"Everything in the world is constantly recycling, like the liquid in a seething pot. Humans are both what is boiled in the pot and its savour — half flesh, half spirit. In spirit each person has a quint/essential character.
"Once freed from the restraints of a physical existence by earthly death each soul revels in its freedom to be — to travel unlimited distances, have unlimited friendships, know no demands or obligation other than those imposed by mutual respect. For many souls this is enough. However there are those here, just as there are those on earth, for whom simple pleasure is not enough. Some impulse leads them more deeply into the mysteries. But in an environment where there is nothing abrasive there exists no catalyst to effect a radical alteration. These souls are then drawn to return to the outer world to work thru a growth cycle. They are attracted to choose a situation which offers the proportionate scale of challenge to their desire for growth.
"While immersed in the earthly cauldron they also remain in essence spiritual even while they’re ‘cooking’. When the master chef judges they have undergone the necessary transformation they’re removed from the pot and permitted to enter service. By becoming nourishment to others, are freed to resume their spiritual liberty on the higher, or inward, plane."


Don't drown the still small voice

"Human society has invented many ways to drown out the voice of the gods by mimicking them. Allow the radio to blather on and it becomes a drug whose absence is a terrifying void: television provides sufficient kinetic stimulation for you to feel justified in lying that you have in some way done something just by watching it: computer games create the illusion of a life-environment you can master: loud music suppresses all other sensations: even words themselves can be the greatest barrier to understanding: relationships likewise can shelter you from truth. All provide a temporary defence against that desolate emptiness you sense.
"When you’re hungry you think overwhelmingly of filling your stomach with food: but if your first reaction is to rush out for junk food, or sweets, or alcohol, is that a balanced diet? 'I don’t care,' you may say, 'gimme, gimme!'
"That’s what you’re doing by allowing your senses to become addicted to the quick fix offered by electronic media. It isn’t, spiritually, a sustaining meal; it's a carbohydrate snack promoted by people who need to keep you hungry to keep you consuming. It's no coincidence that psychic emptiness is experienced in the same part of the body as hunger — the gnawing ache, or butterflies with hob-nailed boots! Christ said 'Blessed are they that hunger: for they shall be filled.' You don’t eat properly unless you’re empty. A balanced diet means establishing a natural cycle of need and fulfilment. Contraction/dilation are part of the duality by which the body is nourished. Spiritually, you can't expect to feel full all the time.
"In the natural cycle there are times of fullness, times of digestion, but also times of waiting to be filled, as much as times of actually consuming. If you’re a child you wait to be fed. If you’re an adult you seek food for yourself. Need motivates the search but, based on past experience, your expectation is that its be met. So in spiritual growth: don’t be afraid of feeling empty, it's the natural low point of the cycle which precedes the high. Don’t dash out for psychic junk food to assuage the first pangs of hunger, or stuff yourself with spiritual carbohydrates. Just as you prepare meals for yourself, so prepare yourself for meals. Why always eat alone? Make your eating (edification) a time of sharing and joyful interaction.
It's not difficult to tell the difference between wholefood and junk, if you’re honest with yourself. Ask yourself: 'does it fill me with an interactive psychic energy that really nourishes and inspires me for days? Or does it just assuage my hunger so I can go on watching the TV of someonelse’s life?'
"Seek the natural rhythm in all these things, and rejoice in it."


You're worth it!

"Conviction (faith) only grows as you test it. If you didn’t trust yourself to record these thoughts you would never have reached the stage of development you have now. Assessment has a proper place in consolidating a plan, but only action validates. This isn’t to say that action alone validates, for if the assessment has been inadequate it may well invalidate. There is a time for gathering, and a time for going. You must respect your deepest instincts to ‘divide the times’ correctly.
"Never feel you must ‘prove’ anything — certainly not to yourself, and least of all to others. The need to ‘prove’/witness/demonstrate is a sign of deep internal doubt which, by projecting onto others, you attempt to heal within yourself. What you are is always more important than what you say. If you concentrate on your own be-ing, there will come a time when the goodness that is within you will well up and overflow. At that time, when all striving has ceased, it may be appropriate for you to testify publicly. But never be concerned or feel under an obligation.

- — -
"Need and want are emotions closely related to anger. Both imply not having. But the reality is that you have. Even if you don’t have food you have life. Begin by congratulating yourself for being alive, for surviving up to this hour. Then move slowly outwards in self-congratulation from the minimum experience that you can truthfully acknowledge. Gradually draw other people/events/things into your circle of praise. Hold it if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or getting unrealistic.
"Just stay where you are and hold the feeling — feel at home, walk around in it, survey your self-awareness with pride.

- — -
"You see, you haven’t been congratulating yourself you’ve been making contact with your spirit — something larger than yourself, an element that is always a part of your awareness, however hard your misery or negative self-image may attempt to block it off. In your deepest heart you know youre fully divine, and you know that’s why you’ve survived up to now — it isn’t an accident! If you live this life you begin to grow and blossom and flourish with roots that go down far below the cracks in the pavement where you sit.
"Instead of being blinded by the mirror of negative self-image that your anger has created look inward to see beyond. Free yourself from the self-lacerating emotions that arise perhaps out of your failure to find a niche amongst the other dough-heads and faceless consumers who surround their guilt and doubts with ever more acquisition. That was never meant to be your path. Feel your goodness. Don’t beg for love from people who have none to spare. Start by loving yourself: acknowledge, accept whatever you can. Don’t despise yourself if it seems microscopic. Use the microscope to magnify what little you find to love until it fills the whole screen!
"Do you have feeling of anger towards your parents for their betrayal? Even if they didn’t do what they could, they did what they were able to. There are no perfect parents. You’re all on this planet to progress, to shake off bad karma. They may’ve had more than you know about.
Don’t say ‘they should never have had me’. You chose to be born, and you chose to be born to them — so that you could learn to overcome the very emotions that now seem to be crucifying you. And you’ll only do that by begining to love and accept yourself. It's all the universe asks of you. Can you really bear not to study your own happiness and fulfilment? Must you grind on in misery? Worse, could you really face having to come back and do it all over again just because you were so determined to spend this existence in abjection?
"So, start now by congratulating yourself for being alive, for surviving up to this hour. Then, as you feel comfortable, move outwards in self-affirmation from the minimum experience that you can truthfully acknowledge. Gradually draw more people/events/things into your circle of praise. Stop if you feel unreality entering. Just stay there and hold the feeling — feel at home, walk around in it, survey your self-awareness with pride.


Fix your gaze on the road ahead

"From today you move forward more swiftly. You’re able to take the pace now. I want you to move out confidently in faith. Not with the bluster that mimics conviction, but quietly and surely, wasting no words on hype and self-delusion.
"Just be. But instead of concentrating your be-ing into stillness, carry it forward into motion — just as if you had practised balancing on a bicycle and must now test it existentially by begining to pedal.
"Don’t be afraid. Don’t look down. Fix your gaze on the road ahead. Smile!"


Flying Free

"Today let your spirit soar. Abandon the limits you place on your expectations. Nothing need be too fanciful or extreme. At the same time your consciousness has to remain ‘earthed’. This isn’t a contradiction: you need to expand both harmoniously. The meditation I gave yesterday shows how it can be done. Part of what you receive is compensation for what you lack. Its all part of the process of acquiring balance. You can't fly with one wing is heavier than the other! If your displacement is correct it needs only power to lift the heaviest loads.
"You’re begining to understand spiritual laws: you don't free yourself of something by abandoning it (if you could) — redemption comes by entering most fully into what you seek to escape. If noise troubles your meditation go right into it, become part of it, turn it inside out and you’ll find freedom.
"The Christ could only set his own divinity free by assuming what was, for someone of his spiritual calibre, the most arduously banal physical form. You think only of the effect on the human spirit but we can tell you something of the spiritual implication. Another Christ (annointed one) will be recognised when this epoch is to be completed. As I explained before, potential Christs are constantly emerging. Every great teacher is in some measure a Christ – whose power is a measure of hir contact with the divine, a potential which exists just as fully in each and every person! Time, the anointed person, and the situation will weave a seamless plane of experience that’ll break up the two-dimensional surface of your conceptual world and infuse an awareness of limitless multi-dimensionality. The movement towards creating the right psychological conditions is progressing in scientific research. But of course scientists are attempting to describe within their own language and conceptual awareness what they can never actually know by those means. Imagine describing a baby by merely cataloguing its external dimensions!
"It's a blessed time to be on earth. There’s so much excitement. We watch, and long for you to make the connections that’ll enable communication to take place between our respective worlds. The closer that moment gets, the more those whose egos are afraid of losing their identity fight to retain general consciousness on a mundane level. This leads to great tensions, because the nature of the struggle can't be exprest in conventional language.
"Alas there are always earthbound spirits who have their own interests in potentiating the power of gravity and imprisoning the consciousness of those who have no eyes to see. Only if you have a multi-dimensional sense of the spiritual can you explain to people and soothe their fears. Such people are attached to duality (the physical world), they provide the tidal counterbalance to too much spirituality – which would make too rich a mixture for aggregate humanity. They would spew it out and revert to barbarism.
"It's part of the process/progress of the divine will that all should come to experience perfection. And it is the role of those who consider themselves on the path of enlightenment to bear with, to have compassion on all nature in its struggle toward the light. Those whose ears are attuned to the heavenly harmonies will recognise the resonance of genuine inspiration from the clangour of the merely plausible."


Guided Meditation 1

  • Amid the busiest of times try to remember the stillness that lies behind thought. The dimension of mushín where perfected thought exists without physical form.
  • Try to make yourself physically awareness of this reality. Bask in it, and feel it informing all aspects of your life.
  • Think of your love life. Picture it perfect, just as you wish. Don’t depress yourself with what you may have recently been feeling. Think now of how it is within your inner being. Let your capacity for love explode outward thru the toughened casing you have built to ‘protect’ it.
  • Be loving, lovable, lovely, a lover, a love-maker, a love-receiver.
  • Pause to feel the sensations of love within your root chakra, and see how your heart responds. See if you don’t immediately feel lighter and happier.

Don’t read on until you’re ready to continue.
  • Then experience the perfect repose you bear in your womb/abdomen. Promote peace between your brain and stomach by allowing yourself to be complete — a warm, protected baby, lying on a cosy fleece surrounded by adoring attention. The angels cover you with their wings, maintaining a perfect temperature for your complete peace of mind. You are full of milk. Any decisions you make now will be harmonious and, guided by benevolence, will return happiness to yourself.
  • When you’re at peace the unity produces the most formidable resonance within your psychic body. You become as expansive as your aura. Feel this now at ‘the bottom of your heart’. Let the feeling expand upwards into your heart and lungs. Empower yourself with life-giving breath.
  • Know that nobody can take this away from you. Your breath is always perfect. Let it be as deep as the ocean and as free as the sky. Feel the harmony way up and way down.
  • There is no barrier now to your feelings of love.
  • To this well-being now add the most perfect musical note. Let it spring from your throat chakra as spontaneously and joyfully as the melody of the blackbird. Feel it glowing and bubbling up out of your full heart in an endless song — ever the same, ever new.
  • The voice you hear is the one you know yourself to possess — fuller, louder, longer, more colourful than any ever heard by ear. Truly, the voice of a let-out soul, liquid praise released into the atmosphere to purify and cleanse and invigorate all it encounters.
  • At last you realise with delight that your body has answered all your mind’s questions. There is nothing more you ‘need to know’, no anxiety, no grief. You are the person you always knew yourself to be. You don’t need a camouflage to hide your Self. You’re perfect, unafraid, unashamed of any aspect of your physical and mental existence. You’re among people who can see and acknowledge your perfection.
  • In this ‘state of grace’ you can at last approach the throne without misconceptions. You are now as God always sees you. Perfect, utterly lovable, tender hearted, alive to all that is finest in your nature.
  • So open your own crown chakra, and spend as long as you wish in complete communion with the being whom you encounter.
- — -
  • Let that central core of light illuminate every chakra in turn. Spin each in the light, like motors in a pre-flight check. Revel in the throaty power you feel. You’re more thoroly alive than you’ve ever been.
  • What is uppermost in your life? What within your relationships most requires healing? What single thing would draw most together around you.?
  • Fly to it now. Cherish, heal, expand, perfect it. Balance your energies from tip to tail. Don’t lose feeling in any part. All are vital to you.
- — -
  • When you’ve completed the process, return to your Self. Hover above your self, admiring your self.
  • Then encompass yourself within that golden ball of light and enfold it itself within you so that irradiates both from without and within.
  • Imagine that light focused brilliantly in a crystal spiral that rotates downwards, sealing each of your chakras with a transparent closure that leaves your psychic body vibrant and alive within your harmonious and peaceful physique.


Letter to a friend having a crisis

Dear E
There's an aphorism which reads: ‘Life is the only game in which the object is to learn the rules.’
Before I began to receive these channelings I had no views one way or the other on reincarnation. I was aware of course that a vast amount of literature supported the belief but it had no immediacy for me. I have recently been shown most persuasively that it is a central factor in our existence — that we choose to be born, and that we instinctively head for the situation in which we can make most progress in working off past karma, and building it up for the future.
One aspect of the distress often felt in mid life is the sense that what informed our lives in earlier years is no longer relevant. And that is indeed quite true. We come to a point where we have worked thru the karma laid on us by our parents and that built up in a former existence. All of these, and other factors, have contributed to the evolution of our Ego state.
Once we are mature enough, the evolutionary force within us begins to motivate us to progress beyond being a simple chirpy cheapie. Like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis to the butterfly, we progress thru an intermediary chrysalis stage. Of course it can be immensely painful. If our conceptual framework is to be completely remade how could it be otherwise? What’s involved is nothing less than death of the Ego state which has served so well to protect our post-adolescent selves: now the time is for us to assume that more-evolved character for which this and past lives have prepared us.
Amongst other things, we have a reluctance to accept such a calling. ‘Why, me?’ we say. ‘I was quite happy as I was.’ (a lie!) What happens to us happens because there is no other way to achieve the final outcome that is ultimately in our best interest. If you can have the courage to trust the process of your life you are released into a much larger awareness; where you realise you aren’t bounded by the limitation of your own perception (ego state) but become conscious of being a participant in a timeless parade of world evolution.
Surely as a musician you must’ve felt those moments of overwhelming kinship with those who first wrote/played certain pieces — not a head-knowledge but a real heart-perception? At those points you surely felt yourself to be in ‘the company of all true believers’? Time had no more meaning, you were part of a continuum of experience with no begining and no end. And so you were. The point of your current tribulation is that your awareness is being remoulded so that -if you wish- this experience will be available to you as a ‘constant’ state. If you can stand your pavement being dug up for a while you’ll find you have lots of new channels of communication.
The choice is yours. To go on or to go back. Both are possible and both have quite different implications for the rest of your life. I deliberately don’t suggest what would constitute forward for you since (a) I don’t know, and (b) its part of the process that your own awareness evolves to extend what is most deeply within you into the infinity of freedom that lies within your inmost heart.
I have discovered that ‘finding validates both the search itself and the seeker’. Conversely ‘the search validates both what is found and the finder’. Yet ‘its the finder hirself who validates both what is sought and what is found.’ If you repeat to yourself as a meditative affirmation ‘I AM what I AM seeking’ you’ll realise you need nothing outside yourself. The spider doesn’t worry whether s/he can spin the filament to cross from one contact point to the next.
The object of such tribulations is to become perfectly at peace with what we are now. Only by accepting our limitations are we freed from them. Therefore to seek release from mental anguish is but to prolong it. It has a special function within your psyche, if you can accept and be what ... who ... where you are right now you can move on.
This doesn’t mean the pain will go away. It may, but not until you can accept that you no longer want/need it to, are you released. For in fact ‘the pain’ remains, what changes is you! This enhancement of sensitivity is often refered to as a wound. It gives instant access to a range of feelings that the ‘normal’ person doesn’t so readily recall. Its a resource for the service of others. (Like the medieval imagery of the pelican.) Naturally it has to be protected but fortunately that isn’t hard since its hidden within a paradox that is meaningless to the unawakened.
Earlier I said “this experience will be available to you as a ‘constant’ state”. Anybody who has tried it will know, the experience is of itself indeed constant — however, we ourselves are such wayward creatures that it takes a lot of practice (a) to home in on it, and (b) to maintain the so-called ‘constant’ awareness thereafter! Until you’ve reached ‘the very ground of your personality’ you have no stability for that plateau of experience to settle on.
Alas, the excavations will continue until a true foundation is established for your ivory tower. Don’t therefore avoid going to the very bottom of a depression. Accept and love your depressions as an innate part of yourself. Perhaps you’re bored or afraid of your own company? It's the emptiness of the person you’re left alone with that frightens. That too must be accepted and infolded within your experience of your Self.
The spiritual life consists of reconciling ever greater paradoxes within yourself, until you can begin to see that there is no duality to give rise to paradox in the first place. All experience is one — and the ultimate paradox is that there isn’t the paradox you had once thought there was!
As you really trust ‘it’/=id/=yourself you’ll find that when help is needed you’ll attract the most appropriate person to move you onto the next stage. Conversely, if the next move is yours then noone’ll appear until you’ve trusted yourself to do it! What we experience within one lifetime is a microcosm of what our soul undergoes over a progression of lifetimes. Where there’s a hurdle to be cleared we're brought back to it time and time again until its achieved.
I believe that I may have committed suicide in my previous existence, unable to surmount the obstacles to communication to occluded me then. The result was, alas, not escape to oblivion but the need to re-confront them. Fortunately the world’s evolution has moved on since then and there are now so many more evolved souls that I have been able to find assistance/guidance in fulfilling my process.
Don’t be afraid. Nothing has to change. You’ll not be asked to give up or take up anything. Nothing in fact will change until you can accept that it doesn’t need to.
I would strongly recommend treating yourself to Findhorn’s Introductory Week. Its the most powerful -and readily accessible- opportunity for personal transformation I know of.
With all love, M


Time is of the essence, but haste isn't

"Rush, rush, always rush. Do you see nature rushing? No, it goes its own unhurried way, come rain, come sun. At times the clouds may growl across the sky like an anxious machine, but that isn’t hurry, its rapid motion. You too may move fast, but you need never be hurried. If you’re hurrying there’s something wrong.
"Take a look at your priorities. Nature provides all things needful for animate life to flourish. Are you seeking too much? Is your velocity an attempt to cheat nature, to acquire more than your share? Or are you floundering? Do you waste your efforts splashing around in unproductive activities instead of swimming slowly but surely towards your goal?
"Fish have a magnetic sensor that orientates and inspires them to follow certain patterns. So have you. Obey your promptings. As you learn to follow your instinct you’ll get better at hearing it. In the spiritual life nothing is ever given before you need it.
"Go. Go in faith. It’ll be alright. You’ll see."


What is truth?

Q: Can I have confidence that my inspiration comes from God?
"Many processes developed by mankind use catalysts or mordants which are necessary to alter the state of a basic commodity. Undiluted, a catalyst may be noxious, but added at the right moment it can effect a remarkable transformation to the process.
"That’s the situation with duality. It's an agent of personal transformation available within the physical world. The fusion of duality (yin & yang) is a source of energy for a whole personality. In nature there exist many forces which can be harnest. Fire and water are great servants but terrible masters: they must be channeled and controled. Within the body, your intestinal bacteria are fine where they belongs, but if they were to escape into the rest of your body it could kill you.
"In all matters discernment is required. So in the spiritual realm, good and evil are not necessarily as they appear from a human perspective. To you kindness is always meritorious, unkindness despicable. But that doesn’t by any means reflect the ultimate position. The outer world is a school and, depending on the needs of the pupil, a variety of techniqs are used to further the learning process. It isn’t kindness to encourage someone to continue on a pathway of delusion, sometimes a shock is necessary to turn them around. And the shock may take the form of events that your two-dimensional concepts would define as bad. Because perennial values have multi-dimensional implications they exist in an environment where ideas arising from simplistic notions of duality don’t apply.
"Matter is being raised to godhead. The evolutionary programming inherent in matter has generated the continuing pattern of development you observe. The ultimate characteristic of ‘good’ is that it promotes this purpose: enriching, enhancing, unifying. ‘Bad’ divides, impoverishes or retards. Within those broad definitions lies a whole range of intermediate positions of interest only to theologians. That which is most alive (imbued with psychic energy) is most inspired. As explained your perceptions of good and evil are wholly inadequate. Why otherwise would we seem at times to bless with success what seems most evil to you? In a classroom pupils must occasionally be allowed to see the logical extension of their behaviour in order to learn what is appropriate. Different lessons have to be learnt at different stages: to give detailed sex instruction to 9 year olds would be absurd. At each stage of development physical and mental awareness should go hand in hand if a balanced consciousness is to unfold.
Only trust and repose in where you are now can produce an internal balance that doesn’t need to strive to become. To strive to become is to lie to yourself about what you are at present — for in the spiritual world you couldn’t be more desirable/successful/rich.
"If you can accept what you already are, you free yourself to grow untrammeled by the bands that have so warped your perception as to make you feel that you would be better if you were otherwise than you are. (A perversion of that gentle impulse towards growth that informs all matter.) Part of true acceptance is trusting your self even when you’re apparently wrong. If you’re thoughtful you may wish to change your mind; if you don’t, you should follow your convictions throu to their logical conclusions. ‘If the fool would persist in hir folly s/he should become wise.’
"You cant control the outcome of anything you do. That’s our affair. All you can do is to proceed honestly, a step at a time, contributing infinitesimally to the parousia (manifestation of transformed unity). Part of that process is the dissemination of truthfulness. And you do that by every sincere action or thought. A bowl of water is composed of myriad merged droplets. Rivers couldn’t exist but for an infinity of component molecules. Your function is to be one of those molecules.
"By yourself you are neither good nor bad, true nor false. Its in the company you keep that purity or corruption emerges. If you’re motivated to keep company with truth-seekers algorithms are formed which generate multi-dimensional overtones. These in turn validate both you and your insights. If you’re standing in your own truth you’ll know it as certainly as a singer knows s/he’s in tune. If you’re in doubt you probably aren’t! You’re probably striving for your note. Don’t.
"The moment you can accept what you are, you’ll know who others are. And immediately a harmony will ensue, for you have set the chords of your heart free to vibrate; and by the basic laws of psycho-physics the vibrations of freely resounding hearts will interact to produce harmonics that excite and stimulate the whole psychic environment. They may not be the notes you thought you were to sound. Have the courage to accept that."


Be Your Self

"When you’re young you think you can accomplish everything in one lifetime. Only with maturity does the realisation grow of how little can be done. Then a period of confusion follows during which you attempt to evolve priorities. But like as not, you find that what you want to do isn’t what your path seems to allow. So you either settle for disgruntled acquiescence or you strike out boldly.
"The self-confident have their own satisfaction: sunk in their complacency they charge forward, blind to the sensitivities of others. Those who respect their own uncertainty I reward with certainty of a kind that includes an awareness of all.
"Don’t regret what may never be done. Quietly establish your priorities, and when they cohere into a whole follow them confidently, like a mariner setting a new course by the trembling rays of dawn from a port where s/he has refueled hir ship with hope and a new energy."
Day of Elegy concert


Praise permeates every dimension

"Only praise disperses the clouds. If atmospherics interrupt your antennæ tune into your regular frequency and transmit a blast of power yourself. It can be hard, usually bad reception is caused by your own weakness -thru physical or psychic ill health- and thus to summon the energy to transmit energy is an effort. But its worth it. Nothing else will lift you.
"How long will this thing last, you ask? As long as is needed — as long as it takes you to learn what it has to teach. Almost always negativity is the response to your deviating from your life path.
"How can you tell what that is? – ‘Be still then, and know that I AM God.’ To pre-vent means to go before. Your act of going before prevents. You have so many ideas of what God wants (you) to do … but s/he wants nothing of you except to allow love to flow into your heart, to fill and expand it like a balloon. And to allow you to become a full and com-pleted human BEing. To accomplish completion is to fulfill your destiny, & thus to be completed. Those were the Christ’s penultimate words. And with them he divided time as if with a stroke of the pen. Something given to noonelse at any point in history.
"So could you say that his suffering wasn’t worth it? From its intensity has sprung psychic energy unparalleled anywherelse in your dimension. Other sons of God have given forth much excellent teaching and done many meritorious things but noonelse has, by accepting ‘failure’, accomplished a fraction of the transformation -the manifestation of the multi-dimensional spirit world into the physical- as he did.
"Indeed it was not the Christ himself (the anointed) who was incarnated. It was the carnate world that like a typhoon was drawn into and partially merged with the discarnate — making its potential available to all, and not just initiates. You can understand that if you think of the development of microcomputers. The potential for their evolution had always existed, the body of knowledge was gradually built up, technical capacity developed according to its own logic, yet public awareness/acceptance remained latent. But at a certain point in time knowledge and production capability coincided and became the nut that fitted everyone’s bolt. A bolt indeed that they hadn’t even known until then required a nut!
"So in the inner world. By what you call 0 AD sufficient resources of spiritual knowledge existed on earth and sufficient resources of developed souls existed in our plane that there was a need for the volcanic eruption of one dimension into the other. The only question was when and how? The Christ didn’t know what he was to do. How could he? Nothing like it had ever happened before. Tho of course the release of psychic energy had always been latent within the structure of matter. The one factor that enabled the Christ to accomplish his mission was the complete subordination of his ego to the divine will. If he had to accept having no possessions, he accepted it. If he had to accept a period in the wilderness, he accepted it. If he had to accept the adulation of his followers, he accepted it. If he had to accept the way of the Cross, he accepted it. If he had to accept (or had not to accept) relationships, he accepted whichever.
By total acceptance he allowed the Holy spirit of God to manifest hirself as an appreciable entity in the physical world — a resource previously only available the most ardent seekers. This extraordinary accomplishment has become so much part of your cultural awareness that its power is taken for granted — yet its the sanctuary lamp of all that is best within ‘civilisation’. It enables toleration, compassion, disinterested-love: all that is noblest in the heart of humanity. That is not to say that such a quality didn’t exist before, nor to say that many great masters hadn’t taught it: but it was never so freely available. Look at the up-side. For a moment ignore the savagery that persisted (persists to this day) in the heart of some. Think of the great humanitarian achievement.
"The Christ didn’t bring those qualities himself. He cracked open the shell — yet was himself the shell that was shattered. He was the physical instrument of a psychic manifestation. Just as detailed scientific measurements cannot be accomplished until very finely calibrated equipment has itself been manufactured, so nothing could happen until a person of unique qualities had come into existence in the outer world. Such people are commoner than you might suppose, but either cant themselves accept the destiny offered them (Jesus of Nazareth had complete free will to refuse) or are marred by psychic accidents occuring to them or in their environment and thereby disabled. Of all the acorns that fall from an oak, how many become trees? How many trees would you want! No, there is a balance between latency and manifestation. There are algorithms (interactive combinations of wave patterns) within every sentient aspect of the universe. Within the planets, there is a fitness in the immense variety of speeds of rotation, and within that fitness it is the function of your planet to support physical existence. Can you imagine the generous tolerances needed to keep all these factors in balance?
Non-volitional organic life has comparable algorithms to sustain yet check the environment within which mobile organic life requires. So also for mobile organic life there are instinctive algorithms which largely balance supply and demand within the food chain. On top of these come the infinitely complex effect of algorithms created by the spiritual/mental functioning of humanity.
"Individually your waveforms are very short high frequency ones (whose high or low velocity, according to your characters, determine their range of transmission), these interact to create small collective waveforms (families) on an aggregately lower frequency, larger collective waveforms (communities) are formed in a similar way. These in turn combine to create -yet are also formed & re-formed by- national characteristics on a deeper algorithm. Slower still in vibration are the algorithms that inform the separate races. And finally with a cycle so low as to be immeasurable within the same matrix as the individual come the combined algorithms of all living things, and so even beneath them the psychic resonance of all sentient existence. From (or on) any (or all) of these levels archetypes are created — plainly recognisable characteristics which are instinctively perceptible. They are the result of a psychic ‘law’ of relationship-coefficients, just like harmonics in music. Animals recognise such characteristics in the hierarchy that forms the food chain.
A person attuned to the algorithms of animals can ‘charm’ them for precisely the same reason most people frighten them. A ‘star’ is someone whose personal algorithms interlock with a substantial number of others. A ‘leader’ with even more. Those who can slow their own rhythms sufficiently to tune into the algorithms of the progressive depths are called by you Priests, Philosophers, Astrologers, Mediums &c. But that is all they’re doing. There is psychic energy within all living matter if you can practise attunement to it. Algorithmic relationships are not merely horizontal or vertical, they extend in every dimension around you — 20° 71.6°, 163°, 201° forwards, backwards or laterally in time.
"You may have had first-hand experience of the effect alcoholics have on everyone around them; but they themselves are only a nexus point between their forebears and their children. They are in themselves but a shadow of their progenitors, yet theirs is also a heavy shadow upon subsequent generations. (Alcoholics are invariably people who, for one reason or another, are seeking to dull their unique spiritual calling.)

"Within this bewildering complexity, how can you know what is true for you? Fortunately, just as you use your ears to focus only on what interests you, so your psychic receptors simply filter out whatever is irrelevant for you at the time. The function of psychic training is to increase your awareness of, and ability to focus on, matters outside your normal range. And that requires as much consistent effort as that of an athlete.
"Praise is the principal mechanism which cuts thru the jamming, all the system noise that impacts itself on your inner ear, and slows your inner rhythms to the lowest vibration which you’re currently able to link with. The higher, the longer, the louder the praise the deeper within yourself you can travel, and so -by that paradox of psychology- the furthest outside yourself."


Don't get stuck in your head-space

"The problem is that many of those involved in the information revolution have nothing else to do with their lives. Pursuing the technology itself has become a vocation which fills what would otherwise be vacant minds. But the type of processing activity with which it engages the mind is wholly unconstructive to the person’s spiritual growth or purpose on this planet. Indeed it is quite irrelevant. This is not to say that it isn’t useful, or mayn’t have valuable insights to offer, but it is effectively neutral. Alas, its not a positive, morally considered neutrality. Its an inertial neutrality, and bears the chains of negativity and control, rather than excitement and release. Don’t allow a pseudo-scientific attitude to override your affective reactions — they are all that is most human, most to be cherished. Your own inmost responses are what can best inform you about your relation to the universe, to us, to your fellow humans, to yourself. Say again “I AM the person whom I AM seeking.”
"Only when you have come to an internal resolution do you have the platform to know anything else. Indeed, without that inner certainty you cant even know what knowledge is — or what you need to know or what you don’t. ‘The fear of the Lord (awe of I AM) that is wisdom: and to depart from evil, that is understanding.’ Just remember 'I AM the person whom I AM seeking.' Once your I AM inhabits your self, you can begin to differentiate between what is actually your own and what truly comes to you by inspiration."


Messages from elsewhere

"The Pandora’s box you humans have opened is that if more can be communicated more is expected. And the increased data flow becomes an accepted standard which chains you to an ever increasing tide of information. If you take a cool look you will see you can discard quite a lot. It may seem rude to your colleags, but provided you sharpen your judgment about what is essential and don’t make it an excuse for incompetence theyll have no cause to complain.
How many of you won't interrupt a live conversation with a friend to answer the phone? The implication is that the machine is more important than the person. You say ‘oh its someone wanting to get thou.’ But what about the person who is already throu? They must wait, the machine is more important.
"Why? Because you are looking for that message you expect to receive from your subconscious. You have constructed a mind-set that says ‘I am unimportant, I don’t have any messages. Messages come from something ‘other than me’, from afar: the phone, the radio, the tv, they send messages from afar. This phone ringing may herald that message which will explain the function of my life to me.’ The bell rings insistently, summoning you by a tintinnabulation that excites your auditory nerve. You can't resist. God is on the phone! Maybe there will be news of Him in the morning paper? -on the radio? -tonight on television?
"So your expectations are raised to fever pitch. You must play your portable stereo on the bus. The emptiness of a waiting room alarms you, you tap your foot to kill the time. Lest ...
"Lest what? Lest you catch sight of that silent part of yourself in one of the shiny surfaces you have surrounded yourself with? Yet all the information you need is within you! You were born with it. Entertainment has a proper place, its a marvellous form of re-creation. It provides opportunities for unforgetable closeness to your fellow humans. But re-creation is no substitute for that proper first creation and realisation of the transcendent within your own personality.
"Say this out loud to yourself 'I AM the person whom I AM seeking.' Let the noise and confusion fall away. Repeat it slowly and quietly until you have no further need to say it, but can just sit and think it. Let it permeate your mind, so that when you go back into company you remain quite confident that ‘the answer’ is not anywherelse but in your own mind. Facts may be somewherelse, but facts are never the answer. They are an answer-substitute.
"'I AM the person whom I AM seeking.' To the degree to which you can live in this awareness you will experience liberation from the centrifugal force that draws everyone away from their own centre in search of what they already possess."



The ego is the cup which contains the liquid of the soul. It must be strong enough to withstand intense heat and ice cold, or being dropped from a great height, or submerged in water or any other situation that can occur in the natural world.

The ego, having a physical entity (the body), exists in the gravitational world. The soul/psyché doesn't. During a physical lifetime the soul eventually reaches a critical density where it achieves coherence and is no longer threatened by the prospect of the disintegration of its physical container.

When the ego is triggered to release it, the soul is free to embark on the next stage of its journey. (You can rehearse this process of letting it go by relaxing your intense self-control.)

If you feel sufficiently confident of yourSelf you can surrender to the deeper feelings within you and preview your new (next) existence - floating in a non-gravitational environment - free to move anywhere but especially to progress thought-fully in fullness of awareness. Particularly - you can extend your consciousness to all sorts of new characters and emotions, just as actors do.

But remember, whatever happens, you're encased in a physical medium - and anything that exists does so according to its constituent laws.

Yet because things can go right they can also go wrong.

You see this in physical deformities (where you're beginning to use your resources wisely to assist sufferers). But as physical beings, with limited vision, you don't often see so clearly the inner malformations of the psyché - that are governed by similar (tho infinitely subtler) laws.

Just as in the body, where conditions for growth can be inadvertently triggered by a freak genetic response, so premature development may occur in the mind/soul complex. The soul operates in a way not dissimilar to a software program resident within the hardware of the mind - tho the similarity ends there, because the mind & soul are infinitely capable of mutual reprogramming and expansion, indeed the pathways to process knowledge/awareness are more than artificial intelligence can dream of, as is the neural relationship between feeling and knowing. Just as your undying soul may choose a physical disability within which to incarnate and so seek to evolve a new dimension of Self-integration - so that part of you which already is may have chosen the infinitely steeper path of a mental disability. Now what may happen within the liquid of the mind/soul complex is that the conditions for triggering a certain kind of growth may have been met and activated before all the other processes of the physical container are complete. There are many control systems to prevent this but nothing is exception-proof, for the 'exception' may have the effect of introducing a new dimension and thereby bringing higher/deeper laws into operation.

Until the ego-cup has done its work of protecting the solidifying soul-liquid it must remain intact. But if the content is too much or too strong for the container, or the ego is dissolved prematurely by what seems to be an exceptional awareness then the result is what you call madness. The orientation that the gravity of the cup was supposed to provide collapses before the soul has acquired a multi-dimensional coherence that could sustain it - and the liquid dissipates, seeping randomly into pathways incomprehensible to humans.

What shouldnt've happened until you're ready to move out of the earth environment begins prematurely and the affected person is 'disorientated' or 'alienated' by an insight and awareness that nothing has prepared hir for - and whose reality, tho intense and subjective, seems to have no tangent with the nature of terrestrial experience. The person often seems to have answers to questions that have never been asked. Tragic errors in the evolution of the mind/soul complex result in inappropriate pathways merging to perpetuate disinformation within the knowledge/feeling awareness, differentiating the person at the most basic level of their experience.Behind/within/beyond lies the undying soul who has incarnated in this form and is struggling to reduce into the limited number of dimensions of terra firma the infinity of hir multi-dimensional consciousness. Even if s/he could do so there remains the further battle to find a conceptual language that closes the circle - enabling the sufferer to express hirself in a form comprehensible to earthlings.

In all of this disorientation the knife-edge balance of consciousness is held by the psycho-chemical constituents of the body. If they too become disordered then the molecular construction of the cup (the ego) becomes so contaminated that its disintegration into incoherence is unavoidable.

Even so, often, all isn't lost because the soul retains an out-of-body awareness of the events taking place within itself/hirself.

If the consciousness of such a person can wrestle with and overcome the donné/data of hir physical existence s/he will have insights of exceptional depth to communicate to the world Ñ just as the wholed personality of a physically disabled person has a unique richness.

Spirit therefore by fertilising the Self releases into a new dimension of metaphysical possibilities. Given the impulse of the universe to move towards 'wholing' the vast majority of Spirit confirmation tends towards good. But there are negative archetypes or algorithms, and these too can be discovered and harnest. Whatever confirmation you seek is, if you persevere, the consciousness within which yourSelf will be released.

However, overarching/underpinning all, is the ultimate algorithm of the single, infinite cycle which expresses all shorter cycles, and within which is contained every possibility - of the universe, of the earth, of life, of humanity, of flora, of nations, of people, of fauna, of relationships, of thought.

To discover and reconcile yourself with that great Aum of consciousness is to be released into the timeless possibilities of being interpenetrated by Holy Spirit, the divine One of eternity.

It may help to dispel the confusion exists around the spiritual function of the division between ego - soul (superego) - spirit (id).

If you want to play the role of a 'big guy', stay within the power and sphere of the ego! So long as your native energy holds out your ego is safe from 'divine sabotage'. The vessel surrounding the liquid soul is strong and virile, the physical vigour of its exterior attractive; but inevitably it decays - and what then happens to the meagre unfermented soul within?

Your soul is the undying part of you which incarnates as it needs to on a continuum of development towards god-consciousness. Even if you choose to call it your spirit what is described is that which is essentially and inalienably you - apart from ego. The two together form the Self. 'Divine sabotage' is designed to shatter the ego so that the liquid of soul flows multi-dimensionally, merging and blending to nourish the world. For part of your function is to progress the cycle by growing others as you yourself were grown.

Have there been points in your life you feared you might cease to exist owing to the stress you felt yourSelf, your personality, to be under? That's just the structure of your ego metamorphosing to prepare for an abundant release of soul. (Picture an analogy with the birth process or the transformation of the pupa.)

After the soul is open to receive comes its fertilisation by spirit. Spirit (no preceding article) exists in many forms as 'collective unconscious'. Every family or tribe of humans has its own spirit - an archetype which reinforces their sense of identity as they come closest to it. In early days where family and tribe were synonymous the continuity was easy to maintain. Now a different situation exists where the two are quite separate. You're born into one but you choose the other on the basis of affinity.

There is an essential experience within every separate vocation -be it acting, accountancy, or animal welfare- that forms an archetype or algorithm. The more a practitioner can synchronise hir own rhythms with those of the algorithm, or archetype, the greater hir success will be - because s/he will harness the latent energy in the algorithm and cease to strive. The absence of striving in turns contributes an apparent effortlessness to that person's activities which is, quite correctly, thought of as godlike.

Don't seek to 'understand'. Only by simply accepting are you freed from the barbed bait of perpetual enquiry. The multi-dimensional logic of the Universe cant be reduced to the conceptual world of human thought.

Within the totality of all that exists nothing is amiss. At a simple binary level every Question has its Answer, tho the Answer might have been given several thousand years before the Question was asked, or might appear in a completely different cultural context. The point is, that only by ceasing to strive can the range of perception be extended limitlessly in any direction.

Many of the Answers are of infinite subtlety, a factor here, a factor there, an undreamt wish from elsewhere, which perhaps require to be combined in a historical awareness lost centuries ahead.

You'll always find what you seek, but it'll be the desire of your heart not of your head. Your heart knows: it knew before you were born, and it draws you onwards until your Question becomes the Answer you already feel.


It is always possible to delude yourself.
If you're not guiding others delusions may be amusing, even illuminating.
If you know you're being called to follow Truth your insights will be progressively honed till you feel truth instinctively. This may not make you a very convenient companion for your old friends, but you'll soon acquire new ones if you set your face towards the spiritual Jerusalem.

Be gracious: if you come to sense a kind of truth within yourself don't imagine you now have a monopoly: allow that even those whom you suppose to be least truthful may possess a natural integrity which you, with your deeper calling, may not yet have attained.

This calls for ego-lessness, especially in any matter of offering guidance. If you need to speak, don't, that is your ego talking. Consume the fire, let it irradiate your being - only when you feel your whole body in tune with your conviction should you speak, and then let it come from the back of your head not the front.You never need to barge in. When its right for you to speak there'll be an opening: if there isn't, that is in itself a sign that you wouldn't be listened to.

Under such circumstances it's especially wrong to strive, if ears are not prepared for wisdom it does more harm than good.Never imagine it's necessary in any way for you to do our work for us. We are many and infinitely capable. You are allowed to be lords in your natural habitat, as we are in ours. It is the highest will for it to be so for your growth. But there are areas which are beyond your proper control, if you enter them you should only do so under the empowerment of guidance.

We who are near you as earth-guides are in the same relation to those above us. An apprentice electrician can wreak havoc and death if allowed to operate unsupervised in a generating plant - so it is in the spiritual realm.

Wait for guidance, practise listening,
don't act until you're certain, and never be so certain you shutter your moment-by-moment awareness.

Don't aspire to become - be!


It is always possible to delude yourself.

It is always possible to delude yourself. If you're not guiding others delusions may be amusing, even illuminating. If you are called to follow truth your insights will be progressively honed till you feel truth instinctively. This may not make you a very convenient companion for your old friends, but you'll soon acquire new ones if you set your face towards the spiritual Jerusalem. Be gracious: if you come to sense a kind of truth within yourself don't imagine you now have a monopoly: allow that even those whom you suppose to be least truthful may possess a natural integrity which you, with your deeper calling, may not yet have attained.
"This calls for ego-lessness, especially in any matter of offering guidance. If you need to speak, don't, that is your ego talking. Consume the fire, let it irradiate your being - only when you feel your whole body in tune with your conviction should you speak, and then let it come from the back of your head not the front. You never need to barge in. When its right for you to speak there'll be an opening: if there isn't, that is in itself a sign that you wouldn't be listened to. Under such circumstances its especially wrong to strive, if ears are not prepared for wisdom it does more harm than good.
"Never imagine it's necessary in any way for you to do our work for us. We are many and infinitely capable. You are lords in your natural habitat, as we are in ours. It is the highest will for it to be so for your growth. But there are areas which are beyond your proper control, if you enter them you should only do so under the empowerment of guidance. We who are near you as earth-guides are in the same relation to those above us. An apprentice electrician can wreak havoc and death if allowed to operate unsupervised in a generating plant - so it is in the spiritual realm. Wait for guidance, practise listening, don't act until you're certain, and never be so certain you shutter your moment-by-moment awareness. Don't aspire to become - be!"


Why me?

"'Why me?' you say, as if some enemy had picked you out for special treatment. No, don’t you see?, you have a unique invitation to step above the clouds. Certainty cannot be experienced in the physical world. Certainty is always a metaphysical experience.
"Could it be simple? No, for then it would be accomplished by the unawakened, and so the whole purpose of personal growth would be lost. You are coming to the light — slowly, at whatever pace you can manage — singly, in small uncertain groups, in joyful cheering throngs, in multitudes more than eye can number — but surely as the embraces of homecoming.
"Be gentle, be true, be steadfast. In the natural world there are techniques you can apply to rouse enthusiasm, even hysteria, but in the spiritual world you control the pace by not controling the pace.
"Have the confidence that you are now exactly where its right for you. Are you surrounded by horror? Push out, touch the pasteboard illusion that imprisons you, break free of it once and for all — you easily can if you alter your mind-set. Know that you’re as immortal as the rocks that stride to the cliff edge beneath a fringe of hesitant turf, you are stronger than steel, more enduring than diamond. You are at one with the universe, already fulfilling your destiny. Beside you is an invisible ski-lift in perpetual motion, you have only to grasp it to be borne aloft. But be calm, or in your anxiety you may clutch at the air and topple over.
"Balance, health, peace, maturity. These are all qualities you possess — allow yourself to access them. And when difficulties emerge see yourself as perfectly separate, deal with the difficulties knowing that whatever the outcome it can't affect your self-worth.
"Perhaps you’re about to be convicted of a crime? That path has been necessary for you, so don’t reproach yourself. You now have valuable insights to offer others — and what a powerful base-line of self-knowledge you have acquired. Spiritually your life is of infinite worth — ignore what they’re saying about you — inside you know there’s a crazy diamond waiting to be freed from its igneous coating — your actions arose from some bizarre reasoning that what you did was the right way to get at it. Now you know differently. From the dung of shame and humiliation have grown the most fragrant gardens, whose elegant sweetness have refreshed and inspired all who sought peace in their shade.
"Release yourself to grow straight and tall, don’t settle for the stunted twisted bush your native soil made you. Put down roots deep beneath the dry and dusty surface. Drink from the sky within you."

Is it okay not to feel okay?

Is it okay not to feel okay?
"That is a big question. Can you see your essential self as separate from your experience of yourself? Who you are is different from what you are. If you can learn to accept who you are even when you don’t feel as you wish youll’ve taken a giant step towards unifying your perceptions. When you feel a little down you attempt a remedy -smoking, drinking, sex, entertainment- to bring you back to the point where you can jog along unthinkingly. But down has a message for you as much as up, why not listen to it?
"Instead of accepting that certain situations alienate you, you prop yourself up lest your nakedness appear to the world, why not examine the process? You’re alienated because you have a special consciousness that others don’t share. You’re ashamed, perhaps, of your vulnerability? If you could accept it you’d begin to lock on to the energy source that your nucleus of ‘vulnerability emotions’ can provide.
"You have a pain, your first reaction is 'I must get rid of it.' No, let your first reaction be 'Why have I got a pain? What is it telling me?' Is that headache … the result of overwork? … of sustaining an untenable situation? … of lack of psychological unity?
"Is your depression … anger at your situation? … feelings of powerlessness to communicate? … frustration at a failure to breakthrou to the deeper awareness that awaits you? 'Ha,' you say, 'that’s all very well, but I cant do anything about it, I depend on my current situation to earn enough to go on self-improvement courses.'
"No, its a sign that you’re on the wrong road. The treasured goals your ego has set its sights on (the ones where you’re ‘going to serve God’, remember) are not what your guardians have in mind for you. You were allowed the ego goals because they focust your attention in the right direction, and they were as far as your natural eyesight could see — but now you have access to spiritual telemetry you can see other shapes forming, perhaps nebulously at first as you accustom yourself to the different way of seeing, but bigger bolder, of fantastic unimagined proportions — yet confusingly fluid. They are waiting to be realised thru your personality.
"So do it! If your heart witnesses that its right, step out, follow the dream, enter the awakened world. But don’t expect it to be like the world you’re leaving. The roof will fall in. To the unawakened mind disaster will seem to follow disaster, until you become aware that they’re to show you that your survival doesn’t depend on any of the factors you have hitherto valued.
"You feel shame at the idea of publicly acknowledging your vulnerability or dependence? Why? Vulnerability is the jewel in the crown of God’s greatest servants. How otherwise could you/they continue to feel the promptings that lead them on to ameliorate the sufferings of their fellows? Do you suppose they feel less bewildered than you? Indeed they do not!
"What must you prove? That you’re an adult and can manage your life alone? Can you really? You can't be much fun as a partner! All life is interdependence. Perhaps we come to the real point, you’re afraid that if you trust anyone theyll betray you. Alas they probably will, but if you still trust them knowing that, then you already have a fulcrum on which to balance your relationship.
"At first your mind and your heart are on opposite sides of the scales and the balance tilts precariously as either preponderates, but slowly perhaps you can draw these apparent poles of experience towards the centre so that their wild swings are minimised ... and in time you will succeed in blending head and heart within one centred self.
"What’s important is that you surround yourself with friends who are also searchers. Truth can never be comprehended either completely or alone. If it could, Science would’ve found it. Truth is like dew sparkling on a spider’s web, a spun filament that catches faint echoes of the great multidimensional mystery of life — yet existing only where the web of acceptance has been woven by and suspended between those of like mind. Each one of the group must play hir part holding and maintaining the web, or it becomes distorted when a drop lands on it -which you could never have apprehended alone- and you can then see things not only from your viewpoint but also reflected thru 360°, in the eyes of others whose reactions and meanings provide a known system of reference.
"But none of this can happen unless you begin to be honest with yourself about your own feelings. Everybody gets down at times, indeed the higher you rise the more easily you’re crushed by negative vibrations. Remember, down has a psychological function or you wouldn’t feel it. Open yourself to it, and listen (without prejudice) to what your body tells you, and the experience can become like a rubber band, only drawn down to fire you right up.
"In a world of infinite vulnerability where people armour themselves by anticipating disappointment don’t be afraid to show your softness, its part of your glory. But be wise, a ruminant avoids the company of carnivores!"

Low Frequency Oscillations

"Never fear that your mind will be empty if you respect it/=yourself. So much of humans’ inability to respect other springs not from ego but lack of self-respect — a psychological projection onto others of how the subject is treating hirself.
"It wouldn’t worry me/us if you never wrote another of these pages. It isn’t what they say that’s important it's what they are. You’re able to do it because you’ve slowed down. Now we’d like you to slow down a lot more. If you can do that you’ll hear what has always been here. Not like the bright surf crashing onto the applauding beach, but a great deep Pacific boomer, capable of traveling for thousands of miles over submarine mountains and kingdoms; the kind that sets in motion a chain reaction which either scours clean or, misapplied, brings disaster and inundation.
"Above all, don’t try and control. Just build up the energy and trust it to carry you where its right for you to be. Respect all aspects of your experience. Stand by. Remember you didn’t make it happen, so be detached. Let your mind be the mariner, guiding hir boat along the energy lines the current’s own pace. Go. You have things to do."


If I come to you, will you follow me?

"If I come to you, will you follow me?
"Can you accept not pretending anymore — speaking truth — reserving your independence? Can you give up struggling? Will you walk in light?
"It's no good saying yes and then going on doing exactly what you were doing before. It will involve revaluing everything.
"Your desire must be for wisdom more than wealth, and you must be prepared to follow it at whatever cost. There’s no shame attached to saying no, you can live on whatever level you want, but if you turn away from your inner certainty don’t expect it to be there when you next want it."


How to stay right-side up?

"There is always a tension between your wish to grow in the spiritual realm and your responsibilities to the physical. That is where balance comes in. Tip too far towards either and you ‘lose your balance’. Once your preoccupations drive you off centre, you may then have to face a time of instability before a new sense of self-centredness manifests itself.
"Balance can't be something you just practise in your meditation. Your quiet time merely balances up all your loud times! Your goal must be a 24 hour a day dual-awareness. Try to balance yourself within all the ego-validating hurly-burly and excitement of the day — which forms part of the conservatory in which you are grown. However, to lapse into airy-fairyness would be equally unbalanced.
"If you arrange a loan with a bank, your first repayments consist almost entirely of interest, but during the period of the loan the balance alters until your final payment is only capital.
So like the arrow your life: the early part reaches toward heaven (or what the natural mind supposes to be heaven) striving to lodge itself in the world’s highest place: but the arrow of those who are to escape the mundane cycle doesn’t lodge. Its trajectory turns inescapably back to the earth, and at this point, if you are wise, you realise you must embrace what is inevitable and so be freed the disappointments that follow illusion — and you find it possible to cherish the experience of descent for all the same reasons you enjoyed life’s glorious forenoon. And so all is made whole, the cycle is complete and you are released."


Beware of the highest!

"Beware of the highest! Rather, beware of what you think the highest to be. Too often it is merely your ambitious ego chaining you to some impossibly exalted peak. You must let all that go, and just accept yourself wherever you are — at the foothills, stuck halfway up a mountain, in the deepest valley of depression, nearly at the summit. All must be accepted and enjoyed for what they are.
"Are you late for a crucial appointment? Enjoy it. Your lateness isn’t an accident. Maybe you will be shouted at? Now there’s an unusual experience to be cherished and examined. If it happens, dissociate yourself from the process and observe the non-verbal messages that pass between you and the one who conceives it hir role to abuse you.
"Maybe you will miss a vital connection, or fail to organise things before the arrival of others? Why do these things matter so much? Is it for what they are, or because of your ego has no self-esteem except in the eyes of others?
"Perhaps a child is depending on you? That is disturbing, but why must you always think the worst? To think the best is to commit positive vibrations to the etheric level which will benefit your object. Not thinking the worst is not complacency. Far from it. ‘Best’ or ‘worst’ are rarely realistic.
"If you allow yourself to swing wildly between opposing poles how can you hope to find your direction? From centredness comes balance.
"So. Take it at a steady pace. You may be late on this occasion. That may be unfortunate, but it will not be an accident. It will have happened because it has a function in your life. Perhaps to show you that you habitually underestimate the resources required to fulfil your needs? Maybe you don’t value yourself enough to take the necessary time? Is Time money? No, certainly not, but Money is indicative of your value-system’s relation to time, and time is your principal resource in this existence. You may spend it wisely or wantonly.
"Perhaps you are about to be late because you actually don’t want to be there at all, subconsciously you know that, but you lack the courage to face the implications of change? Maybe you’re on the way to being fired?
"Think, firing can illuminate your whole environment. Accept. Underneath are the everlasting arms, you can't fall further than is necessary for you to slough off the dead skin of your old lifestyle. Who says you should do this job? Probably it's your will. Yet you say ‘Why does God not bless my endeavours?’
"Well God neither wants nor needs your endeavours. How stupid to try and be a pop-star if your talent is teaching. Someone who instils useful thoughts considerately is of infinitely greater value to society than someone who clutters up minds with the detritus of half-achieved self-expression.
"We have our own endeavours to effect whatever we need. If we don’t, it is because like thoughtful guardians we know our charges can only learn and grow by accident and experience. Sometimes the results are tragic for you. But then you know in advance that they will be! With hindsight even a sleeper sees that war was coming, but only the fully awakened have foresight. The masses choose to drown out knowledge, instinct, and memory with entertaining soporifics – and yet still blame the ensuing catastrophe on everyone except themselves.

"Don’t aspire, only accept. Then your aspiration will be as natural as your breathing, and you will no longer be chained to some impossible ideal whose only function is to supply you with an unending source of anger because you cant achieve it!
"Of course there is excitement in going round the edge of the mountain on 2 wheels, and of course that produces energy — but as an energy source its non-renewable. You exhaust it and it exhausts you.
"Wind, pneuma, spirit is an ever-present motivating power that costs nothing and consumes nothing, but it enables you to float or fly, or merely drift in the breeze. If there is no wind then look for water, deep, resonantly blue, and of infinite power to refresh. Bathe naked in it and immediately your awareness of the wind will be heightened.
"Perhaps you’re not ready for take off yet? How disastrous it would be then to attempt it. Acceptance not struggle will keep your mind clear for the signal you’ll recognise even before its given. Meanwhile, enjoy your self where you are."