Can't concentrate in meditation?

"Even if you can’t concentrate, be willing to spend time with me. Just 'sitting' is still valid, fully accepting your feelings of non–concentration. If you can’t contact your Me-self it's likely that desire or enthusiasm is in some way providing a barrier.
"Let go whatever you’re seeking or desire, and allow the epitome of the present moment to reign.
"Are you feeling pain? lust? ambition? worry? anger? fear? struggle? – Then feel it to the uttermost. Don’t reign it in. Allow the emotion to engulf you. Acknowledge your feelings, accept their validity. Revel in them, no matter disagreeable. Don’t fear pollution by them, you’ve been given them for a purpose, accept that part of yourself which is generating the feelings.
"When you have ‘enjoyed’ them to the extent that you’re no longer resisting what your subconscious is showing you, allow the garment of your emotions to become separate from you. Fold it carefully and reverently on the sacred altar of your heart. Look at it and love it. It was a part of you struggling for attention. Now it has received the attention it needed, sanctify it by placing in full view where your gaze will always fall on it until it withers away and you no longer need to be reminded of what you have discarded.
"Then let the love of Sai Baba enfold you in a new garment which fits so comfortably that no further striving is necessary. From henceforth let the world know you in this attire."

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