Stop trying to control your life

"How many times do we have to tell you? Stop trying to control your life! Of course your ego wants to be a big star — that’s what it's for. It says 'whoopee — hey mum, this is me — go on, love me!' Everyone who follows their ego does so in the expectation of being loved — ie, validated by being fully acknowledged as a person. (Whether they achieve that depends on whether their individual egos are in fact amiable.)
"Whatever happens, the ego will attract to it others of similar or complementary mind on the etheric level. But that is as far as it’ll go. It remains trapt on the earth plane, because its fundamentally a dune buggy — a vehicle for the earth-plane! Those with the strongest egos will always tend to dominate earthly affairs because it's what their best at. But once they begin to develop an awareness of the vastness of creation they’re lost! There are no longer the certainties that the ego depends on. It's like the star pupil who, after exceling in the environment of a School or College where there are specific egos (personalities) to please, finds hirself adrift in the wider world, unable to grasp the complex demands of an open environment.
"The ego is like a sheath protecting the sensitive tip of a growing plant. Once the new growth has emerged above it the old is discarded. Yes yes, we know this can be very hard — we’ve been thru it too, remember! But it is the process, so trust it. Listen to your heartbeat. If it’s racing away — that’s the sound of an ego zooming around shouting 'me! me! me! Isn’t this exciting? I’ve got to fit everything in before I die.' But if you can feel the vibration of a ‘great bass’ rumbling thru your life with a rhythm that goes way back beyond your birth and stretches out timelessly ahead of you — that’s sound of a soul being drawn into the multi-dimensionality of spirit.
"Yesterday we didn’t give you a message because your ego state had blocked us out — and then you went out and attracted a disaster — because there was a mismatch between your cosmic awareness and your physical reality — and into that vacuum you sucked the kind of negative event that exists as part of the psychic duality of the earth environment. You asked for a lesson. You got it. So learn!"

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