Sailing into the wind

> What should I do in this difficult time?
"Pull yourself back to your centre. Be one–pointed. Be in your power. In every life, be it never so advanced, there will always be times of difficulty, just as on any voyage there are dangerous passages. Each such encounter shows you unequivocally what reality you respond to. Is your consciousness in the immediate sensory danger or is it fixed like a helmsman on the beacon?"
> How do I maintain higher awareness and yet produce the energy to calm the storm?
"If the storm doesn’t make you fearful you’ll be happy to ride it out; but since whatever happens to you reflects your inner awareness you may cause it to rise to the pitch you need to bring about an alchemical reaction in your perception. It is certain to be symptomatic of something you should be paying attention to. But it may also be a natural obstacle your ultimate destination requires you to pass.
"Unless you are a great Master the safe conduct of your vessel will require careful attention to detail – tho there will come a time when, having done all, you must stand firm and endure.
The real moral question a tempest raises is ‘Are you on the right course?’ If you feel doubt, then seek the point of the compass the wind is driving you towards. If you’re certain, you may have to tack into the wind, rather than seek to drive straight at it. Either way, your seamanship will be improved!"

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