matter. The seed is not yet the plant. The vessel of your life fertilises others by its full humanity and openness.
"So be it."


Praise is the energiser and the focusing-point of the psyche

"Noone who has sufficient praise need be short of anythingelse. Praise is the energiser and the focusing-point of the psyche. No time spent in praise is ever wasted. It cuts throu all atmospherics and static putting you in direct communication with God hirself."


Attraction is a spiritual principle

"Attraction is a spiritual principle. You grow you’re attracted to form units of cooperation – from 2 to 2,000,000. Within attraction there are internal checks and balances intended to keep you in a right relationship with the attracting entity and with yourself. The attraction will have opened up a need within you — that is how you know you’re being attracted!
"If you throw yourself into it you won't satisfy your deepest instinct, which is to grow the desired quality within yourself. Attraction is, in any case, a mutual process. If the other party is unable to acknowledge it the result can never be growth for either. Instead, a self-imprisonment takes place which accurately reflects the individual’s subconscious world. And that’s as true for your relationship with groups as it is with individuals.
"The ultimate function of relationships is to open up and exchange awareness. By so doing you and the relationship are sustained and grow. It’s always a 1 to 1 process whether the other party is a single person or the unity of a group awareness. In either case the goal is interdependent independence not submission/submersion.
"If you throw yourself at the object of your desire you surrender your own power of attraction, namely that which is yourself. By maintaining your own centre of balance you dignify and honour your attracter, and so allow the engagement to become a mutual process which gives both parties opportunity to develop and coordinate their responses. If this is true of individuals it’s even more true of groups. By joining any group you will transform its consciousness, just as it will transform yours. Is that something you/they/it want?
"Avoid any group or person who requires a certain set of responses before you’re acceptable. Where’s the mutuality in that? Neither you nor they will be free. The two parties to an attraction may find their natural relationship at any point along a continuum ranging from chance encounter to lifelong commitment. If you approach the process without preconditions you’ll avoid the disappointment of projecting your own needs onto the attracter, and thereby failing to see hir needs clearly.
"Take your relationship with a group: it may be mere interest, a tangential association, passive membership or full commitment. It will reflect where both you and they are. How much more then are personal relationships a reflection of both parties’ current state. For only what you agree about the relationship can exist at all. If you passionately want someone/thing, it's almost certainly not the person or object per se, but the quality they represent to you. 9/10 times that quality is self-confidence. So instead of learning to stabilise yourself you fling yourself at the object, further destabilise yourself and probably unbalance the other party as well!"


The divine impulse is present in all life

"People get confused by the difference between the clear sky of heaven above the clouds and the patchy weather of the earth. Once they’ve made a spiritual commitment they expect everything to be sunny on earth all the time. Nothing could be further from probability.
The rain falls upon the just as on the unjust feller,
But more upon the just because the unjust hath the just’s umbrella.
"Acknowledging your cosmic awareness brings you into a right relationship vertically and so, by expanding your intuitive awareness, helps you make sense of your horizontal relationships. In no sense does it exempt you from the physical laws of cause and effect, rather it intensifies them. The divine impulse is present in all life: all are called to realise & fulfil their uniquely individual character. Of those to whom little is given, little is expected.
"But those called to higher service are given greater sensitivity, and therefore find their path doesn’t lie easily within the world’s patterns. Often, to begin with, they aren’t aware of having a ‘vocation’ as such. They struggle to make sense of their gifts within a conventional environment and wonder why their peers don’t understand. Learning the difference between what is God-ward and what is human-ward can be a painful process.
"Resolution is itself the solution: growth in spiritual awareness resolves doubt and an increased sense of belonging dissolves fear. You learn to accept and treasure what you are, not to pretend and strive for what you think you ought to be. You can only achieve a small part of this by yourself: for the rest you need a tribe of like-minded people in whose pool of consciousness you can refresh yourself as you also contribute. This is the collective aspect of salvation: nurture it and it will nurture you."


The transformatory cycle

"The stream is never so pure as at its source, its clarity and humility never so sparkling; never so delightful as it rambles over rock and sand, throu woody glades, drifting over the enchanted land. But as it gathers energy so it transforms into a river and that early limpidity is lost in the confusing swirl of waters entering from streams each with its own unique source.
"So the river becomes a mighty army on the march, placid in repose but uncontrolable once aroused. For the wise person it's a magnificent servant – sustaining, irrigating, scouring: for the careless person a flooding, drowning deluge.
"From the certainty and joy of your first steps in the spiritual life you develop as spiritual gravity leads; but this gravity doesn’t draw you downward, rather, it draws you on throu deeper spiritual dimensions as you are willing and able to follow. On the way many tributaries enter your consciousness but, tho they flow into you of themselves, they’re influences you attract. Make sure your energy attracts only positive healthy confluences not turbulent, polluted or irrelevant ones, lest your consciousness be overwhelmed or pulled off course by a stronger tide.
"As you grow bigger and more confident there comes a loss of intimacy, many people will come to draw water from you: your course is no longer uncertain, the current sweeps you onward in a direction hollowed out by millions upon millions before you. Invisible to those who stand uncommitted on the bank it flows and nourishes all things like a river of stars in the sky.
Glory in each hour of the day. Perhaps beyond you the course is unclear, hidden in morning mist? Relish the cool mystery of dawn as much as the glorious noonday, trust the current to bear you onward in spite of your frantic paddling. (If you can't see clearly, how do you know which way is downstream?)
"Maybe you think the sun will never rise? Have you ever known it not to?
"Has the midday heat become unbearable – wasn’t it for this you longed in the frosty dark? Seek shade but praise God for the balance in all things.
"Do you lament the growing shadows? Yet night transforms existence, allowing for renewal of body and mind and for their intimate connection with their own timelessness.

"All this the river sees, all this the river is, all this you are. And when it is your time to merge into the vast ocean of those who traveled before carry with you into this strange, tumultuous environment all the energy, joy and freshness of your conception. For when you’ve rested, the transformatory cycle will begin again: you’ll rise to the clouds as spirit/vapour, and so be discharged onto the earth once more to assume your role in the interaction of all things."


"Praise charges your spiritual batteries . Why go throu life on dim and faltering power when you could skim along in a bright gleaming shower of light. It's your choice.
What ever energy you give to praise returns to you manyfold.
Seek always to praise rather than blame. Live that life of joy you’ve always promised yourself. Don’t be afraid. Consider the bottle half full rather than half empty. Have fun — be fun."


Dance /praise

"Let the sense of praise invade your whole life. Dance tru y’ days wit d’ light. No more gloom now. No grand plans either. Take each day as it comes. The spiritual life is made of small steps. That way the broad vision is realised across many interacting lives."


You’ve chosen to do something very difficult, if you surrender who’s left to win?

Help me to communicate to others what I know.
"You do communicate it. You are playing your part, I assure you. The problem is you want everything to happen at once. One day of feeling blue and now nothing works any longer! You’ve chosen to do something very difficult, if you surrender who’s left to win? The crown is reserved for overcomers. Don’t look for support where none is to be found, follow your inner calling in a praise of spirit. Remember you already are. The dough that goes into the oven already is the loaf of bread, but requires the heat to bring it to perfection.
"Praise is what makes the yeast rise and assume a life of its own."


Just hang on — that’s what faith is.

"Being is much more important than receiving these messages. Teaching is about integration, yet only those with sufficient integrity can begin to learn. First whole (/heal) yourself. Place your hands either side of your head and quietly feel the healing power — transfer that to any other part of the body that needs it. Give up for ever your ambitions in the world of ego — trust your consciousness to bring you to the place you belong. It may involve many shifts to accomplish so just hang onthat’s what faith is. You’ve left the world of ego. If you could get there by eyesight and physical skill, however meritorious, no real faith would’ve been involved — conventional religion can achieve that!
"Don’t measure your achievements against others — there is no such scale in the world of spirit. Our loving parent sees each of you individually without judgment and praises your growth. Praise reflects mutual esteem. Your praise of someone makes that person respond complementarily. Praise God, praise your fellows, praise the meagrest thing — whatever warmth you give will be reflected a hundredfold."


Let go & BE

"Now you’re no longer afraid to feel the gaps in your mind it's possible to help you. Before, you were so busy helping yourself you were afraid to receive.

"So, let go and be."


Prediction - distinguishing between short and long term truth

"The reason some can predict the future is because they refine their vibrations to the point they can detect the difference between short and long term truth. However, longer term truth isn’t something fixed, it's a balance of probabilities that mutates within tolerances established by the probabilities themselves. A seer picks up these vibrations, which may derive from an individual or a wider situation, and responds — often without being aware of the process. No human can ever be wholly free from ego, it's one of the foundation stones of consciousness, but the greater the willingness to release personal ambition the more of hir self a seer makes available to receive.
"Males are more endowed with ego. However the psychological stability this is intended to create within communal relationships has been distorted by those who find they can use it to exercise power over others. Those who have been bred within these false values find it hard indeed to shed them and develop the responsive side of their personalities. Correspondingly, those with constitutionally lower ego profiles find it easier. If you understand the process, you’ll be willing to let it takes its course, however improbable that may appear on the ground."


The spiritual function of the division between ego—soul—spirit

"Your soul is the undying part of you which incarnates as it needs to on a continuum of development towards god-consciousness. Even if you choose to call it your spirit what is described is that which is essentially and inalienably you apart from ego. The two together form the Self.
"If you want to play the ‘big guy’, stay within the power and sphere of the ego! So long as your physical energy holds out your ego is 'safe' from ‘divine sabotage’. While the vessel surrounding the liquid soul is strong and virile, the physical vigour of its exterior is attractive; but inevitably it decays — and what then happens to the meagre unfermented soul within? ‘Divine sabotage’ is designed to shatter the ego so that the liquid of soul flows multi-dimensionally, merging and blending to nourish the world – for part of your function is to progress the cycle by growing others as you yourself were grown.
"Have there been points in your life you feared you might cease to exist owing to the stress you felt yourSelf, your personality, to be under? That’s just the structure of your ego metamorphosing to prepare for an abundant release of soul. (Picture an analogy with the birth process or the transformation of the pupa.) After the soul is open to receive, comes its fertilisation by spirit. Spirit exists in many forms as ‘collective unconscious’. Every family or tribe of humans has its own spirit — an archetype which reinforces their sense of identity as they come closest to it. In early days where family and tribe were synonymous the continuity was easy to maintain. Now a different situation exists where the two are quite separate. You’re born into family but you choose the tribe on the basis of affinity.
"There is a core experience within every separate vocation -be it acting, accountancy, or animal welfare- that forms an archetype or algorithm. The more a practitioner can synchronise hir own rhythms with those of the algorithm, or archetype, the greater hir success will be — because s/he is harnessing the latent energy in the algorithm and ceases to strive. The absence of striving in turns contributes an apparent effortlessness to that person’s activities which is, quite correctly, thought of as godlike.
"Spirit therefore by fertilising the Self releases into a new dimension of metaphysical possibilities. Given the impulse of the universe to move towards unity the vast majority of Spirit algorithms tend towards the positive. But there are negative algorithms and these too can be discovered and harnest. If you persevere in either direction you will find the archetypal consciousness within, & into, which yourSelf can be released.
"However, overarching/underpinning all, is the ultimate algorithm of the infinite unity which encompasses all shorter cycles, and within which is contained every possibility — of the universe, of the earth, of life, of humanity, of flora, of nations, of people, of fauna, of relationships, of thought.
"To discover and reconcile yourself with that great Aum of consciousness is to be released into the timeless possibilities of being interpenetrated by Holy Spirit, the divine One of eternity."