Live adventurously

"Now you have strong foundations do not seek to build a structure that reflects conventional ideas about business. Live adventurously. Place your foot on the unseen path. Let the structure form itself organically. Always obey the inner calling rather than outer demands."


What is the main event?

"Whether success excites you – or worries depress you – remember your only spiritual task is to bear witness to the light. Nothingelse is your responsibility.
The real you (your soul) is separate from whatever you're experiencing.
Sometimes, to help with growth, you may be heavily pruned; at the time this may feel painful but it leads to lightness and better motivation in the long run."


Your heart is the hearth

"Keep the core reactor glowing brightly in the centre place of your heart. That is what matters, not all the outbuildings and public reception areas. The central inner vision is what really connects throu walls and beyond time.
Allow. Don’t force."



"And so we begin again - begin again to learn what we already knew - to climb hills we had already ascended - to wash what is already cleaned. Balance isn’t sitting still holding your breath: it’s staying upright on white water rapids, riding bareback, following your instincts in a waterless waste. There’s nothing to learn, nowhere to go. Just be."

> Having been left in the lurch by a close colleag, I was so angry that 10 days had elapsed before the balance of my mind was restored.


Patience ... again

Patience is more than a virtue, it is a prerequisite. Rush & bustle are unavoidable on the earth plane. But do you realise how little of what you do you need to? Concentrate on your inner priorities. Keep them uppermost in your heart, and let your heart rule your life.

> During this time I was deeply troubled because my closest colleag on the magazine I was publishing decided he wanted to go traveling. I hoped to dissuade him, because I depended on him. When I saw that I'd failed I became so angry that I couldn't receive any guidance at all for 10 days.


Love is all you need

"Keep love at the forefront of your consciousness. Ask, in everything, how does this advance love in the world?"

Keep love at the forefront

"Keep love at the forefront of your consciousness. Ask, in everything, how does this advance love in the world?"

> But alas see what happened, a few days later! If you talk it, you'll surely be required to walk it.


Be alive

"Nothing is more important than the life of your soul, not even your body, and certainly not your career or business. Even those you love are of secondary importance to your need to be true within.
"To gain the whole world but lose your soul would be to pick up a toy riddled with woodworm and watch it disintegrate in your fingers. Whatever your outer-life goal/s - they're only a means, never an end. You have been given it like a spanner to perform another task. Who heard of anyone becoming attached to a spanner? The part that requires attention is the inner-life.
"The outer-life gets attention because its 'vehicle' requires servicing: feeding /clothing /housing /moving /responding to other people. In time the 'vehicle' dies, but the inner-life never dies. Never. However if the circumstances are cold and there’s no nourishment around it will go into a sort of hibernation. When you ignore your true self it gradually shrivels – and, because all spiritual law is organic and holistic, it cannot suddenly just jump back to being what it was: it has to be nurtured /tended /respected /loved back into full life. That is why you must keep a balance between these 2 aspects of your character no matter how intense your outer life."