The way to the stars

"Stillness is your greatest gift to the world. ‘Being’, ‘being centred’, and 'receiving rather than giving’ may all seem selfish. But if you haven’t established who you are, and satisfied your self that you have a right to exist, what’ve you got which is really yours to give?
"Time spent on your self is never wasted. It requires only that you don’t compromise or accept half truths. Pursue truth to its lair, trust your nose to follow its scent no matter how unpromising the path appears. Don’t hesitate to crawl under thorn bushes or follow it off the edge of sheer cliffs, thru swollen torrents, across illimitable seas, up improbable city streets, into snake-infested swamps. Don’t be tempted to linger in lush and beautiful meadows, nor to bypass impenetrable mountain terrain. Remember, you can only take ‘one step at a time’, so don’t look too far ahead, expect nothing – the scent you’re following may not be going where your eye falls...
"... for you’re on a journey to your heart, and your heart itself dictates every twist in the route. Therefore follow the inner–directed path, not the outer visible one: because at your heart I AM, and therefore you can only come to me throu your self – tho I am not your heart, nor is your heart me.
"When you’ve reached your own heart, you’ll know that you always knew me, and that I AM your Not–I, just as you exist in me yet are Not–Me. You are all separate living organisms, if you like, who exist within the cosmic culture of which I am myself but a molecular part. Amid rush and bustle it’s easy to miss what is plainly visible in stillness.
"Therefore don’t seek to ‘understand’ intellectually by linear sequence, accept and wait for the picture to emerge holistically, in separate parts, like a jigsaw. Don’t give, receive ; for in receiving you are in fact giving the greatest of all gifts – your undivided attention: and that is a gift without price, valued by all who receive it. Including all the powers of heaven, who desire acknowledgement just as you and every other being does.
"If you will open yourself to receive, you make it possible for us to give what we long to bestow: and by enabling us to share your joy and delight you give that increase of pleasure we too desire. So don’t compromise. Don’t worry if other people think you dodgy or unreliable. Pursue the scent which is in your nostrils and which, when you trace it to its source, will explode in your brain and scatter your consciousness like starlight all over the Universe.

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