Training for self-hood

"You’re slowly learning that it is not what you do but how you do it that holds spiritual significance. Faithfulness, integrity, holding to inner truth: those are the qualities that confer durability.
"When you cease to be concerned with outer form and pay heed to inner qualities that is when you begin to connect with the energies that suffuse creation. And the strongest of these is love. When you allow yourself to connect with these energies they confer power. That power makes you a co–worker with we who are spiritual entities – it gives you the power to bind and to set free. Like any force for good it can be misused. That is why the apprenticeship is long and hard.
As always there are exceptions, and freak conjunctions within a personality & circumstance may yield the power to someone unfitted, but these are rare indeed. Those who acquire 'fire' illegitimately are often burnt up by it. Handling requires years of spiritual training.
"To be the anvil on which useful implements are forged you must be hardened 7 times above them. Not everyone is made of mettle sufficient to withstand treatment. Rejoice if you have been found worthy, for afterwards the very flames of hell cannot touch you. March the weary road. Trust the ground under your feet. If you were following the sun when it set, do not veer around when it rises again from a different quarter. During the night look only at your feet, a step at a time on the road in front of you. Or rest –you’re perfectly entitled to!– and cherish the relaxation that prepares you for a new dawn."

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