"Gather your energies. Focus them intensely into your immediate tasks. Don’t disperse your gaze. Riches come from the inner world but Money comes from the outer world. We can make you rich, but only you can make you wealthy. What do you want?"
> I want to live in the freedom of love, to experience the interactive reality of a spiritual path, see my loved ones grow in wholeness, with my material needs met.
"Okay. What are you going to do?"
> Concentrate on hearing and responding to my inner voice.
"You must be more than constant, you must be eager. You must maintain balance at all times, so you can discern the subtle promptings of the spirit. Avoid heroics. Don’t let yourself be seduced by the pleasure of doing things merely to gratify others. Keep regular habits, so avoid bingeing. Exercise would help. Let love form in you like a great pearl which grows for no other eye, but is found and gives delight to thousands."


Moving out of your comfort zone is always uncomfortable - but there are big rewards

"Rejoice Jerusalem, for your time has come to be delivered. If you can give up the notion that your Jerusalem is one particular spot or situation (Ego) then you release the power that that Ego represents to be shared on a higher plane. It feels scary because it is scary. That‘s why we say ‘one step at a time’.
"When you have crossed all the other bridges, there remains the tightrope over the chasm. No power on earth can accomplish the crossing. Only if you are utterly centred in the highest power can you keep your balance in the winds that howl around you, and the fears that drag you down. Keep your vision perfectly steady and focus only on the other side. (Hahaha, and after that comes the chasm without any tightrope at all! – But you’ll have some more climbing to do to get to that!) And after such exertion rest is sweet. Remember, it will come as surely, as night follows day & as the flood tide follows the ebb tide. Your nourishment is love, the more you create, the more nourished you will be personally.
"Black as it may look, your time of deliverance has already come. So rejoice, and live in the memory of those mountain top experiences, even when you’re compelled to deal with the lowest forms of energy. Go in love, go with God."

Reading this after a gap of 15 years I see how well the plan worked! I was, in a way, lured by my ego into an unsustainable position, a shoe-string publishing enterprise that drained the last ounce of energy and money out of me. The following year a crash came due to outside events. It swept everything away. While this felt utterly awful, the fact that I knew a) what happened wasn't my fault & b) I was following some kind of path came me confidence to survive the melt-down of my Ego. In the end result everything worked out much better. There really was a happy ending! But if that had been told me I would've immediately wanted to cut to the chase and not go throu the necessary hoops which were in the long run the 'proving process'.



"We are delighted when you meet a true Master, for you meet someone who is among us, yet with you. Prepare yourself to receive, for we delight to give. There is a special energy surrounding one who is enlightened, for s/he is in harmony with nature, hir life pattern, hir karmic pattern, hir very self (who is me).
"Why is it so hard to let go of struggle? Because you want to achieve something. But if you are on the spiritual path you already know that doesn’t work. So let go of struggle! Be as you wish to be, raise your energy to the highest point, and maintain that reality. We‘ll be there."

Ah what a long journey it is before we can accept simplicity!


Dancing the path

"People with a vision of the future perceive the latency of all events. But what appears to the human imagination as the most pressing, may well not reflect the order in which events need to unfold. This creates confusion. The easiest mistake is to interpret something spiritual from an earthbound perspective.
"To climb out of the pull of gravity you may need certain fixed ideas structures. But after this release everything. Don’t hold onto anything to orientate your life, certainly not things or people, nor even ideas or religions. [Which doesn't mean you must jettison them, simply don't cling.] "Hold to your inner truth, however much it contradicts surface appearances. If it leads you a dance, follow it – the important thing is to be aware that you are protected as long as you truly follow it."


The opposite of being free is struggling

"To be free means letting go of struggle. If you’re struggling you cannot be free: if you’re free you don’t struggle. (Struggling is when you want to express your energy. Freedom is when we express our mutual energies.) The ultimate purpose of life on earth is that matter is irradiated with light, and light becomes substantiated in physical forms. For those who have set their foot on the path of light this is all that matters. They may have been given a specific task but the purpose is to channel light energy throu the enterprise, not vice versa. Therefore witnessing to the light should always take precedence. Ask the energy to supply your needs, ask with all your intensity yet without struggling. Then walk forth joyfully expecting miracles.
"Where problems exist there are debts which must be paid. Where debts exist there are attitudes which must be looked at. The only way to resolve such things is to bring light into the anguish that has created the problem. And that means letting go of your desired solution (The chances are The Powers That Be are planning something more profound.) So don’t know the answers, don’t see the solution.
"Immerse yourself in the transforming power of love. PS. Don’t confuse necessary hard work with struggle, and don’t mistake bewildering circumstances for struggle. If you find yourself overwhelmed use discernment to stay detached. Salmon swimming upstream have hard and confusing work, but a natural force empowers them. That natural force is given you to find. Don’t hold on to power, give it, use it, share it. Let the inner you (your natural force) speak."


The great spiral of existence

"The years roll by, the seasons change, you grow old, others are born, empires rise and fall.
The world turns but this signifies little to us in spirit. What we see is the throng of spirits released from the pull of earth grows to swell the universal structure of consciousness drawing humanity towards the focal point of existence, the One, Being, S/He Is.
"Imagine all the letters darting up from this page, held in the dancing light as they form spirals of meaning that weave throu your senses like underwater songs who glow from mountain peaks with all mystical knowledge.
"Is reality what you see – a telephone, a kitchen, a bed? Or is reality the power these objects give you to transform yourself? With a phone you can communicate anywhere in the world – in a kitchen you transform your energies with nourishment – in a bed you encounter deeper realities in love-making and sleep.
"For us the whole of life is magical and vivid as sunrise. We are no longer tied to the world of external form. You can be one of us if you let your energy be transmuted into the liquid gold of spiritual reality. Let your words become luminous with subtle energy. Live in the reality of shared love. Let wordless song be your medium of language.
"Live, Love. Dance, Shine. Soar, Sparkle. Grow, Calm. Explode into Focus."


Training for self-hood

"You’re slowly learning that it is not what you do but how you do it that holds spiritual significance. Faithfulness, integrity, holding to inner truth: those are the qualities that confer durability.
"When you cease to be concerned with outer form and pay heed to inner qualities that is when you begin to connect with the energies that suffuse creation. And the strongest of these is love. When you allow yourself to connect with these energies they confer power. That power makes you a co–worker with we who are spiritual entities – it gives you the power to bind and to set free. Like any force for good it can be misused. That is why the apprenticeship is long and hard.
As always there are exceptions, and freak conjunctions within a personality & circumstance may yield the power to someone unfitted, but these are rare indeed. Those who acquire 'fire' illegitimately are often burnt up by it. Handling requires years of spiritual training.
"To be the anvil on which useful implements are forged you must be hardened 7 times above them. Not everyone is made of mettle sufficient to withstand treatment. Rejoice if you have been found worthy, for afterwards the very flames of hell cannot touch you. March the weary road. Trust the ground under your feet. If you were following the sun when it set, do not veer around when it rises again from a different quarter. During the night look only at your feet, a step at a time on the road in front of you. Or rest –you’re perfectly entitled to!– and cherish the relaxation that prepares you for a new dawn."


Being peaceful

"Don’t be at peace, be peace. It is an active quality. Think love as your uppermost thought. Don’t worry about knowledge and busyness, concentrate on feeling and stillness."



"Rest in the Lord, abide patiently in hir, and in due course you shall see yourself raised to reign. You are a co–ruler. The more you know of the divine mind the higher your position, and the greater the responsibility you have to relay to others the harmony you encounter."