Seeing the whole picture

"What you’ll observe is that these glimpses of the world we desire you to have aren’t structured in the way the human mind would structure them. ie, defined in abstract and then categorised. There are 2 reasons for this. Firstly, because we think holistically we're able to see round the full 360° of every issue and we therefore see how all things interlock — (well, some of us can! We here are in a process of development too.)
"Our thought is multi-dimensional and can express multiple possibilities without contradiction. This is because we have a common consciousness which, freed from the gravity of terrestrial logic, floats freely and expresses itself in response to the mature spiritual personality's ability to project hirself into, and maintain, different viewpoints. This becomes possible, with practise, because all here respect each personality's uniqueness. If one personality is developing a highly complex set of perceptions, for the ultimate benefit of all, it involves diluting hir principal personality in order to spread that awareness thruout the web of subpersonalities needed to feed and perfect the observation. In this condition it's obvious that the whole-personality is in a very unstable state and should s/he receive a shock of any kind a permanent imbalance could result — you can at once see the parallels with ‘madness’. But we here view extensions-to-the-personality with interest and respect, and look forward to adding new dimensions to our common consciousness as a result of the new perceptions we are all enabled to share.
"Again, I have to say, that’s what’s supposed to happen! Our development is subject to the same interplay of free will and therefore the laws of expansion and contraction apply in the spirit realm too. The difference is that here everyone maintains a constructive attitude, even when they can't themselves share a new percept. Indeed they can’t be admitted here until the fire of blocked energy has burnt itself out, and the destructive aspects of human energy purged.
"The second reason these messages are given in ways that don’t accord with your ideas of order is because knowledge is a dimension of spiritual growth not a set of facts that can be acquired separately. The ground only appears beneath your feet as you take the next step. Perhaps you can remember when things that you now take almost for granted were incomprehensible to you? Happiness for one thing — balance? — insight? — awareness?
"Even if you could you have acquired ‘knowledge’ alone, what earthly good would it have done you? It would’ve been as cold empty and heartless as human law. You might’ve understood the words but where would the spirit have been? Even now, if someone without spiritual insight were to read these writings they’d just think they were ‘pie in the sky’, or a strange jumble of airy-fairy hypotheses.
"In this realm we take infinite pleasure in the simplest of things: delight might be a better word, we have real delight in assisting you on your plane. Within the divine being to whom we are all drawn, part of this delight manifests itself in humour, or perhaps a sly irony would be a better description. It's an affectionate way of testing your attunement — if you can see the latent humour in a situation or the infinite subtlety of a juxtaposition you’re doing alright!
"Magnanimous is an important word to us; like mah'atma it means heart-enlarging."

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