Hold the vision

"Hold steady to your course. Things are going to change around you in a big way. You must remain centred and not get involved in ‘helping’ the changes. Your job is to hold to the vision. That will mean you need to let other things go.
"Understand that in your life it has been necessary for your needle to loop together a vast number of threads – this was your own choice. Not yet, but soon, will come the time to start drawing in these elements to a design built to last for centuries. Be patient, not one ounce of energy you have expended will be wasted.
"Respect your path (respect all paths) but insist on your spiritual rights. You can and must focus on having the space you really need. If you allow yourself to be sold short in any way, nobody is to blame except you.
"At the moment, because of the existence you are called to, you cannot have constant access to my plane. You must therefore be vigilant to maintain your times of contact. As your awareness and your life gradually change (as you let go of the rigid cage of human thought) your level will rise and you will find access to the astral plane naturally increases. So don’t worry about this, or feel it is some lack in you.
"Your focus for the new year is to KEEP FOCUSED."

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