"Gather your energies. Focus them intensely into your immediate tasks. Don’t disperse your gaze. Riches come from the inner world but Money comes from the outer world. We can make you rich, but only you can make you wealthy. What do you want?"
> I want to live in the freedom of love, to experience the interactive reality of a spiritual path, see my loved ones grow in wholeness, with my material needs met.
"Okay. What are you going to do?"
> Concentrate on hearing and responding to my inner voice.
"You must be more than constant, you must be eager. You must maintain balance at all times, so you can discern the subtle promptings of the spirit. Avoid heroics. Don’t let yourself be seduced by the pleasure of doing things merely to gratify others. Keep regular habits, so avoid bingeing. Exercise would help. Let love form in you like a great pearl which grows for no other eye, but is found and gives delight to thousands."

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