How are we to understand the idea of multi-dimensionality?

"Experience doesn’t exist in abstract. It must be held in common. Take the example of cricket. Within the game there exists a five-dimensional awareness: footballers are aware of a three-dimensional physical relationship, a fourth dimension which connects them with practitioners of the past and future, and a fifth dimension which constitutes a perceptual awareness of the activity itself and its significance (this alone is multi-dimensional, but let that pass!).
"Think therefore of each dimension as being like a dot on a child's join-the-dot game on a computer screen. Once you’ve joined all the dots up, press a button, and the computer (your own consciousness) will calculate the relationships and in a matter of years you develop 'football consciousness’ — you know the subject from every angle within those five-dimensions.
If that is true of a single sport activity you begin to understand multi-dimensionality if you can comprehend that, spiritually, every single activity within all awareness, not just your own, is related. But to hold a correct model for Experience in your mind its necessary to relate not just football to, say, midwifery: both must be correlated to particle physics, music, coal-mining, market-gardening, and so on. Impossible within one mind? Well, some have achieved a measure!
"When the sum of knowledge was less, it could be, and was, carried entirely within the common consciousness of a given tribe. Where such tribal consciousness exists the whole is infinitely more than the sum of the individual members. Your culture has chosen to multiply abstract knowledge (in a ‘pointlessly’ myopic search for 'reality') and so, supposing reality to be physical, has developed physical, rather than mental, systems for storing and retrieving memory. We have no physical memory systems, nor need of them, for there is no physical-time-dimension with us: what we do have however is a multi-dimensional collective awareness.
"Now, we gave you that example in the crudest terms. To comprehend spiritual multi-dimensionality you must imagine the nature of knowledge to be quite different. Factual knowledge, head-alone knowledge, is profoundly irrelevant to our existence. What is of significance to us is heart knowledge, knowledge that leads to growth, the most intimate knowledge of our fellowship one with another. Within the universe there are an infinity of souls. It would be impossible for those of our limited attainments to know all, but our existence revolves around our common awareness of our partners within our ‘arch, or oriel, of consciousness’.
"More than you, we have instinctive awareness of the joys and hurts of the least member of our society. Anything that happens to one affects all as profoundly as a drop of water landing on a web. Does it threaten one? All take the strain. Does one fibre glow in the sunlight? All are warmed by its gladness. Within our consciousness exists not only the dimensions of all our fellows’ personalities, but the algorithmic relationships that interconnect all. This is in constant dynamic alteration spreading vigour and excitement thruout the community. We have a collective consciousness which allows the continuous reprocessing of inter-relationships so that nothing is ever static. Tiring? Not at all. There are no moving parts to wear out!
"But to this add our relationships to the further arches which stretch beyond our sight in every direction, and our relationships to your world! Exciting? I'll say!
"Because we are in such intimate relationships one with another knowledge travels between as vibrations travel along wires. If I speak to you it isn’t I but all who speak throu me — for what is lacking in my personality is generously and immediately supplied by others who are instantaneously aware of my deficiency. And so all are continuously made whole as knowledge (awareness) is increased. There’s much more to it, but that’s probably enough or now!

"I want to finish talking about multi-dimensional personalities. Acting is an example of how ultra-consciousness leaks throu to you. Why does the someone want to take on other personalities? Because s/he wishes to experiment with the many possibilities for growth & discovery that assuming the mantle of another person permits. S/he feels there are more aspects to hir character than her given personality can uncover. That’s all very much part of our life here. And just as actors cant do it successfully without the full interactive support of a company neither can we.
"If one of us ‘leans outward’ the others will counterbalance. But we in the spirit world have learned the crucial Win-Win lesson. Noone would -quite literally- dream of endangering our precious unity. The helix of the universe depends uniquely on each and every one of us for its continued existence, yet each of us is no more than a microbe within the structure. Any ideas of ‘heroic’ individuality have to be expunged from the mind before its possible to voyage to our realm. Tho you’re only a membrane away from us the journey takes a lifetime!
"Yours is a kindergarten where the nascent ego has the freedom of childhood to posture and strut before it starts its ascent downwards to the inner recesses of its outmost self where uncertainty gives complete confidence and your being most truly exists in its dissolution. If you can get your head around the idea of non-gravitational juggling, or acrobats performing in (say) 6-12 dimensions of space-time, all responding to other with infinite subtlety and generosity, and all empowered not by mere skill but by a heartfelt wish for service, then you could begin to imagine the world that surrounds you inside. But it can only be approached throu no-thought — the invisible vortex at the centre of stillness.

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