Unpacking the Box

I've come to believe that, aside from giving & receiving love, nothing we do during our time as human beings matters as much as our determination to open our hearts to identify with Life in its deepest sense – to tune our antennae to the vibe of coexistence with all life-forms on the planet.

This is impossible without a parallel journey into our own fear & darkness. The more we encounter & learn to love those aspects of our personality we would prefer to deny, the more this search for integration brings into a natural loving relationship with the world around us.

One of the goals of life must be fully to unpack our contents during our lifetime, so that we can leave the planet with no tasks left unfulfilled, no commissions undischarged, and no omissions un-made-up. Only then can we truly say that we have lived life to the full – for only then we done what we really came here for.

Until you allow yourself to fall (fall in love, fall into the hands of the living god) you cannot possibly know what great things are in store for you. Up until that point you believe that you (could) control your life – once you know you can't then the Great Dance can begin. Because our lives are subject to gravity we think that to lose control is to fall to destruction. It isn't. To fall apart is the beginning of being remade. It's the first step to learning that the conceptual world is not the whole of existence.

Let go & let God.