Pat on the back

"Well done. You got here. Do you feel different?
"I’ll tell you something, we’re all very pleased. No, go on, don’t be shy of writing this.
"To take note of that signal we gave, and to get up was very good. Now, if you could exist at this level of consciousness all the time it would be simple for all of us. That’s to say, our work would be swifter.
"Of course your consciousness affects what we can say. How could it not, you’re the medium.
You can't pass clean water thru a rusty pipe."


Nothing matters

"Nothing matters except you and me and this heartbeat. Be here. Be now.

'You don’t tame the tiger by leaping on its back."


Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!

"In receiving knowledge use the yin side of your personality to absorb a complete picture, to hear the things unsaid. Information given on any subject has perforce to concentrate on concepts — but it's invariably the percepts that are of primary value. And these can rarely be exprest. Listen with your eyes: watch with your ears!
"Knowledge/awareness exists as musó: it has the potential to be anything — for the purposes of communication it has to become something specific: but that doesn’t mean it can't still potentially be all the other things as well. Put another way: what exists does so independently of human knowledge. While human perception doesn't alter the essence of what exists — human interaction may lead to one particular manifestation rather than another. Truth therefore isn’t what anyone says about something — its what it is, regardless of perception – tho it may indeed be an act of perception that draws ‘truth’ from multi-dimensionality into a reality of limited dimensions where it can more easily be understood. That’s why balance is supremely important in listener and teacher alike. Doubt plays an important role in assisting balance. The extra dimensions within a thought-form, which often can't find expression within human language, are like the aura surrounding individuals — only those with developed sensitivity can see them. Yet they’re the silent witnesses that attest the ultimate probity of what is being said.
"Always trust instincts not words."


How do you define sin?

"… Separation. But to understand that idea you must forget all the programming that tells you it's concerned with sexuality.
"To be in tune with your essential Self is to be in contact with the raw medium of your fulfilment. It's not judgmental to say that any falling short of your potential is, technically, sin – because we're not here to condemn but to guide you to a higher truth. Anything that brings about inner disunity creates separation (=sin), but it's no worse than a bum note in a chord waiting to be resolved into harmony.
"However, it cannot have escaped your notice that this sense of inner dissonance is an endemic aspect of the bicameral brain – so it really is most misguided to go about creating guilt, as if this state was in some way the individual’s personal responsibility. That is like rousing sleepers by blasting a megaphone in their ears! What will their reaction be on waking ... peaceable, loving and sympathetic to collective development? I rest my case!
"Everything truthful resonates with harmony. Harmony facilitates communication and cooperation — indeed nothing much is possible without it. So all activities/thoughts that lead to unity help to heal thru the individual’s personal & collective awareness.
"The reason Jesus the Christ has unique power to ‘deliver from sin’ is because of the cosmic interaction of his life. His acceptance of a destiny which was to involve the disintegration of his personality was what gave his life and teaching power that echoes undiminished down the corridors of time. Having allowed himself to become the active servant of the most profound purposes of the universe, and having achieved a unique degree of integration between psychic and physical consciousness, the Christ then with superhuman abnegation was able to accept not just his own destruction but the apparent destruction of this unique consciousness that the whole of his life had apparently been devoted to establishing. (And you think you’ve got problems?!) Can you now see how far that transcends the wisdom of the many other Christs who have opened themSelves to inspiration?"

Don't be taken in by spiritual illusionists

"The Being at the heart of the universe is constantly evolving, and thus constantlycreating new planes and dimensions of thought. This process draws everyone onward into new realm, offering widening access to awareness that had previously been the domain of esoteric religion. This represents an ever-to-be-reconquered summit – a peak of consciousness that must be woven afresh by the collective soul/psyche/awareness of every generation, with new vistas for each individual requiring integration, if the thought-form isn’t to be a tyrant and taskmaster. This us the reason those who are out of harmony -far from integrating anything!- find the issues so complex and puzzling.
"The true servant of the Being can only offer this message as s/he understands it. If its harmony chimes with the harmonics of other individuals then a glorious awakening will result. (Those people are, in a sense, ‘saved’ from sleep-walking.) The servant who allows hirself to become wholly a funnel of multi-dimensional consciousness may be given the privilege of becoming the resonator whose harmonic frequencies are precisely those required to shatter the glass of illusion that imprisons the less perceptive in their unawakened consciousness (or ‘sin’)."
Q But what of those who have the means to aid such awakening and deliberately retard it for personal gain?
A "They do of course receive their dubious rewards — both here and hereafter! Why/how such people exist is one of the deeper mysteries and can only be understood in relation to the personality of the supreme Being, who contains all experience, both light and dark. Toleration of negative forces is one of the greatest tests of our (spirit) consciousness. Perhaps the best way to understand is to see the tidal motion of digestion. The negative is allowed the privilege of assisting digestion by sweeping away spiritual detritus — that is to say the well-meaning but insufficiently grounded.
If you mine for gold 99% of what you dig up is valueless. It must be sieved, washed & assayed. Negativity, the forces of disbelief, have an essential function in this process. Look around. So much that passes for spirituality is only an extension of an earthbound illusion. Tho God/faith requires nothing of anyone but to Be: the ultimate proof of Self-actualisation lies in the strength of the psychic resonance they leave behind — their gift to those who come after. And nothing is more fragrant than an achieved personality.
"God loves ‘open systems’, you can quote hir on that! Therefore the first test is: do the activities of a person/ group stimulate free harmonious interaction or stifle it? On this level even builder’s merchants can be seen to play their part in the positive flow of the universe — unless they’re trying to lock you into an exclusive system of hardware. So it is in the spiritual. If you can only get your spiritual supplies at one particular chain of shops, change your system!"


One lifetime may not be enough

"You can best understand the transformation of matter and experience if you think of a situation where everyone wills the same end. At the moment all the many algorithms (combined patterns) of past karma have a jangling unsettling effect — cogs don’t engage — rhythms don’t synchronize. So many egos all determined to ride their own cycles! You know how tiring it is trying to focalise if you’ve got people pulling in their own direction. That will all change as the physical world replenishes itself with evolved souls. When all are on the same wavelength the energy of one is available to all — and the faltering individual can immediately tap into the charge held by the whole. It is tiresome for the more advanced to wait for stragglers — but its an essential part of all becoming wholed.
"God hirself is heal-th because s/he unifies the mental capacity of a super-Einstein with the sensitivity of a mountain violet — and from that wholing comes a fusion that powers spiritual batteries with an endlessly renewable energy source. Indeed the universe depends on hir continuing evolution, drawing onward yet synthesising all subordinate experience. In the same way that individual progress comes from resolving issues so too does the collective development within societies.
"Look at the most spiritually developed cultures — what do they have in common? Communication, compassion, and respect for minorities. Here again you see a multi-dimensional function: the individual soul returns to earth to be reborn, to progress in hir wholing and thus be energized for re-entry to the spirit realm. But part of that wholing has a collective application. By virtue of existing you are privileged to participate in evolving/wholing/creating the metamorphosis of a group soul within your 'elective affiliates' – and beyond that exists an earth soul expressing the cumulative aspirations of all life in your era. A similar helix of progressive relationships extends and simplifies itself throu the spiritual realms in an ever increasing number of dimensions until it includes all that can be imagined. (Still that isn’t God! For s/he is all and beyond what exists, yet is also before and ever within each of us. You see therefore why it's simply impossible to live, let alone evolve, in isolation — however much there may be times when its right to be alone?
"If you find it hard to conceive of a soul other than as a personality having the emotions and awareness such as you yourself possess — then allow your rhythms to slow right down until you can feel the energy of praise in a meadow, or the longing for acknowledgement in a rock-formation, or the silent wisdom of an animal. Management of the environment must above all respect those souls who can't articulate their rights for themselves. Awareness of the feelings of all animate life is a major part of experiencing the energy/will of these wider collective entities. Then again, don’t try to feel them, or worry if you can't. When you’re ready you will.
"Spiritual progress always has this multi-dimensional aspect. On the one hand it's deeply personal, on the other its inescapably collective. Reconciling all these experiences and holding them in balance is enough for many lifetimes — let alone a short one like yours!"


Are you unlucky?

"Then you’re probably not on the right path. Listen to your inner voice, no matter how bizarre its suggestions. They probably only seem bizarre because you haven’t understood what I (the insider who is outwith you) am saying.
"If you follow throu the fog, if you trust, the real meaning will soon become apparent like a pale sun dispersing the morning mist before a glorious day.
"You can't praise if you don’t trust, and you can't trust if you don’t praise."


Q Land/sea/earth/air. How could the 4 basic elements mutate?

A "Well, can you imagine, for a start, if every person on the planet harmonised with each other and with the fundamental elements? So that instead of competing against each other for natural resources and seeking to overcome nature you cooperated and allowed the instincts of every plant, animal and human to fall into rhythm with the turning cycle of the sidereal year? By fulfilling your psychic destiny that great scream of pain which characterises so much of planetary experience would die away to be lost in time as a distant echo from a forgotten past.
If all awareness were held in common then where could the private hurt that nurtures anger grow?
"If you respected yourSelves you’d respect others and never seek to impose your consciousness on them. What then would be the reaction of your animal helpers who have laboured so long and patiently under your insensitive tyranny? Suppose they no longer needed to fear humans? Once these things are well in hand the metabolic structure of matter will begin to develop in response to a global consciousness that no longer blindly divides physical & metaphysical existence.
"This doesn’t mean to say, given a physical world, that accidents will no longer happen. What it does mean is that all will have a consciousness that, being harmonized with nature, responds positively to every situation. The sensitivity that one will have for another will long before have put paid to the exploitation of labour, or the multiplication of luxury for the few, or the segregation and degradation of any group. The different awarenesses of each sector will be cherished as complementary by those whose awareness has evolved by another route, and a symbiotic sensitivity will emerge between all individuals and those to whom they delegate management.
"Travel, instead of reinforcing the ego state with an indifference to the transitory environment, will enrich and enlarge your awareness — and it will be appreciated that to maintain individual and collective balance certain self-imposed constraints on the facility of movement may be desirable.
• Where mutual awareness/respect exists locks aren’t necessary.
• If all take a balanced view secrecy is no longer desirable.
• Where individual profit is no longer a criterion all can afford the long view.
"Such a vision isn’t to imply a mere lotus land. No, all of us find our highest Self in service — the skills & energies of each individual blending in balanced awareness to create a harmony of enterprise and achievement. Where respect exists those of humble attainments are welcomed and encouraged while those of exceptional talent find an environment in which deep acknowledgement provides the stimulus for further development. The less developed aspire to learn, the more developed desire to share. How best to prepare for such a time?
1) Control nothing. Look at what happens when you try! Don’t assume responsibility for anyone but yourself.
2) Change isn’t the key: it's Being. Being is full acceptance of yourSelf and your present environment. Only by entering fully into what you’re trying to escape from are you freed to release it.
3) Worship & Praise are the key to growth. Praise is the response of a ‘let out’ soul — a great ecstatic glorious sunlit fulfilling reply to the goodness of all things. If you can't accept a flood of joy, then allow as much of a trickle as you dare to whet your soul. Praise is exprest both vocally and in your life. Singing, or making a joyful noise, is a powerful affirmation of the goodness you feel in your life — and vice versa. Worship too is important but subtler. Whom, or what, do you worship? What’s your personal response to the all encompassing reality of I AM. You could worship anything or nothing, anyone or noone; all would still express an aspect of the life-force or guiding personality of the universe.
"Just as the eye can see only part of the whole so our (yes, even our) inner vision can only comprehend incompletely. Each group of searchers represents an aspect of Hir personality. Different people respond more readily to one understanding than another. What is important however that you commit yourself fully to that group while you’re in it – even if you're drawn to change groups as your perception deepens. Without that commitment you’ll never absorb from the experience the sweetness that waits for you like nectar in a flower. In a fully interdependent world you’ll feel something of that mutuality I’ve explained elsewhere about our life in the spiritual realm. It has to be carefully nurtured and based on a progressively deepening awareness. Each separate grouping needs to respect and understand groupings who respond to a different aspect of the divine character. This calls for a real exercise of spiritual imagination and generosity — but can only be rewarding for all parties.
"Too often you of the earth realm stare at the glass instead of looking throu it – you listen only to the words instead of hearing the inner meaning. All spiritual awareness is dynamic. Words themselves must never be 'believed' but require to be disentangled from the thickets of assumption in which they’re embedded. They can also only be studied from a height.
Develop your inner sensitivity and the true golden meaning of any word will not long remain hidden. Study any words as you would the bark of a tree and you’ll never understand the inner meaning of the heart of an oak."


Co-creating the future

"In all creative art the artist leans forward to draw hirself into the future, and the future into hirself. What s/he sees of it at first is what you see on a hazy morning or in afternoon mist: there are indistisinct shapes of ideas which its the business of the artist to filter thru hir imagination into a material form.
"As s/he becomes more experienced so s/he grows more familiar with the nature of what s/he encounters within hirself and therefore better able to express it. If hir work is publicly acknowledged the artist is immeasurably helped by having other points of contact for the psychic web of hir ideas. Art is a form of mediumship — a sort of earth mediumship that anyone who has the gift can practise. Your society is still so primitive and unused to having windows that you worship the glass (the medium) instead of looking thru it. Do you see how, now your society is ready for idea of multi-dimensionality, its visual artists and writers who have first received the ideas and turned the abstract concepts of scientists into a form that has emotional reality?
"What we give as direct teaching is for the initiated. For those of lower consciousness we offer pictures, sounds, stories that they can grasp. Don’t despise the cruder, or crassly commercial, forms. When you first learnt to read you were so proud of your skill you’d read anything and everything. I remember you reading advertisement hoardings. That’s the function of TV Soaps. They’re teaching people to 'read'. So they never get beyond Lesson 1? Okay, that’s their privilege. If that’s where they’re happy, don’t disturb them. Maybe they’ll move forward in this lifetime — maybe they wont. We’ve got time.
"Fancy thinking 1000 years was a literal number – linking spiritual time to the sidereal year! Spiritual time responds to intensity. If you shamble along not noticing your surroundings, well then, nothing moves much. But when you feel you’re running for your life the spiritual clock is fairly whizzing round … It's when you feel vibrantly alive — whether from good or bad emotions.
"Emotion is the clue. Sidereal time ticks away like a taxi, eventually you’ll come to your destination -or get out early if the fare's too costly- but spiritual time is another dimension, and one that interacts strongly amongst the psyche of all humans. Why do you all want to rush to see the latest one-hit wonder? Because there the psychic interaction makes time leap forwards. That’s magic!
"Okay. Look beyond that. Realise that all that energy goes to waste because tho the ‘magician' has called it into existence s/he probably doesn’t have a ghost of an idea what to do with it. Then it either fizzles out or grows cancerous. And still you humans never learn the lesson!"

How the psyche grows

"The ego is the cup which contains the liquid of the soul. It must be strong enough to withstand shock and intense pressures. The ego, having a physical entity (the body), exists in the gravitational world. The soul/psyche doesn’t. If the person applies hir heart to it, the soul may reach a critical density where it achieves coherence and is no longer threatened by the prospect of the disintegration of its physical container in death. When the ego is triggered to release it the soul is free to embark on the next stage of its journey.
"You can rehearse this process of letting it go by relaxing your intense self-control. If you feel sufficiently confident of yourSelf you can surrender to the deeper feelings within you and preview your new (next) existence — floating in a non-gravitational environment — free to move anywhere but especially forwards in thought forms of experience. Particularly you can extend your personality to an awareness of all sorts of new characters and emotions. But remember, whatever happens, you’re encased in a physical medium — and anything that exists does so according to its constituent laws.
"Because things can go right they can also go wrong. You see this in physical deformities (where you’re beginning to use your resources wisely to assist sufferers). But you humans, with your limited vision, don’t often see so clearly the inner malformations of the psyche — that are governed by similar (tho infinitely subtler) laws. Just as in the body, where conditions for growth can be inadvertently triggered by a freak genetic response, so premature development may occur in the mind/soul complex.
"The soul operates in a way not dissimilar to a software program resident within the hardware of the mind — tho the similarity ends there because the mind & soul are infinitely capable of expansion, and the processing pathways to knowledge/awareness are more than artificial intelligence can dream of, as is the neural relationship between feeling and knowing.

"Just as your undying soul may choose a physical disability within which to incarnate and so seek to evolve a new dimension of Self-integration — so that part of you which already is may have chosen the infinitely steeper path of a mental disability. Now what may happen within the liquid of the mind/soul complex is that the conditions for triggering a certain kind of growth may have been met and activated before all the other processes of the physical container are complete. There are many control systems to prevent this but nothing is exception-proof, for the ‘exception’ may have the effect of introducing a new dimension and thereby bringing esoteric laws into operation.
"Until the ego-cup has done its work of protecting the solidifying soul-liquid it must remain intact. But if the content is too much or too strong for the container, or the ego is dissolved prematurely by what seems to be an exceptional awareness (for instance throu drugs) then the result is what you call madness. The orientation that the gravity of the cup was supposed to provide collapses before the soul has acquired a multi-dimensional coherence that could sustain it — and the liquid dissipates, seeping randomly into pathways incomprehensible to the human mind. What shouldnt’ve happened until you’re ready to move out of the earth environment begins prematurely and the affected person is ‘disorientated’ or ‘alienated’ by an insight and awareness that nothing has prepared hir for — and whose reality, tho intense and subjective, seems to have no tangent with the nature of terrestrial experience.
"The person often seems to have answers to questions that have never been asked. Tragic errors in the evolution of the mind/soul complex result in inappropriate pathways merging to perpetuate disinformation within the knowledge/feeling awareness, differentiating the person at the most basic level of their experience. Behind/within/beyond lies the undying soul who has incarnated in this form and is struggling to reduce into the limited number of dimensions of terra firma the infinity of hir multi-dimensional consciousness.
"Even if s/he could do so there remains the further battle to find a conceptual language that closes the circle — enabling the sufferer to express hirself in a form comprehensible to earthlings. In all of this disorientation the knife-edge balance of consciousness is held by the psycho-chemical constituents of the body. If they too become disordered (again, drugs are a prime culprit) then the molecular construction of the cup -the ego- becomes so contaminated that its disintegration into incoherence is unavoidable.
"Even so, often, all isn’t lost because the soul retains an out-of-body awareness of the events taking place within itself/hirself. If the consciousness of such a person can wrestle with and overcome the donné/data of hir physical existence s/he will have insights of exceptional depth to communicate to the world — just as the wholed personality of a physically disabled person has a unique richness."


Stop trying to control your life

"How many times do we have to tell you? Stop trying to control your life! Of course your ego wants to be a big star — that’s what it's for. It says 'whoopee — hey mum, this is me — go on, love me!' Everyone who follows their ego does so in the expectation of being loved — ie, validated by being fully acknowledged as a person. (Whether they achieve that depends on whether their individual egos are in fact amiable.)
"Whatever happens, the ego will attract to it others of similar or complementary mind on the etheric level. But that is as far as it’ll go. It remains trapt on the earth plane, because its fundamentally a dune buggy — a vehicle for the earth-plane! Those with the strongest egos will always tend to dominate earthly affairs because it's what their best at. But once they begin to develop an awareness of the vastness of creation they’re lost! There are no longer the certainties that the ego depends on. It's like the star pupil who, after exceling in the environment of a School or College where there are specific egos (personalities) to please, finds hirself adrift in the wider world, unable to grasp the complex demands of an open environment.
"The ego is like a sheath protecting the sensitive tip of a growing plant. Once the new growth has emerged above it the old is discarded. Yes yes, we know this can be very hard — we’ve been thru it too, remember! But it is the process, so trust it. Listen to your heartbeat. If it’s racing away — that’s the sound of an ego zooming around shouting 'me! me! me! Isn’t this exciting? I’ve got to fit everything in before I die.' But if you can feel the vibration of a ‘great bass’ rumbling thru your life with a rhythm that goes way back beyond your birth and stretches out timelessly ahead of you — that’s sound of a soul being drawn into the multi-dimensionality of spirit.
"Yesterday we didn’t give you a message because your ego state had blocked us out — and then you went out and attracted a disaster — because there was a mismatch between your cosmic awareness and your physical reality — and into that vacuum you sucked the kind of negative event that exists as part of the psychic duality of the earth environment. You asked for a lesson. You got it. So learn!"


Speed is not of the essence

"Are you superhuman? No? Then how can you expect to get everything done if you’re trying to do everyonelse’s job for them? You’re trying to control their vision, that’s what you’re trying to do. You don’t want them to see things for themselves.
You want them to see things as you see things. Is that fair? Would you like it if someone came along with a set of horse-blinders, and said ‘wear these!’?
"Trust. You must trust other people. Each has hir own development to take care of, whether they’re aware of it or not. If they haven’t asked to assume total responsibility for their souls, don’t! Its none of your business! And it's taking time out of what is your business — yourself.
"You are the only person you’re responsible for. Ask yourself what you need out of the situation. You’re trying to be needed, trying to be loved. So what about the other people who need love? Aren’t they to have a share? Will you hog it all? Respect other people, especially the incompetent, and you’ll respect yourself — for secretly you fear that you’re as incompetent as they.
"Ah well, you suffer from time constraints to be sure. What a shame you can't enjoy the vermilion dawn, the high golden green of noon, the auburn glow of twilight. They’ll all’ve run out before you get round to watching them! There was an awful lot of time around before you came on the scene, and it may still endure for a short while after your passing — so why not help yourself to a little before it runs out?
"If you can keep your head in a timeless dimension you’ll find your feet can spin from place to place without worry. Respect my wishes for you. The final shape will be whatever it needs to be. And that may be different from the one you imagined. Allow it to become the vehicle for everyone’s wishes. Move too fast and maybe nobody’ll notice you were there!
"Show some respect for other people's pace/s, and maybe they'll show some for yours."


Dance, little diamond, dance.

"Spirituality darts about, always on the move. It is spirit. If you think you’ve got hold of it once and for all you’re thinking materially. That’s why you must keep fit, not lumpish and clay-ey. "Dance like exquisite fairies. Captivate. Twinkle. Sparkle. Turn & laugh — and be gone. Don’t hang onto relationships for security. They’ll drag you in a straight line. Your straight line must be directly to your heart. This will plunge you throu higher dimensions to the centre of the universe. The line will appear absurdly wobbly and erratic to terrestrial observers, but that’s because, even if they can follow it, they can only conceive of it in 4 dimensions.
"Don’t be afraid to ask (not insist) for relationships on your own terms. You know what you need for growth. Rediscover your joy. Reenter your youthful hopes. Nurture your seedlings thru the winter months. Spring will come again — come sooner if you open your heart!
"Don’t try. All of us accept you just as you are. Fully become your present feelings and you’ll immediately pass to a new dimension. On is not necessarily forward, nor is backward necessarily behind you. By turning in the light like a diamond you dance, sparkle, and reflect the splendour of creation as you were meant to. Don’t be afraid of vanity, just don’t be vain. (The word means emptiness.) Empty your mind and do whatever brings delight. But maintain your respect for all creation and let your senses prompt you: if you feel yourself grow heavy and dull you’re edging yourself out of the light. So respect yourself by resting and recovering those spirits of yours."


Guided Fantasy 2

Swans’ down and sunshine.
Think of the golden morning of your life when everything was possible and belief presented no conflict.
Think of rising early on the first day of a holiday and greeting the dawn with delight and reverence.
Think of the first time you found a true friend.
Think of a baby’s love gazing and gurgling back at you with wondering eyes.
Think of the first time your love was truly returned.
Think of the broad sunny acres of your spiritual home. Wander around it under the tall trees.
Tread in a cowpat!* Laugh yourself silly at such an incongruous accident. Reflect that everything that happens here is for your benefit. Even the untoward. (Never let your awareness drop!)
Normally your garden requires constant attention, but today is a day off. Rest and play with your friends or lovers.
Here, because you respect others, there is no shame in anything you do. By all means make love on the grass. We have no pretence.
Interaction in the spirit world is like constant love-making. We are gratified and expanded by every exchange of thought. We accept, enjoy, and are constantly refreshed by multi-dimensional relationships.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be too. It is the synchronicity of souls which nourishes, for it cannot be done without respect.
(Synchronizing your bodies is far simpler but paradoxically has far wider implications. A lack of respect for yourSelf allows the entry of disease. The body gives a subtle warning; if you don’t heed it you become ill.)
But today such thoughts are far from your mind, you roll in the warm clover and smell the sweet peas, and the rose petals, and the new mown hay, and you know beyond anything how good it is to be a-live!
Who would you like to be here with? Call them over to walk around the gardens you’ve laid out. Show them with pride every bush, every flower, every shrub: you know each one individually: you remember planting them.
There are no walls or barriers here, except to reflect the sun.
Sit down by the stream, gaze at the reflections of wispy clouds in a clear sky.
Drink from the clear cool stream. Offer some to your friend. You’re young and in love again. All things are possible. And the whole afternoon is before you.
When you’re ready, visit your house. What’s it like?
What do you use it for?
Are there rooms you never use?
Have you ever explored the attics? Or the cellars? Or the outbuildings?
You’re the owner. You need to know everything about it. How many guests can you accommodate?
What has such a glorious day been preparing you for?
Nightfall. Cool and gentle sleep. Resting, accepting that as night follows day, so day follows night again.
After the night, a new day will be yours. A day illimitably more special than the one you’ve just enjoyed. But that's for another time!

*Later in the day, due to a momentary distraction, I did step in a turd. Synchronicity or what?


Sexual Identity

"There are spiritual differences between the idea of maleness and femaleness. Which is not to say that men are wholly male or women wholly female. The point is that each represents a polarity of the dualism required for creative evolution. Each is held as a separate entity until needed for generation. It isn’t surprising that so much confusion should exist about gender in a culture where you tolerate the destruction and subversion of collective instincts for private profit.
"Unless you have one part of your consciousness functioning in the psychic realm, or collective unconscious, or non-subjective awareness -something you perceive as being outside yourself (tho it is most fully within)- you cant hope to understand any aspect of your identity, let alone sexual.
"The first point to understand is that within germination the soil is feminine, the seed masculine. Each is ‘other’ to its opposite, and within the fusion of opposites lies generative power. Within the spirit hierarchy all life is bisexual, assuming a seed-like (masculine) aspect towards the less evolved, but a soil-like (feminine) one towards those ahead on the spiral.
We of the spirit world are experienced by you as male because of our role as e-ducators (lit, drawers out). By the same token animals perceive all humans as male or ‘master’. Ironically, the receptor requires greater sensitivity than the implanter. Which accounts for some of the anguish that often accompanies the opening up of psychic awareness. It’s to do with the nature of wholeness being imparted/implanted into the ground which must be dug up/vulnerable to receive — the true function of e-ducation.
"This chain of male-female proceeds upwards to I AM who synthesizes all experience and therefore is in hirself undivided — tho in hir relationship downwards is of course male. Hence the confusion! If that’s clear we can then look at sexual identity. One of the purposes of your existence is to synthesize the male-female within your experience, that is one part of wholing the psyche and energising it to move throu the invisible barrier that detains you in the world of dualism. The process of resolution continues within the spirit world until infinite fineness is achieved tho, as mathematicians know, you never meet 0 by division, nor ∞ by multiplication.
"Each of you has been given a masculine or feminine body-form, but this may not necessarily coincide with your own sexual sense. Alas humans are still so rooted in dualistic perception that conventional structures of language and attitude hardly admit respect for the infinite variety of awareness that exists along the continuum of male/female-ness. Be that as it may, we’re asking you to write this for the benefit of truth-seekers not those who have hardly detached themselves from the primordial clay! Your body and your sexuality (which may or may not coincide) are separate factors to be reconciled within your personality just as are (say) anger/aggression/selfishness/phobias/good looks or a physical deformity.
"How you express your sexuality is vital to your spiritual growth: to whom you express it isn’t. What is important is not to choke your spiritual development by deceiving yourself about an integral component of your personality. Generally, you’ll have an awareness of a predominant sexual orientation. That is the foundation-stone of your conscious mind. Behind the mirror of the subconscious lies its converse. The process of your life is to build an arch of consciousness that enables you to travel backwards and forwards with ease throu the mirror.
"Remember what happens if you try and do things in the mirror? Not easy, is it! That’s why you have another lifetime ahead to practise! Perhaps you don’t know, aren’t sure, of your sexual orientation? That’s perfectly acceptable. Uncertainty is a spiritual principle! If you can accept your feelings and build an arch of consciousness over them which supports your soul in its growth while allowing the arch dynamic freedom to respond to your varying physical sensations that’s fine. If a time comes when you feel able to be surer, that’s fine too. We have no use for posturing ninnies of any sex!
"Exclusive emphasis on the genital aspects of sexuality is symptomatic of a people denying their spirituality. Are mere lumps of meat exciting? No, it is the soul which excites a response in the whole person, of which sex is an integral part. That’s why its all the more necessary for the truth-seeker to maintain an honest and open and constant response to hir sexuality; because those of the spirit can too easily sever their earthly moorings and drift into cloud cuckoo land. Sensual responses are there to remind you of your relationship with, and responsibility to, the earth. That the base chakra is the generative one isn’t accidental.
Sexuality is part of your life experience. You cant be released until you resolve it. Treat yourself lovingly."


The nature of I AM, the existent one

"Rlimderstand the narure of Hod is impossible necause s@he is in constant evolutionè Uje nesyt amu pop;f is vcam jp[e tp dp os tp imdetsyamndm wjay s.he to take our understanding as ffar along the road as it is willing to go,S;he is so multi-dimensional that to catakig a dwq asoects seems almost iumpertinen.
"Does that make sense? What is sense, and how can you recognise it? Why do you seek in the juxtaposition of characters an awareness of anything but pattern? In the answer to such questions lies the begining of a non-linear awareness you must cultivate if you’re ever to comprehend the nature of the universe.
"To understand the nature of I AM is impossible because s/he is in constant evolution. Yet we do already know it instinctively (in our hearts).
"We have to draw analogies and make metaphors for a land of experience so far beyond what imagination can comprehend — yet we/you are aware of the destination before setting out, for it defined our wish to travel. The best way to journey is to take your understanding as far along the road as its willing to go — and when the time is right the mind adds an additional dimension to its awareness as easily as an automatic gearbox changes gear.
"The nature of I AM, the existent one, is so multi-dimensional that to catalog a few aspects seems almost impertinent. The easiest way to start is to think of the most recent occasion you were among close friends: when you laughed and reveled in each other’s company, and shared something unique between yourselves, the warmth of which you lack now you’re apart. At that time you no longer felt isolated, your personalities melded together to assume a identity of common interest. You couldnt’ve said what it was, but you knew it was there. A dimension was added to your ‘idea’ of happiness that hadn’t been there before. That is one aspect of divine nature. The experience itself isn’t ‘God’, but the nature of the experience is — that ‘being on the same wavelength’. The profoundest element in the divine nature is the very simplest — a desire for companionship. If you have watched other people enjoying themselves and have felt yourself excluded by an invisible pane of glass then you have understood another aspect of God — both inclusion and exclusion. S/he (God) is all knowledge and all pain, all unspoken love and all failure of communication. There is nothing that can happen which exists as a dimension outside hir character.
"On the one hand such complexities of emotion are too vast to comprehend, on the other they’re too intimate. Like you, we of the spirit world, can't comprehend a reality of such magnitude. Indeed endeavouring to understand it is the magnet that draws all life onward. Spiritual progress (enhanced awareness) involves passing throu apparently-solid walls.
"At first you instinctively create conceptual boundary walls in order to ‘make sense of’ the information you have received. But as you go inward to a deeper knowledge of your own heart so you also move your horizon outward, because your acceptance of the laws of gravity has released you to move upward. As you expand your boundaries you marvel at the childish inadequacy of your earlier limits. Yet great masters always retain the child’s initial sense of wonder. That is the key to the saying ‘experience is a circle whose circumference is everywhere, whose centre nowhere.’ When you are truly balanced you no longer need build any walls because you no longer need ‘support’.
"You exist, but more than that, you know you exist. You have an awareness (existential multi-dimensionality, if you wish) which can project itself into the minds of others or the consciousness states of all animate and inanimate creation, precisely because it knows itself. You can begin to feel the yearning in a blade of grass. But you can hardly ever be aware of more than one emotional state at a time. The source of the universe, the Existent One, simultaneously comprehends and processes all imaginable emotional states from murderous rage to seraphic bliss, not only as an exalted policy maker but as the softest hearted nursing mother. Nor on one level only. Hir imagination creates (and is in turn created by) the complete range of possibilities within every single physical and metaphysical life-form.
"Even the word range mis-implies something ultimately finite — but here you can begin to understand multi-dimensionality. There is no outer edge to I AM, yet there are degrees of probability, and as the strength of probability decreases so it metamorphoses dimension and takes on a new character, but at the same time is suspended multilaterally in the optimum inter-relationship by the relative strengths of probability.
"It's true of your own personality too: if you take time to consider how your opinions are ‘held’ — how they form your nature, yet are in turn formed by it. They form your awareness (the probabilities that constitute your belief-system) which plays a major part in the makeup of your personality. No explanation of existence can follow a two dimensional line, for experience exists in an ever-increasing number of dimensions. Yet you can't start by explaining multi-dimensionality in abstract, because it doesn’t exist in abstract, only in relation to the percepts which create it.
"This is the reality of spiritual understanding. You have to be willing to surrender conceptual thought for perceptual awareness; and for those who have been intensively trained in the former this is a painful reversal of their world-view. You see multi-dimensionality in the web of interconnecting relationships every person builds up over a lifetime. The dimensions of relationship are forever being extended and deepened. Far from bewildering the individual, the complexity of these inter-relationships seems to grow more profoundly simple as the years pass. So it is at the pulsing heart of the universe.
"I AM draws you onward into love, into a fullness of experience where yin and yang dissolve in complete satisfaction. In the meantime, yet permanently, s/he trembles at the rejection of your coldness, grieves over your near-sightedness, cherishes your insights — yet is also the vacuum that creates and nurtures your expansion by being the pressure which impels you outward into yourself. S/he is so unimaginably vast yet so indivisibly intimate that no mental framework can comprehend the scale of hir existence within the limitations of four-dimensional language. That is one purpose of your existence: as the search is rewarded it levitates you into deeper realms designed to further that awareness until it grows close to you — and in meeting you becomes I AM. As ever, the irony exists that you have to discover what the granite rocks know.
"You yourselves know before you discover: what you discover is not new, it's another way of knowing the same knowledge — another dimension — the more dimensions you can be aware of the more coherent the image that you have of ‘knowledge’ and its relationship to existential reality — itself only an illusion. A mystery? No, infinitely simple. Your heart has already revealed more than you can ever absorb via your head."


How are we to understand the idea of multi-dimensionality?

"Experience doesn’t exist in abstract. It must be held in common. Take the example of cricket. Within the game there exists a five-dimensional awareness: footballers are aware of a three-dimensional physical relationship, a fourth dimension which connects them with practitioners of the past and future, and a fifth dimension which constitutes a perceptual awareness of the activity itself and its significance (this alone is multi-dimensional, but let that pass!).
"Think therefore of each dimension as being like a dot on a child's join-the-dot game on a computer screen. Once you’ve joined all the dots up, press a button, and the computer (your own consciousness) will calculate the relationships and in a matter of years you develop 'football consciousness’ — you know the subject from every angle within those five-dimensions.
If that is true of a single sport activity you begin to understand multi-dimensionality if you can comprehend that, spiritually, every single activity within all awareness, not just your own, is related. But to hold a correct model for Experience in your mind its necessary to relate not just football to, say, midwifery: both must be correlated to particle physics, music, coal-mining, market-gardening, and so on. Impossible within one mind? Well, some have achieved a measure!
"When the sum of knowledge was less, it could be, and was, carried entirely within the common consciousness of a given tribe. Where such tribal consciousness exists the whole is infinitely more than the sum of the individual members. Your culture has chosen to multiply abstract knowledge (in a ‘pointlessly’ myopic search for 'reality') and so, supposing reality to be physical, has developed physical, rather than mental, systems for storing and retrieving memory. We have no physical memory systems, nor need of them, for there is no physical-time-dimension with us: what we do have however is a multi-dimensional collective awareness.
"Now, we gave you that example in the crudest terms. To comprehend spiritual multi-dimensionality you must imagine the nature of knowledge to be quite different. Factual knowledge, head-alone knowledge, is profoundly irrelevant to our existence. What is of significance to us is heart knowledge, knowledge that leads to growth, the most intimate knowledge of our fellowship one with another. Within the universe there are an infinity of souls. It would be impossible for those of our limited attainments to know all, but our existence revolves around our common awareness of our partners within our ‘arch, or oriel, of consciousness’.
"More than you, we have instinctive awareness of the joys and hurts of the least member of our society. Anything that happens to one affects all as profoundly as a drop of water landing on a web. Does it threaten one? All take the strain. Does one fibre glow in the sunlight? All are warmed by its gladness. Within our consciousness exists not only the dimensions of all our fellows’ personalities, but the algorithmic relationships that interconnect all. This is in constant dynamic alteration spreading vigour and excitement thruout the community. We have a collective consciousness which allows the continuous reprocessing of inter-relationships so that nothing is ever static. Tiring? Not at all. There are no moving parts to wear out!
"But to this add our relationships to the further arches which stretch beyond our sight in every direction, and our relationships to your world! Exciting? I'll say!
"Because we are in such intimate relationships one with another knowledge travels between as vibrations travel along wires. If I speak to you it isn’t I but all who speak throu me — for what is lacking in my personality is generously and immediately supplied by others who are instantaneously aware of my deficiency. And so all are continuously made whole as knowledge (awareness) is increased. There’s much more to it, but that’s probably enough or now!

"I want to finish talking about multi-dimensional personalities. Acting is an example of how ultra-consciousness leaks throu to you. Why does the someone want to take on other personalities? Because s/he wishes to experiment with the many possibilities for growth & discovery that assuming the mantle of another person permits. S/he feels there are more aspects to hir character than her given personality can uncover. That’s all very much part of our life here. And just as actors cant do it successfully without the full interactive support of a company neither can we.
"If one of us ‘leans outward’ the others will counterbalance. But we in the spirit world have learned the crucial Win-Win lesson. Noone would -quite literally- dream of endangering our precious unity. The helix of the universe depends uniquely on each and every one of us for its continued existence, yet each of us is no more than a microbe within the structure. Any ideas of ‘heroic’ individuality have to be expunged from the mind before its possible to voyage to our realm. Tho you’re only a membrane away from us the journey takes a lifetime!
"Yours is a kindergarten where the nascent ego has the freedom of childhood to posture and strut before it starts its ascent downwards to the inner recesses of its outmost self where uncertainty gives complete confidence and your being most truly exists in its dissolution. If you can get your head around the idea of non-gravitational juggling, or acrobats performing in (say) 6-12 dimensions of space-time, all responding to other with infinite subtlety and generosity, and all empowered not by mere skill but by a heartfelt wish for service, then you could begin to imagine the world that surrounds you inside. But it can only be approached throu no-thought — the invisible vortex at the centre of stillness.


Illness brings unique opportunities

"Now you’ve read about intestinal ecology you realise you could’ve killed your dauter when she was small by persisting with an inappropriate medicine. It should teach you to have the utmost care and sensitivity in offering spiritual remedies to others. I repeat what has been said before: don't meddle with what you don't understand. Pray for your understanding to be enlarged by all means, but speak and act only from what you know. You may fool yourself, you’ll never fool anyonelse, especially not skeptics!
"The practise of medicine has been perverted by those with an earthly awareness, so that instead of raising consciousness it merely treats physical symptoms with physical remedies.
That was never what it was meant to be. In physical sickness you have an ideal opportunity to interact with the psychic. Sickness brings a time of heightened awareness of the spiritual. The veil separating them becomes thin and a true healer can help the patient to synchronise hir rhythms to the larger cycles of which s/he is a part, and so, by learning the lessons the ill health (unwholeness) was sent to teach, can avoid a recurrence. Is that the way your hospitals practice medicine? Enough said!
"Our hospitals are very different. We have sickness too, but not in the way or sense that you do. Our consciousness exists as it were an arch. If one stone in the span is weak or crumbling all can at once feel it. Tho each of us is, like each of you, perfect for what we are now, as we realise that perfection there are new dimensions of perfection calling us forward. And it must inevitably be some can more readily accept the opportunities than others. The arch can only grow if all grow in the same rhythm. Again, as with you, those who don’t trust themselves sufficiently to grasp the moment when transformation beckons begin to lose power/ momentum. Unlike you we don’t trample these personalities underfoot in the race to be cock of the dung heap, we bear them up in love, surrounding each with nurture and affection until they feel strong enough to resume their place in the arch of consciousness. And for that purpose we maintain zones of intense love where batteries can be recharged and hearts set ablaze with tenderness.
"No soul can leave the earth-plane until anger has entirely evaporated from hir heart. (Can you see now the function of martyrdom?) But join us who, tho bleached of anger, are dry and withered for lack of love. You see, doubt and inadequacy are not the prerogative of your dimension! It is the care we give which differs. For us, to suffer our common consciousness to diminish by a fraction would be to trigger the implosion of our multi-dimensionality and therefore for our personalities to slide into oblivion for want of a mutual awareness to sustain them. Can you see now how ‘safe’ you are? Whatever happens you are anchored to your physical body until released. The ego’s greatest fear is of being in some way obliterated, that fear motivates half the grief and misery of your planet (the other half we'll deal with another time!) Now, our egos have been subsumed within a greater whole in which we joyously exist so we don’t fear ceasing to exist, however, we know collectively that if we allowed one personality to fall from the arch of our consciousness the whole structure would collapse and all of us would be lost. To use an analogy you can possibly understand, each of us would fall out of our common spaceship to drift further and further apart in an interstellar vacuum where all communication was impossible because our common dimensions, or wavelengths, had been ruptured. We should be like stars disintegrating tho, cruelly, never ceasing to exist.
"In fact that is ‘impossible’ within the interlocking helixes of reality that constitute the multi-dimensional universe, but that is the case only because every single soul who has advanced beyond the earth dimensions is profoundly aware of hir responsibility to maintain, by upward progression, this incalculably vast structure of mutual awareness - at whose epicentre is the One who both transcends and creates all matter and consciousness, who interpenetrates every being yet is all, who knows all dimensions of thought and experience within unity, who is all action within complete repose."


Seeing the whole picture

"What you’ll observe is that these glimpses of the world we desire you to have aren’t structured in the way the human mind would structure them. ie, defined in abstract and then categorised. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, because we think holistically we're able to see round the full 360° of every issue and we therefore see how all things interlock — (well, some of us can! We here are in a process of development too.)
"Our thought is multi-dimensional and can express multiple possibilities without contradiction. This is because we have a common consciousness which, freed from the gravity of terrestrial logic, floats freely and expresses itself in response to the mature spiritual personality's ability to project hirself into, and maintain, different viewpoints. This becomes possible, with practise, because all here respect each personality's uniqueness. If one personality is developing a highly complex set of perceptions, for the ultimate benefit of all, it involves diluting hir principal personality in order to spread that awareness thruout the web of subpersonalities needed to feed and perfect the observation. In this condition it's obvious that the whole-personality is in a very unstable state and should s/he receive a shock of any kind a permanent imbalance could result — you can at once see the parallels with ‘madness’. But we here view extensions-to-the-personality with interest and respect, and look forward to adding new dimensions to our common consciousness as a result of the new perceptions we are all enabled to share.
"Again, I have to say, that’s what’s supposed to happen! Our development is subject to the same interplay of free will and therefore the laws of expansion and contraction apply in the spirit realm too. The difference is that here everyone maintains a constructive attitude, even when they can't themselves share a new percept. Indeed they can’t be admitted here until the fire of blocked energy has burnt itself out, and the destructive aspects of human energy purged.
"The second reason these messages are given in ways that don’t accord with your ideas of order is because knowledge is a dimension of spiritual growth not a set of facts that can be acquired separately. The ground only appears beneath your feet as you take the next step. Perhaps you can remember when things that you now take almost for granted were incomprehensible to you? Happiness for one thing — balance? — insight? — awareness?
"Even if you could you have acquired ‘knowledge’ alone, what earthly good would it have done you? It would’ve been as cold empty and heartless as human law. You might’ve understood the words but where would the spirit have been? Even now, if someone without spiritual insight were to read these writings they’d just think they were ‘pie in the sky’, or a strange jumble of airy-fairy hypotheses.
"In this realm we take infinite pleasure in the simplest of things: delight might be a better word, we have real delight in assisting you on your plane. Within the divine being to whom we are all drawn, part of this delight manifests itself in humour, or perhaps a sly irony would be a better description. It's an affectionate way of testing your attunement — if you can see the latent humour in a situation or the infinite subtlety of a juxtaposition you’re doing alright!
"Magnanimous is an important word to us; like mah'atma it means heart-enlarging."


How do we orientate ourselves?

"While 2/3 of your reality lies in the physical, a crucial 1/3 lies in the psychic. It's vital to maintain a moral ‘triangulation point’ in the metaphysical dimension in order to orientate yourself within the physical world. The reference grid for mapping your awareness is based firstly on your heart, and secondly on your head. The third point must be your sense of ‘belonging’ and to whom/what you belong in the psychic sense. It is this alone that gives you a sense of direction. Apart from direct psychic consciousness there are many metaphors, trail markers, available to those who are still feeling their way.
"Religion and the arts are the most obvious. One overtly refers to ultra-conscious values thru a reference system built up over millennia: the other encapsulates the psychic signals transmitted by individual humans. The latter are as tall/short, good/bad, wise/foolish, as the individual souls. But may contain more or less of the psychic according to the intensity with which they have been created. A profoundly negative message transmitted by a soul in desperation may have a communicative power denied to a positive message blandly or complacently transmitted.
"That is why those who are to transmit goodness have to be led thru the underground chasms of their psyches — to carry within the peace they offer the resonance of pain resolved. In the New Age, for which we're profoundly grateful, there are many who have the character of toothpaste sales staff. They sell a bright breezy smile. But that isn’t even half the story.
"Why do you have pain? Because it's to teach you something. You completely miss the point if you merely go to get it fixed so you can carry on as before. It's the same spiritually. If you have psychological pain its because there’s something within your psyche that must be resolved. To some extent you can ‘get it fixed’ by immersing yourself in alcohol, work, relationships or the demands of a smile-merchant, or by going to a psych-iatrist (soul healer). But much of your anguish concerns your inability to find that third point of reference within the metaphysical — that sense of direction for your life. Ultimately without ‘belonging’ (that feeling of a two-way relationship with some power that is beyond you) you often can't make sense even of commonplace events in your life.
"The awareness of ‘otherness’ is always within you. You doubt it? Then consider that bizarre superstition of yours — you may have blocked awareness of the ‘irrational’ from your life, yet the subconscious always leaves a small crack in the wall throu which a splinter of light filters. You are completely good, you already have within you all you need for happiness and fulfilment. All you need do is to relax the cast-iron grip of your ego sufficiently to hear that still small voice within — no matter how ‘stupid, irrelevant, immature, inappropriate’ it may be. If you stop trying to force yourself to belong where you don’t belong — a work situation, a social group, a relationship, an environment — and respect yourself sufficiently to let your spirit guide you to the people to whom you can belong you will soon find your consciousness begins to heal.
"You don’t/won't in any sense ‘belong’ to the people you find. You simply use their common awareness to unlock your own. And as your ego merges into their collective soul so you find your deepest form of individuality respected. A paradox? Only at a superficial level."


The rewards of 'undergoing'

"People are right to make a connection between events occuring in nature and their own psychic attunement. The inferences they draw aren’t necessarily always correct but they do at least perceive the interconnectedness of all things, and realise the importance of aligning themselves with earth forces. As a result they come to know — both personally and collectively. Something denied to those who consider themselves cleverer.
"The buildings a society makes are the strongest indication of what it believes. What reality does your glass, steel and concrete represent? Your forebears consulted the earth energies when they built. Consider the respect for the indigenous spirits that the Hellenes showed in building their temples. Is it any wonder that they also came to understand so many profound truths about the physical universe? Truths that were at once of practical and metaphysical significance: truths that could guide and nurture.
"How many of your truths can nurture? Do they not rather imprison the enquirer in a maze of myopic relativities? A society can never come even to understand what knowledge is if it has no centre, no unifying respect for the genius loci, the guardian spirits of its own patch of earth. Without a metaphysical framework of reference it's impossible to distinguish between events of short-term interest and those of universal significance. (You can have no idea which is an event of universal significance and which of short-term interest.) As a result people run round like rats in a trap expending their priceless psychic energy on trivia, only to wonder why, when they’re overtaken by an event of real significance, they have none left. You certainly like to make it difficult for yourselves!
"‘If you want to know, look in the mirror’ is a profound truth. The soul mirror however does not reflect what the onlooker sees, it reflects a complementary image like a photographic negative. The mirror of the subconscious presents itself in dreams, flashes of intuition and events which speak to you. It's the reversed-out image that makes interpreting it so puzzling to the uninitiated. And it's important that it should be so, firstly because it's a mechanism to encourage personal growth -you can't understand without committing yourself to ‘the less trodden way’- and secondly because if people could acquire this knowledge abstractly they would use it as a form of sorcery to promote themselves and perpetuate ignorance! As some alas do anyway. You think you understand everything because we give you these words to write, but of the body of knowledge you understand no more than a fingernail.
"O don’t get deprest about testing again. What form of training doesn’t include extending your limits of endurance? If you received everything at once it would simply overload you and lead to imbalance and distortion."


A difficult day for me on earth - yet in the ætheric realm …

"The planet can't evolve to that ‘new heaven and earth’, perceived by so many seers until earth-dwellers, down to the very last one, harmonise their skills and knowledge with the environment. The process of harmonisation is holistic. If you learn to harmonise with the earth you can't avoid becoming more conscious of those around you: and vice versa. Once you fall into harmony the algorithms of the planet will alter and the transformation will accelerate. At that stage everyone -billions of you- will be so attuned you'll see how the hurt of one single individual retards the process. Physical matter will by then be so interpenetrated by the metaphysical that our realm will partly dissolve. You’ll always be limited in the sense of having a physical body, but the ignorance, the sickness, the anguish that you think of as ‘the human condition’ will have evaporated.
"Bodies will of course wear out, but your transition to the non-physical world will be as natural as the progress from adolescence to adulthood. The lion will lie down with the lamb. Nature will be redeemed. The circling seasons will bring a progression of joys. Once mankind stills its own turbulence you'll be amazed at the extent to which the earth’s turbulence will resolve itself.
"We have given you this vision because you haven’t sought anything for yourself. Those who grasp and seek to retain for personal gain have a mind-set that sees only what is to their ‘advantage’. They’re simply not on the wavelength to see what is obvious to the pure in heart.
The concept of socialised welfare was one of the great advances (Dr Alfred Salter is here, ‘nodding’ in approval) — it synthesised a common awareness that solutions could be found to mankind’s age-old ailments. Alas, those who saw that it couldn’t operate within a system of unfairly divided resources were not willing to study and accept our pace of change.
"What that experience should remind you all is you can't accomplish your own transformation. (We can't accomplish our own either.) Each realm of existence is interdependent. Each progressively filters out the grosser properties of a person’s character – bodies being like millstones to grind grain of the soul to flour of the spirit. As a personality becomes lighter than the surrounding matter so s/he progresses to a new environment. This process is ongoing in realms far beyond our imagining. Because the design of the universe is dynamic it's ever creating more dimensions. The divine intelligence which we come more and more to perceive is ever in a process of self-creation. That s/he moves ahead of us isn’t retreat, it's simply natural growth /evolution, which calls all of us onward thru dimensions of awareness unimaginable to our present state.
"What function do you think sci-fi literature has? Why do you think humanity now understands so much about cyber-space? On one level ultra-consciousness has leaked into your dimension. Most of you don’t know how or why yet, but some can process these images into a form which relates to their concept of reality. However these things are only childish imagination compared to the full emotionally-integrated richness which we who have left the body can see. And beyond us are those too fine for your perception whose realm of existence is our goal.
"If you concentrate on being most truly where/what/who you are you will so gain respect for yourself that you’ll hear your own authentic inner voice. That voice calls you into harmony with all created things. Don’t be afraid to lose a belief in so-called ‘God’. Whatever you thought about hir is out of date anyway. Imagine a tree growing. Its topmost branches are in continual development. Yet if you look over a long long period at the lower part of the trunk you may not notice any appreciable difference. Someone who had never seen a tree might not be able to recognise that the leafless form was the same being as the verdant. Or that both were implicit in the sapling. So you don’t need to worry about what words you use to describe your feelings. You are alive? You know that? (Sure?) Then you have all the knowledge you need.
"Just breathe in and out that knowledge of your precious individual existence and you’ll have the most priceless source of reference. Don’t buy any more books on self-improvement until you’re able to respond without fear to your own breath.


Super-human values

"In the divine plan for the world there would be no losers. All have chosen to come here specifically to grow, maybe even to perfect areas of their personalities. But you have distorted the balance. Greedy people have laid claim to what was never theirs and then built up a philosophy of force to defend it. Once one group starts to behave aggressively it creates a psychosis within the environment that soon spreads. Militarism is an infection which destroys any society in which it takes root. It creates an immediate distortion within the social structure, deforming the natural balance between the other necessary agencies of any state and diverting not only resources but attention from spiritually more important issues.
"The functions which are viewed by us as of primary importance are those which promote psychic growth and the development of soul. Why submit yourself to a long dark tunnel unless you’re going to emerge transformed? If you trusted yourselves one iota you wouldn’t need exams to prove ... to prove what? Do they prove that the holder of a piece of paper has wisdom in the use of hir skills? Do they prove that s/he is a better person than one who doesn’t possess a wafer thin slice of tree?
"Many excellent people work within these psychologically-crippling institutions of yours yet they make no attempt to reform them. In their own way they become promoters of the lie just as culpably as their masters. Practical knowledge constitutes increased self-awareness allied to enhanced skills. Integrated knowledge makes the face shine, but a corrupted or partial concept of knowledge gives everyone a sick headache.
"The arts are a medium by which we are most powerfully enabled to influence humanity for good. But here we find our work tragically hampered by the misapprehensions of those who have no higher awareness. The unfolding of any psychic faculty is like peeling back a protective layer. If you aren’t used to the sun, when you visit a hot climate you must protect your skin at first. Psychically that protective layer is like clothing you wear until you’re acclimatised to the ultra-consciousness of the spirit world and ready to bask in the spiritual sun. Powerful experiences within the arts are akin to religious stimulation. You suddenly perceive the empyrean freedom that is truly yours. Perhaps your enthusiasm motivates you to strip away the protective layer and impulsively open your heart?
"But what happens next if you aren’t among those who have the knowledge and experience to nurture and guide you? It's obvious isn’t it? After a great deal of heart-searching & heart-ache the protective layer grows back as crude and ugly as a scar. When you’re dealing with commercialism in the arts you’re talking about people who have the same view of their subject as undertakers do of death — they may not know what it's all about but they know what people are prepared to pay for! And therefore they, promoters not undertakers!, orientate their whole function to stimulating demand not satisfying it.
"It's the will of our ultimate parent that all should grow healthy and wise both in mind and body. Everybody starts from a different position, some favourable, some unfavourable. Therefore healing and caring have a profoundly important function within our view of society. The difference between that and the way humans have chosen to organise themselves is an alarming indicator of how far you collectively have still to go before any fundamental transformation of the outer world can take place. In your culture the sick in body and mind are penalised and discarded. How can they hope to recover their spirits in the face of such hostility?
"If we now look at what you do think is important, what do we find? Things we of the inner world view as supremely insignificant. They all centre around control and manipulation (or man-age-ment as you so aptly call it). And why are they insignificant? Because all cluster around the ego function. ‘I must be important, I must dominate, I must lead!’ Must I? Why? Who says? ‘Because I who doubt that I exist except when I see myself reflected in the dilated pupils of my subordinates.’
"That isn’t for you, not if you want to grow. You’ll never be free again if you follow that road. The world has at least developed to the degree that would-be leaders no longer need actually to kill incessantly to preserve their ego-environment. Nowadays they leave their victims alive, tho in our view that is sometimes a dubious advantage, for sudden death gives powerful release to a spirit to penetrate more rarefied atmospheres. But once you as a manager have taken one of those ‘hard decisions’ you have taken the first step on a road piled with skulls. Are you willing to acquire that karma?
"If you want to lead you must be prepared for people to attach themselves to you as barnacles fasten themselves to a hull. The larger and more popular you are the more you'll be slowed down by crustaceans on your bottom! Do you actually want that, or would you rather move freely & invisibly throu the depths?"


How to create win-win situations

"In all actions have in mind the ultimate good of others.
"If you perceive that as being in contrast to your own interest you’re still judging things from the viewpoint of ego. The universe is constructed to promote Win-Win situations. The insect gets its own nutrients by helping to pollinate plants. You help someone, both of you feel good. Only humankind has introduced the dualism of competition for its own sake. In nature contests serve the function of securing the best leadership/breedership. Humans have all the æons of animal programming in their egos to sublimate. That’s one of the main purposes of this epoch.
"If you’re to cohabit productively there is simply no room for antediluvian egos rampaging around. Yet to suppress any instincts is a travesty of their function. That’s the difficulty so many young people face. So they cluster around some totemic figure who seems to embody the character of a seemingly heroic achievement. Too often such people have been elevated to a shamanic role by the composition of their own unresolved dilemmas, literally!, and are unready to bear the weight of responsibility.
"Yours is a severely dysfunctional society. The wisdom of the ancients has been torn aside for financial gain. But for every short-term profit there is a deficit. And for this reason the rich can never divorce their responsibility for the poor. The more a society promotes and endorses individual wealth at the expense of common welfare the more the stinking rags of beggars cling to it until at the last it requires only shadows to rise up and engulf it in the phantasmagoria of its own fears.
"Win-Lose invariably leads to Lose-Lose. This is intended to provide gentle instruction in the advantages of Win-Win to those who have perception! If A prospers without profiteering all win. If A profits at the expense of B a psychic deficit is built up, for their sense of comm-unity (COMMon hUmaNITY) is sundered; so in reality both lose. The tragedy is that the one who now drives a smart new car doesn’t realise hir impoverishment. And this has come about because the guardians of society have been bribed to support falsehood. They’re in unholy leag with the robbers who would have it so. The system requires anyone seeking public attention to become, in some measure, a participant or stockholder in the great lie. All therefore have an interest in keeping the lie afloat, so that as the profits from it rise so do the dividends they enjoy.
"What is the great lie? That the physical world constitutes all that’s knowable — that fulfilment can come without personal search — that acquisition stills psychic hunger — that the status quo is endangered by righting injustices — that behaviour which would be despised in private is acceptable in public morality — that the end justifies the means. They're indivisible.
"Unless this interlocking chain of misrepresentation can be shattered the deficit will continue to accumulate until it overwhelms the innocent along with the guilty. It's up to you to create the Win-Win environment. Yes, you.
"If you practise what has been said about just being yourself you can be a faithful and powerful witness -not ‘martyred’ and reluctant- but enthusiastic and ready to negotiate for good in a pleasant and friendly spirit."


In silence the still small voice can be heard

"Don’t despise the very simplest materials. Your silence is like the amino-acids in the womb, resting in fluid anticipation. When 'invaded' this environment is fertilised with possibilities. You don’t know/can't know what is to emerge when the seed of inspiration marries with the fertility of your own psyche. But what you can do is trust it.
"You would allow a child to grow as best suited it? Then allow your thoughts to do likewise. Don’t seek to impose an ego-ic parental discipline on them. For better or worse they'll reflect you anyway.
"At first, thoughts, or children, are like a cast taken from yourself. But if respected and allowed space to grow they come to assume an individual identity and can go out into the world unashamed of their origin."


Testing & Proving

"To be humble means to be flexible and free to respond freely. If you have adopted a position your ego will feel obliged to defend it, and so give falsehood a ready access.
"'What is the way forward?' There is no way forward. The road stops here, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the wilderness. From now on you must depend upon the guidance of your instincts. How you would like to be on the highway speeding towards a hotel reservation and a nice cool shower! But you aren’t, you’re trudging thru the undergrowth, uncertain of your direction in a landscape where there are no distinguishing features. Trust your instincts to be the compass. More particularly, trust your first instinct. Record it to avoid revisionism and trust yourself to follow it. If you chop and change, you’re almost certain to go round in a circle & end up back at the same position — but hungrier and more desperate!
"God speaks first, the devil second. What comes first into your mind is inspired by your inmost psyche — that which connects most completely to the spirit world. Its strong and tough, and durable as a generation of peasant women. Thereafter fear come in like a priest, your intellect overwhelms simple thought with learned responses. And your inner voice drowns in a tide of conventional wisdom. “What have I to offer,” she says, “amid these great ones of the world?”
"My friend, why do you think you’re in the desert in the first place? Its to toughen you up, to teach you to draw nourishment from stones. To be. Your money can buy you nothing here. Its just you and me. And I’ve got as long as you want!
"Of course you’d like it to be faster. You’d like to skip the difficult bits and jump straight onto the platform where you can be adored as a teacher! But if you don’t trust yourself to follow your inner voice when there are no well-meaning spiritual tourists to rearrange your life, how could you cope for 5 minutes when they’re crawling out of the woodwork? If you complete the wilderness experience you’ll gain a shekinah — the glow of one who has overcome, who has resolved hir internal contradictions. That is precisely what all the tourists want. They come to the edge of the wilderness to see if they can spot one of you strange fakirs, you abnormally certain ones. Their cameras are at the ready. Given a chance they will patronise you, maybe offer you a coin or 2, and so return to the city believing they have been transformed by ‘meeting this funny old person’.
"All those who aren’t willing to embark on the path themselves are an irrelevance and a distraction, but it's your duty to treat their footloose minds courteously. You were once as they are.
"Of course if you make it easy for them, they'll overwhelm you with rewards. That was the Christ’s easiest temptation. If your role is to heal/to whole others, you must yourself be wholed. If your role is to teach/to mould others, your die must be cast at a much higher temperature to give durability, or it will fuse with the one it impresses. The sword that is to cut must be tempered: indeed it must never lose its temper.
"Integrity is a bell which rings with clarity and penetration only if its whole and in self-harmony. A cracked bell emits only a dull clang. I am your guide and I know what you need. Trust me and you trust yourself. You can always follow the noise, find the highway, and so hitch a lift to the city. But what was the point of coming? You knew before you started that you needed this experience. Trust it.
"‘God tempts (tempers) noone above that s/he is able.’ How does it feel to be tempered? Not much fun eh? The heat a little too much? How can the constituent elements of your uncertainties be transformed other than by fusing them together at an immense temperature into a single crystalline structure? That’s how all the jewels on earth have been created. And afterwards they’re not even put on display but left buried in the rock! If you had your way you’d be put in a bullet-proof case and paraded around the world. And where would be the freedom or fulfilment in that? All that you set out to find in yourself would most assuredly and permanently be lost. Be content to pad softly thru the wilderness, sounding your authentic note without effort, and afterwards be buried deep in the earth! You believe I exist? Leave the rest to me."