Each to hir own

"There is a sphere of responsibility appropriate to everyone. Some have a metabolism which predisposes them to the high calling: some have a metabolism which is better adapted to the mundane. All can worship, and the prayers of each are equally valid if made with sincerity of heart.
"In the earthly sphere those with high calling experience difficulties adapting to the mundane similar to those felt by the unawakened toward in the inner world. I seek all with love, drawing each step by step, inch by inch. Some are so bound by their own karma that progress is painfully slow. It behoves those who can move fast to be tender towards those who (will almost certainly) persecute them.
"A moment’s reflection will reveal how I can do less to help those whose high calling remains unrealised than those who have little awareness. That is why humans are co-partners in their own destiny. The process of combination defines your direction. You can either progress together or stumble along haphazardly, each in an isolated twilight."


Don’t have your head in the clouds - have it above them!

"Not knowing is best. If you think you know your preconceptions deafen you other possibilities. You don’t have to ‘know’ everything. It is permissible to be ignorant. Knowledge is a control mechanism. If you were sure of yourself you wouldn’t need/want that manipulative power.
"It is always bright morning where we are. Lift your head, smell the new-mown hay, the honeysuckle. See the tall nodding trees, the whole landscape of spirit. Imagine yourself at one with this environment. Accept the butterflies and the pansies and the skylarks and every frivolous irresponsible thing. Rejoice as they do.
"Don’t be earthbound, soar on the wings of faith. Draw your new and better world into physical existence thru the strength of your imagination. Work on it without cease. If it was easy, everyone would’ve done it. But its hard, very hard to match the differing energies of the spirit world and the physical one. That’s what creates the buzz, the psychic charge, the spiritual resonance that lasts.
"Don’t have your head in the clouds - have it above them!"


The flame burns within. Honour it.

"If there is a struggle, it is against struggling. Within is a light that comes from infinity. You are surrounded by it. Untouched by the clamour, unwavering even in the strongest gale it burns with constancy. When you struggle you struggle against it. Against your inmost self.
You know what is best for you yet your conscious mind is so full of stratagems that you have no time for your internal rhythms.

"Can you accept yourself as you are? Or must you change yourself before you are acceptable? If so you’re in for a disappointment. You cant change yourself. Only by truly being yourself can you change.

"Do you secretly fear you’re stupid? Be stupid. There is great wisdom in simplicity.
Are you obsest with making money, providing for your family? What are you providing for? Their needs or your self-image? Look at the rich, does outer security bring inner peace?
Do exams overwhelm you? Let life take its course. Pace your study. If you find your work burdensome, consider whether this is the right course for you.
Does nothing go right? Something may be telling you to change direction.
Is a relationship not working? You have a right to change yourself. Neither dictate to others, nor allow them to dictate to you.

"The flame burns within. Honour it."



"Yesterday you saw what didn’t work about that group, but don’t think because you spotted a few things you know all the answers. Do not seek to run where you can hardly walk. If you were leading a group you would encounter all sorts of things to knock you off beam. Leadership is not something you should aspire to. All the most disastrous ‘leaders’ in history have been those who were determined to exorcise their inner fear of insignificance by inflicting it on others. Those with no awareness of the spiritual, battle amongst themselves for domination — the conquest of a hill, a town, a corporation, a country in order to -what?- continue fighting harder to hold onto it. For if they let it slip away their memory will be erased by the new winner.
What a waste of time and energy! Concentrate on your own development. What you achieve on this path can never be taken away from you. At times the process may feel the same: fighting back the indifference/ignorance in your own makeup, only to see it return and overwhelm you.

"But consider, if you could obliterate the habits of a lifetime in one session, the beneficial habits you build up could be equally easily erased. In fact there is a natural rhythm of expansion and contraction in learning, just as there is within the body. Forgetting plays an important role, like the scouring action of the tide. At first it seems to sweep away much of what you learn before you have absorbed it, but as you progress the tide recedes leaving more and more behind. Imagine the response of your digestive system to food in a new country. At first you might only be able to tolerate the mildest of dishes, but as your system adapts itself to the new cuisine you would be able to tolerate increasingly strong ones. Noone is perfect. You readily accept that about others, but find it so hard to accept about yourself. Don’t pretend. Be imperfect! Glory in your imperfections.

"When you have fully accepted what makes you cringe you will have found out the lesson it was put there to teach you — and so be able to release it. Cherish the wonkiest part of yourself, ignore the values that the unenlightened might put upon it. They have been freezing you into immobility.
"Go. Do. Speak. Act.
"Have you said ‘I cant do X /change Y /or become Z because of what A would think?’ You are passing to another the burden of choices that you alone can make. Have you asked them if they want this responsibility? Would it change the balance of your relationship with A? Yes.
All relationships should be based on mutual trust and respect. How can another respect you, if you don’t respect yourself? Trust yourself that I speak within your balanced impulses, even if you are not initially aware of this."


Letter to a friend experiencing difficulties

Dear P
Will you accept some thoughts based on my own experience of career difficulties? If there is a difficulty its because there is a dynamic in your life which can only be satisfied when you have centred yourself on a spiritual ley-line that carries special power for you. The more talent you have -and you’ve certainly got more than a fair share- and especially if you have a temperament that wont accept second best, things wont start to synchronise for you until you’ve located what/where your underlying dynamic is.
The Watcher in the Rain is about this very situation. It is about s/o who receives no help in identifying the energy she feels within, and who eventually drowns in it. The story attracted me because it precisely mirrored my own difficulties. I wrote it a time that I was beginning dimly to distinguish my true inner voice from the many voices echoing in my head. Even so I remained severely blocked in both career and money. There was just enough of the former to keep me from total despair, and the latter was provided (principally, as yours, from my partner) to keep body and soul intact until I came to my senses — all 6 of them!
Creativity, I now realise, is another dimension of our psychic faculties: we inhabit a multi-dimensional world but are only aware of 3! Those who have exceptional powers (as I thought from first seeing you that you did) are led, and buffeted if need be, until the everyday chrysalis shatters and the true butterfly of spiritual growth emerges to try its wings against the warm air of heaven.
I don’t presume to advise either your path or your goal — for you alone know, and both are already within you. But opening to your higher powers [the spiritual guides who speak constantly to you but whose voice you discount as your own] will take you that micrometer’s journey inside your brain that leads to internal resolution.
In my own case I have spent a lifetime charging at a door I see now I was never meant to enter, and which would have clanged shut behind me if I had. Rather than compete in terms of a conventional career in music-related film, as I have always so much wanted, I see clearly that my true calling is to the use of music for healing. As a result I am preparing to take in a number of courses and seminars, for the idea I’m interested in developing doesn’t yet exist in the form that I envision it.
Because I obeyed my inner promptings to write The Watcher in the Rain at a time of maximum financial desperation when, like you I should have been looking for jobs I knew weren’t there and wouldnt’ve been right for me even if they were, I feel confident that the act of faith is to be rewarded. Most importantly, I restricted the act of writing to those times when I was confident that I was hearing not my voice, but that of some deeper archetype. In a sense I felt awed by the responsibility for supplying the answer to Lucia’s agonised and fearful question.
I say this, I hope, to encourage you to feel there are answers, and that you can find them — indeed, that you’re already aware of them if only you’ll slow down for long enough to admit the inner truths you’ve always know.
Vaya con Dios!


How to pray

"The purpose of prayer is not to ask but to receive. I said earlier that prayer is a 2 way process. You pray successfully when you can open yourself as a channel to hear what my will for you is. If you’re preoccupied with demanding the fulfilment of a pressing need, how can you still yourself to learn why that need has manifested itself in your life at this time. What is it drawing you on toward? What is it calling you back from? What is it suggesting about your life or lifestyle?
"You may ask, of course you may ask. But generally it wont be productive until you are fully connected with an earth energy that is right for you — on a spiritual ley line. You’re only beginning to feel this power, dont let your mind lead you astray by thinking you know more than you do.
"It isn’t a mental process, its an intuitive psychic one that can only be experienced thru the psychic 'body'. You have chosen the right road, you will progress along it as fast or as slowly as you want. If you’re motivated to receive the high energy version that is the one you will call into existence, if you are naturally cautious you will be drawn at a pace that will respect your need to assimilate each stage fully.
"Do not long to be a different type of person. What you are is right for you, and right for the world. You have a special part to play that couldn’t be played by anyonelse.
- Are you a shop assistant? You have a unique opportunity to show love and respect.
- Are you ‘just a mother’? Nobody in the whole world is more important than you.
- Are you a cleaner? Cleanliness isn’t next to Godliness its part of it, don’t be disheartened, you are teaching people the value of respect for their surroundings more conscientiously than any tv personality.
- Have you been called to a position of responsibility? Don’t be afraid to take a decision that may cost you your job. Just as you know it to morally right for the situation, it could also be the right step for you.
"Remember, the thief, the rapist, the dosser, the drunken driver, the asset stripper, the prostitute, the child abuser are all essential members of society. Lynching them does nothing to cure the world’s agony. It only intensifies it. I am each one of them as surely as I am you. So long as humanity cannot distinguish between filling its stomach and the emotional void of the open chakra at that level of the body you will all continue to think that the ache in your stomach area can be healed by things.
"The successful business-person is so preoccupied with that lower chakra s/he blocks off completely impulses from the higher chakras. The priest/teacher/civil servant may be so preoccupied with the 6th chakra (the mental) that s/he has completely blocked off either hir heart or hir personal generative response (base chakra) or hir creativity (the throat chakra).
"Your highest chakra, the 7th or crown, cannot open to inflow from the multi-dimensional world of spirit until you have balance between the energies of all the chakras, from the base upwards. Your base impulses, if base they be, will just as surely bring you down, as your highest impulses will raise you up if you are down. Treated as part of the energy of a whole (multi-dimensional) body nothing is impure, and nothing is sacred. All must be integrated. The more the result surprises you the wronger your preconceptions were. The monk may be a child abuser. The drunken driver a saint. The thief may be an aristocrat. The Chief Executive holds within him the bag lady. The stock-broker has the nerve endings of a counsellor.
"Be truthful with yourself. Are you really as deserving of respect as you are taken for? Have you never cheated the public purse? Have you never jumped a red light? Have you never taken advantage of someone’s love for you? Its only natural that you hide those things of which you are ashamed. But they are you just as surely as the generosity, the laughter and the reliability. Until you can integrate your shadow side, and accept those areas of darkness, you cant grow. Plants need the black earth as much as they need sunlight.
"In the same way, society cannot be healed until all have collectively acknowledged responsibility to the lowest and meanest. The hurt of a single child silences the ringing declarations of every world leader. No amount of self-congratulation can wipe away the stain of a society that brutally discards those for whom it has no use. And this value-system you now wish to export to other planets!
"You cannot change it. No individual can. But you can revalue yourself. And the prayers of the wise conspire with infinitely more power than the incoherent prayers of a divided world. In a balanced society the wishes of balanced people produce an interlocking sum of aspiration far outweighing the hopelessly jumbled and contradictory ambitions of n-times the ignorance opposing them."


Security is not a big bank balance

All is calm, all is rest against the tumult of the world. Throu it all maintain your direct pipeline of stillness to the inner world of musó. [The purity of uncreated thought] It is of course vastly important for humanity’s sense of wholeness that it should improve the living conditions of all on the planet. But if this is taken to mean the provision of consumer goods for all, it can only magnify unhappiness to intolerable levels. Motivation for much that is wholly unnecessary comes from a desperate desire to put off the moment of translocation, if possible for ever. What a foolish idea — to remain in the womb indefinitely!

As some are now discovering, it is often the poorest peoples who are the richest. If your brain tells your body you are warm you have no need of clothing. If your stomach tells your mind you are content your search is over. If the meanest person knows me and knows hir function in the world s/he possesses more than the richest will ever acquire. S/he will sleep with more certainty, and maintain harmonious universally relations of a kind whose secret is hidden from the most expensive education in the world. The waves of chance may appear massive and threatening, but the wise know they are merely a film superimposed on reality — no matter how they surge and thunder before the eye, all within can remain calm and untouched for it exists in an entirely different dimension.


It's time to DO it

Now you have this calling you must follow it with alacrity. We have tried so hard and for so long to draw your attention to this field you have no time to waste — tho haste is not necessary. We shall support you as always. Do not fear.
Go ahead.


Achieving enlightenment is easier if you dont try

Everything achieves Buddhahood of a kind — even the unhappy achieve a paradigm of their misery. You are all like sand or stones in a river. When you are dropt in, some sink straightaway to the bottom, some are borne a short distance are borne, others, the lightest particles, are swept and buffeted farthest. The river’s continual flow offers an onward sweep to all who want: some dance in response, some become silt.

If you have no calling no kind of a spiritual voyage is necessary, but if you’re to have a specific role assigned to you you may need a great deal of friction to smooth your jagged edges into gentle curves before you are ready for the stretch of water where you are to play your part.
Be comforted, your destination is assured however long the journey. This is for your ultimate happiness, for you will never be satisfied with less. So don’t be surprised or upset the water will clear as you near your new home. Do not expect any prominence or glory — only the satisfaction of having fulfilled your destiny and so released your soul from further servitude.
Those who are safe and secure don’t hear voices. They build walls and hedges and ditches against uncertainty. The more they decorate and improve their lives, the more they adorn their tombs. They will hear nothing, they and those like them have agreed to hear nothing. Like incubuses they subvert Established religion with a dead weight of reassuring inertia.

Uncertainty is a spiritual principle you must accept. The result isn’t entropy -as the natural mind supposes- but balance and fluidity. Sometimees you get people with a natural configuration of spiritual power. Often they mistake this for personal power, for the knowledge they have blinds them against the deeper insight and the humility they bring. Such people have difficulty in resisting their 'natural' instincts and use their power for control rather than liberation. How bitterly they regret missing this opportunity to achieve Buddhahood /enlightenment in the afterlife when they no longer have the means to reverse their actions.

Excitement is part of the reward

"You are overcome with excitement, well, we said it was perfectly acceptable to be excited by spiritual discoveries. As you found, it heightened your awareness of the chakras and attracted energy to you in all sorts of ways.
"Now remember to stay in the flow. Don’t seek to accelerate in search of greater excitement, you cannot predict where the twists and turns will come in your path. Be content to move with unhurried swiftness. There is much to do, go about your business."


Tuning in

"These communications aren’t given you for amusement, you should constantly re-read them and mark the passages you find significant. If you are to move out beyond your private enjoyment you will need to have completely imbibed their lessons. The more seriously you approach their reception the higher the quality of information your vibrations will respond to.
"The whole truth is always present, it is lack of attunement that limits your ability to receive the multi-dimensionality of truth. Truth does not proceed by logical sequence, it is an orb which must be seen as a full 360° simultaneously before you can truly claim to have understood. Within your natural, physical reality that is, of course impossible. Only by spiritual practice can one transcend the three-dimensional limitations and so perceive holistically. Truth cannot be defined within 3 dimensions, in fact it exists only within infinite dimensions, for by its nature it is dynamic and so constantly creating more. If you would follow it you must throw away for ever the idea that you can pin it down.
"Once you have established a ‘mind-hold’ on what you feel morally true for you, be prepared to be swept on a glorious switchback of experience as you follow its inner leading. You may not always be able to hang on — if you aren’t constantly attentive an abrupt turn may fling you aside. But rather than chase, in a physical sense, after what you had, you should be absolutely still until it re-forms around you. For truth is not a single point, it is a confluence of energies made by the strength of your wishes. It gathers like dew in a hollow.
"In a sense, Truth is truly relative, the more energy surrounding something, the truer it is. This often seems completely to contradict time-honoured value systems. So be it. That is an aspect of the multi-dimensionality of truth. Conversely, the stronger your leading towards universal truth the harder it is for you to create such hollows for they must fall within your predetermined path, yet your path does not exist ahead of your current footprint! The answer is to slow your own rhythms till the higher vibrations are consistently clear to you. You know, tho others may not, how intimately diet affects ability to hear your inner voice. The shouted demands of your body system always take precedence within your brain over the slower rhythms of spiritual attunement. Nothing makes you speedier than meat. Eat it sparingly, if at all. Alcohol is taken expressly to drown the insistence of the inner voice.
"Just as Sound cannot exist without a ‘emitter’ which thereby introduces physical characteristics — so too the body cannot function without foods which, inevitably, colour the background against which your mind revolves. But by judicious experimentation you can govern both colours and the speed."


The source of your power

"It would do you good to feel more of the kundalini, the sexual power in your root chakra. It strengthens your sense of a psychic body. To concentrate on the upper chakras alone is like building an inverted pyramid. If you’re to build outwards in the upper storeys you need a solid tower of support beneath, and this means being aware of where the spiritual and the physical coincide. Sexual energy is as much a spiritual phenomenon as a physical one, how otherwise does attraction take place? It isn’t flesh that attracts: it is the spirit that emanates thru the flesh.
"Just as imagination instinctively recognises archetypal images so there are configurations of body-image which trigger archetypal responses. Know yourself, know your sexual responses, do not be afraid of them. Admit them and use the energy they supply. This does not mean you have to initiate relations with people to whom you are attracted, rather it is part of being honest about your whole body. If you have an area of fear or concealment within this most fundamental aspect of your personality how can the upper chakras resonate freely? You must be open to receive and transmit attraction, for it is a large part of the essential you. The more open you are the less you are likely to be bothered by inhibited or frustrated people, for they are only attracted to those with similar repressions whom they can trap into psycho-sexual games.
"All feelings are given you for a purpose, but you will only be able to work out what they are, and why you have them, if you have a concept of wholeness to which you can relate them. To concentrate on your senses alone as the primary source of information is to risk becoming unbalanced: within your psyche exists the counter-balance that can provide a perspective."

As this message was forming 2 birds mated on the wall nearby!


What is the role of science?

"It is right that humans should seek to uncover the laws governing the universe, but if only they would do so on the basis of all the knowledge available instead of a restrictive area. To close half your mind in order to unpick a pocket-handkerchief of specialism can hardly be called a valuable contribution to the welfare of mankind.
"If enough people are one-eyed or hunchbacked they can persuade themselves that this is the natural state. Similarly, unbalanced people congregate in order to reaffirm each other’s precarious lifestyle. But don’t be like that yourself, don’t accept what your instincts tell you is unhealthy. Move without violence in the direction your leadings suggest. Don’t be afraid to go anywherelse in the world if you feel an energy drawing you there; but at the same time do not expect that a physical act will ever produce a moral solution.
"It always works the other way round. The moral dimension, mushín (integrity without form), alone initiates solutions. It is always closer to you now than if you journey to find it elsewhere. Tho you may journey and you may find it, you will at once realise that you always knew it; but amid the clamour of your body you could not distinguish the real from the unreal, the true from the false, the eternal from the ephemeral. You thought what was most physical was most real, but you’re discovering the opposite is true. There is a reality to the physical that can never be denied, but there is also a super-reality that transcends and interpermeates matter, and which cannot be identified from analysis of mere matter alone.
"Why can people not live happily in rooms of precisely their own height? Because psychology demands that dwelling space reflects the spiritual aspirations of its inhabitants. Who has not felt prouder and stronger for being welcomed within a generously proportioned house? Consider the vaulting ambitions of medieval cathedral builders — what spiritual feats have they not enabled? Are you surprised that crampt buildings produce psychosis? Around each of you is an aura which is as much part of your personality as your laughter. It requires a meta-physical space proportional to it. If you crowd many people together they invade each others’ auras and a super-aura is created, whose lightness or darkness reflects with higher-math precision the aggregate of the individuals’. So take care what you do, immense forces are unleashed by a common focus.
"Fortunately for you the longterm damage from your consumerist culture that could arise from the manipulation of imagination for commercial gain is largely dissipated by its evanescence. Nightfall erases all memory of the ephemeral. People expect no more than it promises, a fair-weather friendship: but in their spiritual poverty they will never forgive one who entered the undefended citadel of their souls by promising something of lasting value which s/he could not deliver.
"Be very sure you don’t claim to purvey even so much as a candle’s worth more of the light than you own within yourself. I forgive, but your fellow humans have no collective mechanism for releasing negative thoughts. They cling to them like rotting rags. Work for the light. Test everything against the formula ‘does light shine thru this decision, or is it dimmed by it?’"


What is my priority?

"The acid test for each new day and each new situation is ‘is it taking me nearer, or further away from, the light?’ Let that idea govern every action. If you apply the thought systematically you will soon find your life catch fire, and will gain courage to discard what is irrelevant. Perspectives will change, many things you once thought essential to your spiritual development will become unimportant.
"What is the light? It is anything that sets you free from the tyranny and close confinement of man-made systems. Paradoxically, the more weightless you feel the more gravity you acquire.
The more self-confidence you have in your work the more it ties you down. Doubt, if used creatively, is the best medium for allowing me to help you. If you have already made up your mind, what can I do? I only overrule those who have a psychological predisposition to be of service to the light, and then only because achievement of their true fulfilment depends on the shock of psychic awakening.
"Young one, you have such confidence in your body. Use it responsibly, enjoy it to the full while it is yours. Revel in its energy and develop whatever skills or dexterity are most apt. Your physicality is the ideal medium for forming and maintaining extrovert relationships of every sort. Later on it will outgrow you and then, as you perceive your essential self to be separate from your body, you may seek a different path. The light will call you inwards, and deep inside you will find true extroversion — and a deeper connection with all living things than you ever found thru outward contact.
"There is a time to turn outwards and a time for turning inward. You cannot do one before the other. Enjoy your body while you can, for it is important that you have no regrets when you are called away from the party to enjoy your spirit in solitude. They would merely keep you earthbound.
"Light is light. There is more weight in a particle of charged dust than in the whole world. If a job is too heavy for you leave it. Don’t burden yourself with ingratitude. It isn’t your job to push boulders uphill. Let someone do the job whose spiritual velocity is equal to moving denser matter. Concentrate on what you can achieve. It is a long way from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Don’t expect to arrive there immediately. As long your general direction is upward be content. Your arrival is timed, yet it depends completely on you: you control your own pace, yet it is preordained. All things are governed by you, yet you depend entirely on everything else. Only by being light enough not to slow down the cycle can you gain the necessary weight to power its momentum. Stay cool to grow hot."


If there are no 'mistakes' what is free will?

"'Always consider that you may be mistaken.' Mistakes have an important part to play in evolving a mature personality. If you know your mistakes, you will have a sixth sense warning you if you’re beginning to repeat a pattern. The more psychically alert you are the more you will be able to intuit the unfolding of events from the current point.
"'My strength is made perfect in weakness.' You are still longing to use your own strength and your own mind, but I cannot allow that. You must empty yourself. It is the loss of individual consciousness you fear, but how can you hope to hear my voice if you are so certain of your own? You will say ‘then why was I given a voice of my own?’
"Because it is your physical instrument defining timbre and range. But your own wisdom is earthy and so stands (or falls) amongst the earth-children. If you want to speak of the timeless dimension you must learn how to be attentive to my voice. The higher the calling the greater the purification. Once you have achieved it, all will desire it of you. If there were another way I would be glad for you to take it. Thruout consciousness, seekers after enlightenment have followed this route. Initially you feel alone but as your earthly awareness fades you begin to see you’re surrounded by a throng of discarnate pilgrims who are your companions. If it were easy the world would nearer perfection than you find …!
"Don’t be discouraged. Flesh would not be flesh if it didn’t wilt from time to time. You have to see beyond the flesh, and so your troubles will gain perspective."


What is my partner’s function in our common process?

"It is the hardest thing to see clearly what is closest to you. To see fine detail at a great distance is, by comparison, easy. If you see only the physical forms of those around you you will never understand what the interaction should be.
"Answers do not come suddenly, they evolve. They emerge from mushín,* where they exist perfect yet in constant development and gradually fill in gaps in your understanding like a harmony which was always there but may not be perceived until enough has manifested to be unmistakable. By intuition or insight you might possibly have known what the chord was about to be: if so, it will be different from what it would have been if you had not known.
Your partner knows what s/he owes you. In due course s/he will repay. Fast/slow are mere words defining a human perspective. You have been sustained. What defines progress for the soul is aligning yourself with your true direction. You don’t have to be in the perfect position to start.
"If you wanted to get in the ‘perfect position’ you would have to go sideways not forwards, and as a result it would no longer be perfect. If your eye is on the pole star you can alter your pathway by degrees and so not lose momentum.
"Energy is not something you make, it is a psychic reaction arising from the components of a situation, of which you are one. Ideal surroundings are often too pure to provide much interaction. Don’t ask for peace, ask for complementary companions.
"It is never wrong to ask, but don’t seek blessing on predetermined schemes. If you feel a scheme is right, act, but keep it open and be prepared to distinguish in your own mind between desirable modifications and yielding to immediate need. The latter always seems intense, but if you can resist its importunacy you will be able to make any necessary modifications to your flight path coolly and without needing subsequently to recorrect your correction! Always have in mind the psychic dimension where thought is dynamically perfect, you will see ways to improve the world by drawing thru more of it and so delight those who cannot see for themselves."

*> "Ideas either of imperfection as a stage on the way to perfection, or the rejection of perfection have to be seen in terms of musó, the Buddhist idea of unchanging formlessness behind all phenomena. In this state, mushín, there is neither acceptance nor rejection. Ideas come out of a world that existed before Dualism – or rather, not before or after, but in a world where dualism is irrelevant.
> "Buddhists [say] that the world of beauty is our home and that we are born with a love for home. To long for beauty, therefore, is the same as to long for home. But home, as we know, is a world of non-dual entirety: everything that has been divided yearns to be reunited; everything has, so to speak, been divided in order to long to be one again."
> Soetsu Yanagi, The Unknown Craftsman


The Power of the Psyche

"Nothing can happen that you’re not aware of. The point is that you’re aware of so much more than you’re aware of!
"Instead of trying to exclude those things that don’t accord with your preconceptions of spiritual progress, try including everything: all the noise, all the mess, all the distractions. Very soon you will find them fading beneath you in an awareness that extends your compassion to all living things.
"Just accept. Realise that nothing can harm you — even the things that harm you cannot harm you. Be! Accept. Let your compassion grow. An increased awareness of suffering doesn’t mean that you have to experience all suffering to know it.
"In particular don't get involved. Just accept that it exists and work actively to alleviate whatever lies within your reach. If you do so faithfully your reach will grow and so will your healing power. The greatest (and only) gift you can give is a whole personality. Until you have ‘selfishly’ accomplished this you have nothing to offer others except the interaction of your collective inadequacies.
"Holidays, self-indulgence, comfort, all are important to your growth. Time will come when they’re less relevant, but so long as they feel important to you they are. Never let yourself become unbalanced. Remember, play is the essential counterpart to work. Your mental state would be much improved if you could match them more evenly.



"I come from what is most profoundly (within) yourself. The roots of a tree are forever growing downwards into the earth. That is their function. They are so at one with their environment they have no function in the daylight world: there is a similar function within the psyche of all animate life.
"Having no power to distinguish between their collective-vs-individual welfare each species of animal instinctively possesses a common awareness. If they are deprived of (their right to share) it they droop and die as surely as plants. However, humans have a special faculty which enables them to detach themselves from their hereditary environment. This major advance is so taken for granted as to be hideously abused, people transplanted from their culture are easily disorientated and risk becoming brittle and empty.
"Everyone worships (/pays greatest attention to) that which is most truly hirself: you can see the alienation produced within uprooted people by the way in which abstract intellectual quasi-science viewpoints are replacing instinct and common-sense as the natural reference point. At least while the deist's idea of Reason held sway that was a concept that had to be sustained by mutual acknowledgement and, being unsusceptible to abstract definition, provided a psychic focus. This present period is an evolutionary one, to enable humanity to move beyond the confines of its planet, but science measures nothing you actually need in your personal life, however useful the information may be materialistically.
"Everything exists to be discovered, but without an ethical framework the raw power of matter is as dangerous as placing a child in control of a car, or giving a whetted knife to an infant. Nature is blind energy. Mankind alone has the power to control and harness it. If humans blindfold themselves the potential for harm is limitless.
"Go slowly. Listen at every step. If you are in tune with your environment my voice and your own will be identical. Trust. Trust yourself. If your motives are pure you wont need to strive. Striving is the surest sign of a personal vacuum. If empty - be empty. At every stage have the courage to be what you are. Don't pretend."



"What do you do when you can do nothing? Do nothing!

"If you’re off-beam, any further movement will put you further off. There is no righter place than where you are, so if you search you go more out of your way. Stay where you are, tune in so far as you can. If you can't, don’t worry, just stay.

"Animals of course can never be out of tune except when they’re ill. They are in permanent contact with 'that of God' within. Emulate them."



"When you teach you become imbued with the subject. Whatever words are formulated in a person’s brain become part of hir. The will is unruly and headstrong but if trained and harnest can provide an inexhaustible power supply.
"Instead of chasing after ephemera focus your will onto the unchanging essentials of justice and enrichment of life for all. Do not be deflected. All things work together for good to them that love me.
"Do you wish the fog of uncertainty to disappear? Enter the dimension where doubt is irrelevant. Instead of worrying about what you don’t know let your limited certainties irradiate the despair and so warm your climate to a temperature at which the fog disperses itself.
Something about the left hand reminds those who are right-handed that nobody should be so specialised that they lose their flexibility of thought.
"Tiredness is natural at times. If you were always on a High it would no longer be a High. Beware of people who represent themselves like that, they’re trying to sell you something.
If you can only be yourself when alone what use is that? Continually rebalance yourself around your heart and throat chakras.
"Prayer is a two-way process: if you’re using up all your bandwidth in demanding I can't reply granting your request.
"Remember to be transparent. Let come thru what is within. Let it irradiate you. Vibrate more slowly than your body. Find yourself.


Everything grows in the form appropriate to it.

"Within the animal kingdom there are all aspects of my nature from the lion to the microbe. I have all power, but I have all weakness: I tear and rend, but am myself hunted: I swim the limitless oceans but myself perish in famine.
"I am both life and death; yet beyond life and death as I am beyond light and darkness and outwith infinity. I transcend eternity by being within each second. You touch me everywhere, yet "I am nowhere to be seen — in all your actions, yet in none individually.
"You know everything, yet it is hard for you to find out a single particular. For all these reasons people form unbalanced views. Remember, you know all yet you know nothing."