Dear John

You’ve touched on an important point: who wouldn’t love to have a benign synchronicity ruling their life? Unfortunately, to think that you can produce that without doing the work on yourself first is to put the cart before the horse.

The dream of every ‘natural’ human is to think that we can rule the natural world. Unless you're a born witch you can't. I hardly need to tell you, I'm sure, that a second ‘birth’ is required where you are brought to discard your ego, and begin to listen to your environment & then, infinitely slowly, learn to pick up cues from it & so synchronicity grows from you attuning to it (for it is only the expression of your own inner dynamic or true self).

For me it has taken two decades of conscious intention to renounce conscious intention! Have you noticed how the truly untouchable human beings are the least defended? The great saints have reconciled their own inner contradictions & therefore no longer arouse contradictions (& thus aggression) in others – therefore they don’t consciously bring peace, they are peace, and so synchronicitously Peace is what happens around them.

I doubt that you can produce synchronicity by studying it, because you can only study presenting symptoms, you can't study the occult process by which these occur. We all have days when the bus comes exactly as we want it, or we somehow magically manage to get round all our appointments without missing a beat - or a boat. But this is small potatoes: all we want is to have our cake & eat it. True synchronicity only begins when it happens the other way round: we allow ourselves to be used by it – we allow ourselves to be moved & changed by the forces of universe acting in concert with & throu our psyche ... When we truly ‘will to will thy will’. Then we miraculously begin to turn up where we're needed, and find that our plans sync with people who are willing to support them because they're motivated by the same calling and were just waiting for someone to sound the right note.

Writing this has been broken into by a phone call from a friend who has ridden to the rescue of the Big Green Gathering, a long-standing eco-festival that was going to collapse into bankruptcy at its AGM y/day – which, synchronicity if you will, was happening in my village! This guy, also John, saw how the BGG could be transformed & because he had vision & a clear grip of reality (which wasn’t true of the founding directors who had led the cooperative into debt) & his energetic commitment has convinced a seriously loaded individual to underwrite the recovery of the festival, to which he had already lent £60k.

If you want it to happen for you it won't: you have to be willing to happen for it, without any preconditions about what it is. In my own life, by being willing to walk away from everything I'd worked for (my London music+broadcasting career) I have been rewarded a millionfold. Yes, there was a big dark night that lasted years [whose documentary record is on this blog], but everything ‘horrible’ that happened actually had the effect of teaching me ‘real’ values. All the good things that have started to happen to me this year have come about, I believe, because I have at last been able to accept that I don’t need anything: at the point where I've stopt grabbing at things & people they’ve given themselves to me naturally.

Just keep your faith on the journey: you're given darkness to test your navigation system. If you can continue to steer straight by the stars you'll find you’ve traveled far farther by night than you imagined possible, and far farther than those who simply rolled up into a ball & hibernated in despair when the lights went out.


'The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom'

When we are without fear it is as if we are not fully present. Not because we should be timid, but because we should be awed by the wonderful of life itself.

”Wiser and more capable men that I shall ever be have put their findings before you, findings so rich and so full of anger, serenity, murder, healing, truth and love that it seems incredible the world were not destroyed and fulfilled in the instant ...“ (James Agee)

”Duende alone makes us live.“ (Lorca)

We do not begin to discover, let alone, live a creative life until we enter into a relationship with our otherness, and that alterity is defined by a consciousness of the void within and over which we live.

When we are conscious of how we could fall, or indeed when we are brought low, then we see, sometimes for the first time, what reality is. Because for each of us, our personal reality is defined by our own alterity.