Can't concentrate in meditation?

"Even if you can’t concentrate, be willing to spend time with me. Just 'sitting' is still valid, fully accepting your feelings of non–concentration. If you can’t contact your Me-self it's likely that desire or enthusiasm is in some way providing a barrier.
"Let go whatever you’re seeking or desire, and allow the epitome of the present moment to reign.
"Are you feeling pain? lust? ambition? worry? anger? fear? struggle? – Then feel it to the uttermost. Don’t reign it in. Allow the emotion to engulf you. Acknowledge your feelings, accept their validity. Revel in them, no matter disagreeable. Don’t fear pollution by them, you’ve been given them for a purpose, accept that part of yourself which is generating the feelings.
"When you have ‘enjoyed’ them to the extent that you’re no longer resisting what your subconscious is showing you, allow the garment of your emotions to become separate from you. Fold it carefully and reverently on the sacred altar of your heart. Look at it and love it. It was a part of you struggling for attention. Now it has received the attention it needed, sanctify it by placing in full view where your gaze will always fall on it until it withers away and you no longer need to be reminded of what you have discarded.
"Then let the love of Sai Baba enfold you in a new garment which fits so comfortably that no further striving is necessary. From henceforth let the world know you in this attire."


The way to the stars

"Stillness is your greatest gift to the world. ‘Being’, ‘being centred’, and 'receiving rather than giving’ may all seem selfish. But if you haven’t established who you are, and satisfied your self that you have a right to exist, what’ve you got which is really yours to give?
"Time spent on your self is never wasted. It requires only that you don’t compromise or accept half truths. Pursue truth to its lair, trust your nose to follow its scent no matter how unpromising the path appears. Don’t hesitate to crawl under thorn bushes or follow it off the edge of sheer cliffs, thru swollen torrents, across illimitable seas, up improbable city streets, into snake-infested swamps. Don’t be tempted to linger in lush and beautiful meadows, nor to bypass impenetrable mountain terrain. Remember, you can only take ‘one step at a time’, so don’t look too far ahead, expect nothing – the scent you’re following may not be going where your eye falls...
"... for you’re on a journey to your heart, and your heart itself dictates every twist in the route. Therefore follow the inner–directed path, not the outer visible one: because at your heart I AM, and therefore you can only come to me throu your self – tho I am not your heart, nor is your heart me.
"When you’ve reached your own heart, you’ll know that you always knew me, and that I AM your Not–I, just as you exist in me yet are Not–Me. You are all separate living organisms, if you like, who exist within the cosmic culture of which I am myself but a molecular part. Amid rush and bustle it’s easy to miss what is plainly visible in stillness.
"Therefore don’t seek to ‘understand’ intellectually by linear sequence, accept and wait for the picture to emerge holistically, in separate parts, like a jigsaw. Don’t give, receive ; for in receiving you are in fact giving the greatest of all gifts – your undivided attention: and that is a gift without price, valued by all who receive it. Including all the powers of heaven, who desire acknowledgement just as you and every other being does.
"If you will open yourself to receive, you make it possible for us to give what we long to bestow: and by enabling us to share your joy and delight you give that increase of pleasure we too desire. So don’t compromise. Don’t worry if other people think you dodgy or unreliable. Pursue the scent which is in your nostrils and which, when you trace it to its source, will explode in your brain and scatter your consciousness like starlight all over the Universe.


Keep your vision high

"Don’t get bogged down sorting out things you don’t need to worry about. Leave that to those whose energy functions on that level. Stick to the grand design. Keep your ego out of it, and let your energies remain high. Accept that there are areas where you need help, and things you can’t do. Learn to detach yourself from events."


Natural growth is vigorous but unhurried

"If you want to receive something, be as precise as possible about what you desire but as open as possible to the direction from which it may come. Be quite certain about what you desire but be prepared to recognise if something arrive in its place. Those who think prayer isn’t answered are those who aren’t ready to recognise the answer they’re given. For the inexperienced to acquire power disproportionate to their mor(t)al capacity soon would be like giving a racing car to a beginner. Let love rule. The pace of natural growth is vigorous but unhurried. For maximum beauty and practicality frequent pruning is necessary. Grow. Imaginatively project your growth, but be sensitive to the hand of the gardener."


Motive generates Ability

"If you yearn to know what is beyond you, you must learn to empty yourself. Knowledge-awareness crowds close up to you obscuring your view of the farther distance. It‘s in the ability to detach yourself from what most immediately presses on you that the skill comes to see and hear afar.
"Don’t worry if you can’t do it now. The motive, in the long run, generates the ability. There are different abilities applicable to different stages. You can’t just skip over the intermediate building blocks of awareness needed to construct a sturdy wall. Give thanks that you’re not a person with an imperfectly sealed connection to the ultra–conscious world. If so you could never be off duty. Metaphysically that’s where mental imbalance can enter the system. Ungrounded awareness creates distortion of emotional perspectives. Of course your ability to receive varies – so does your digestion, your luck, your concentration, your imagination. "Accept it. Perfection is limitation. To be always at your best would imply you’d gone as far as you could go. As your abilities extend so your goals expand exponentially. The Universe is limitless, you merely perceive what you’re able to take in. This self–governing vision is our means of regulating the measure of irradiation each individual receives. If you have the will to press on you’ll be strengthened to receive ever greater exposure.
"Don’t measure yourself against other people. If you’d been meant to be them youd've been given their gifts. As it is, you’ve got your own, and it behoves you to explore and develop your own personal range of abilities. So, as ever, the message comes back to Being not Doing. Just Be. And enjoy the glorious liberty of not having to strive for attention, success, love, transcendence. Accept that you already have it. If you want more, learn to be content with what you have."


What reality does your life express?

"Try to let your consciousness be governed by remaining aware of my voice. If you need want to go faster than your inner pace there‘s something amiss – likewise if you hang back. If you allow your contact with your Self to become dulled, no matter how alluring the alternative, you’ll end in the wilderness. The invisible path that leads to full Self–realisation can only be followed by intuition – it’s like an unseen geo–magnetic force which is always present, but can easily be overpowered by humanly constructed energies.
"Cast aside duty, family ties, professional obligations, just ask yourSelf ‘what element of this situation I face really comes alive for me?’ Or try this, imagine the issues surrounding you as objects or images; then focus on them with mentally half–closed eyes. Which image remains brightest? ‘Ahha,’ you may say, ‘that’s not a fair test, I knew which was going to be brightest because I couldn’t let it go.’ Okay, that’s still your answer.

"You express your level of reality by the images your mind produces. Are they about brick walls? Are they about people bugging you? Are they about money worries? Or are they about the Godhead within yourself? Are they about the power Sai Baba gives if you ask?
"If all the images that come up are around your problems then that is your reality, and those problems will stick with to you until you concentrate your reality on something more worthwhile and magnetize it. As you focus on calm flowing energy, not on striving, you and that quality approach each other – so you’re automatically moved away from the problems you’ve struggled with. Eventually, with perseverance, it surrounds you and you have entered into its reality.
"Did you know what you were going to write about before you started? No. No more do you know the inner path throu your life – which I see clearly. Only great stillness will allow you to follow it."


Welcome difficulties

"Welcome difficulties, they give you an opportunity to develop your responses and motivate you to discover the riches that are yours for the (b)asking."


Be still & know that I AM

"Hearing my voice requires extending the range of your inner ear so that you can hear higher frequencies. To maintain your hearing in peak condition you need to restrict your exposure to unnecessary ‘noise’. Sounds designed to fill the void in your life are particularly distracting.
"If you find you can’t hear my voice, then stop, go back to basics. Ask your self, what do I enjoy most? Where do I feel the energy? And follow that. Time spent sorting yourself out is never wasted. Everything that crosses your path is designed to draw you towards the source of your self – the zone where the personal and the universal merge in an ultra–conscious awareness.
"How your outer persona appears to the world is immaterial beside the inner need to grow and acknowledge that you are acknowledged. Outwardly you might be a priest, an actor, a farmer, a dosser, an engineer, a parent. All the label does is describe your starting point and some of the obstacles you may encounter, but it isn’t your path or your inner reality. Your sense of inner direction may, probably will, suggest that your growth could be enhanced by altering aspects of your outer life – and not always in a direction the natural mind might suppose. But the nature of those changes, and whether they bring material riches or poverty, is governed by your soul’s perception of what would best aid its growth.
"Suicide expresses a desire to cease incarnating, but is a karmic choice of such magnitude that unfortunately it guarantees further incarnation to resolve its implications. Humans divorce morality from knowledge, and store the latter in amoral memory systems. In the spirit world that is impossible, because knowledge exists only as a non–physical memory system within the personalities who comprise it. Such knowledge could no more be divorced from the moral awareness of its use, since it doesn’t ‘exist’ non–personally, than your healthy mind would allow you to perform an action which damaged your body. Of course the dark forces do have their own discarnate spirits but these exist within a circumscribed area as part of the scavenging mechanism of the universe. In their place, like enzymes in the digestive system, they’re necessary and appropriate, but if released from that restricted function can poison the whole body."