Our Labrador died on Monday at the ripe old age of 16. I was struck by how Clancy & I acted to suppress the great emotions aroused by the death of a much-loved friend with a 'keep calm & carry on' response. She was, as Clancy said, one of the truly good people who brought blessings into the lives of all who knew her.
But this experience made me think how rare death and incurable illness are these days, and how we've built up such protections against what 'undermines' our conscious control of our lives. When you couple that with the fact that so many one-time miracles are now part of everyday life, it's very hard for people to find numen or 'true magic' in their lives. Possibly the only easily-accessed route is sex, but the problem is that if you overload that with expectations you often bury the very thing you're hoping to find.