Don't be taken in by spiritual illusionists

"The Being at the heart of the universe is constantly evolving, and thus constantlycreating new planes and dimensions of thought. This process draws everyone onward into new realm, offering widening access to awareness that had previously been the domain of esoteric religion. This represents an ever-to-be-reconquered summit – a peak of consciousness that must be woven afresh by the collective soul/psyche/awareness of every generation, with new vistas for each individual requiring integration, if the thought-form isn’t to be a tyrant and taskmaster. This us the reason those who are out of harmony -far from integrating anything!- find the issues so complex and puzzling.
"The true servant of the Being can only offer this message as s/he understands it. If its harmony chimes with the harmonics of other individuals then a glorious awakening will result. (Those people are, in a sense, ‘saved’ from sleep-walking.) The servant who allows hirself to become wholly a funnel of multi-dimensional consciousness may be given the privilege of becoming the resonator whose harmonic frequencies are precisely those required to shatter the glass of illusion that imprisons the less perceptive in their unawakened consciousness (or ‘sin’)."
Q But what of those who have the means to aid such awakening and deliberately retard it for personal gain?
A "They do of course receive their dubious rewards — both here and hereafter! Why/how such people exist is one of the deeper mysteries and can only be understood in relation to the personality of the supreme Being, who contains all experience, both light and dark. Toleration of negative forces is one of the greatest tests of our (spirit) consciousness. Perhaps the best way to understand is to see the tidal motion of digestion. The negative is allowed the privilege of assisting digestion by sweeping away spiritual detritus — that is to say the well-meaning but insufficiently grounded.
If you mine for gold 99% of what you dig up is valueless. It must be sieved, washed & assayed. Negativity, the forces of disbelief, have an essential function in this process. Look around. So much that passes for spirituality is only an extension of an earthbound illusion. Tho God/faith requires nothing of anyone but to Be: the ultimate proof of Self-actualisation lies in the strength of the psychic resonance they leave behind — their gift to those who come after. And nothing is more fragrant than an achieved personality.
"God loves ‘open systems’, you can quote hir on that! Therefore the first test is: do the activities of a person/ group stimulate free harmonious interaction or stifle it? On this level even builder’s merchants can be seen to play their part in the positive flow of the universe — unless they’re trying to lock you into an exclusive system of hardware. So it is in the spiritual. If you can only get your spiritual supplies at one particular chain of shops, change your system!"

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