Take my hand. I will be with you.

"At last! I have your attention again. Perhaps you've been perplexed by how sometimes I appear as we, and vice versa? This reflects your powers of concentration and therefore the degree of spirit to which you have access.
If you wish to attract the cream of spiritual powers (archangels) you must be willing to undergo great compression purification distillation – call it what you will. That path alone brings the intensity that enables two-way communication. Of course mental awareness has a vital role to play, but it is limited by its own structure/s – which reflect the physical & cultural factors of your upbringing. Beyond this, a committed seeker reaches a point when s/he simply has to surrender to the true-fullness of the non–material world.
"Okay, so that feels a little scary – suddenly there aren’t any handrails. But you soon realise they were only taken away because you weren’t using them any more!
"Whatever ties you to the earth is what your transformation will come throu. In your case it's money – for someonelse it could be a relationship, job security, their dwelling. If I say you have to let go, what I mean is if you don’t let go you’ll always be tied to the physical plane – yearning for freedom yet never at peace because your nature calls you onward, tho you don’t know where or how.
"Remember how you were impelled forward at various stages. You didnt want to do it, but you knew the next step would only appear when you had? That’s how it is now. A step at a time, as you know. Why do you think you’re lame? [from a m/cycle accident.] So you can only take one step at a time, and not be leaping about all over the place! You watch out, or next time you‘ll hurt both legs!!
"The Universe is full of both positive and negative energy fields – black holes. The latter exist for the purpose of transformation. When the time is ripe you approach and are sucked in. The feelings are very frightening, you accelerate to the point of disintegration, but when you reintegrate you’re in a parallel universe where things appear quite different.
"Even after you've let go of everything else there will still always be one tie that is so much part of your perception you don’t even see it as an issue. There too you must allow the irradiation of love to penetrate so that its evolution may also be harmonious.
"Take my hand. I will be with you."

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