Help is at hand

"If you're stuck in a hole don't churn your feet in the mud - call for the air rescue service, your angel support team. They're real, ready and more than willing. But like human rescue workers they need to be called into action."


Not going mental

"To be locked into your mind is to be stuck on the earth plane.
"Generosity, vision, love, eco-wisdom, all these come from spirit – but they're also part of nature, indivisible aspects of creation.
"Open up, lighten up, release … you really don't have to know all the answers!"


What purpose do our perpetual financial crises serve?

"To keep you in touch with yourself, and keep you humble & grounded.

"As you have to keep in prayerful contact so you charge your spiritual batteries - that's a good bargain, isn't it? And don't you enjoy seeing constant miracles?

"But there's something else you can do to change the vibrations around you - start being your own best friend! Debts are a challenge to find more ways to give love unselfishly. They arise from possessiveness. Share more – give more – be simpler.

"Be realistic – expect miracles – but remember, miracles give you what you need not what want."


Trust the process

"If you can't think what to do, then praisepraise s/he who is the source of all life – s/he who makes hirself known in the natural world – s/he whom we sense in the system design of all life forms. S/he who is the evolutionary power of love.
"Trust, even in times of dryness. Trust not because you understand what's happening, but trust that you are understood and that your needs are being met as you evolve into the new being for whom these experiences are preparing you.
"Does the baby know what is happening as it being born? No. Keep praising to keep your energy high & trust the process. It is flawless in design."