Keep Faith

Prior to Sai Baba visit

"It’s still your ego. You’re still thinking you’re a teacher of some kind. But you’re a follower – a follower of mine."

> Subsequent events were, beyond question, miraculous.
We were having to sell our London house as a result of losing around £14k on publishing CataList. Not only did a sudden bidding war between buyers raise the price to £13500 above our asking price, but the people who bought the house were willing to give us 4 months to move.
I had been i/v for a job in BBC Religion. I didn't get it but the head of the unit was very interested in the pilgrimage I hoped to make to Sai Baba & wanted to commission me to make a radio doc about it.
The only problem was that having found a house in the country, our bank was refusing to agree a lower mortgage on the new house - despite being willing to continue the higher mortgage if we stayed put. As matters stood we would have had to move almost immediately on my return, so packing up the house fell largely to my wife - which didnt enchant her. What enchanted her even less was the prospect of my leaving for India with this unresolved. I tried everything possible in the week prior to my Saturday departure.
On Friday I spent as much of the day in prayer as I could. But despite several calls to the bank I couldnt persuade them to change their minds. I really didnt know what to do. I felt I was supposed to go, but obviously I couldn't if this wasn't fixed. By about 6.30 I was in despair, the banking day had finished. Then came a phone call – a supervisor had been 'checking our figures' & found that his staff had made an 'error': he was approving the loan.
Sai Ram.