This is the real world

"We angels have come to dance for you. All around you are discarnate worlds where delight and mutual enjoyment is the sole reason for being. Each soul is engaged in serving others and reveling in the dawn-light love of the Creator God. I don’t know if I can fully describe to you the bliss of existing in constant mutual love.
Love is the energy that powers the whole universe - all the seen & unseen powers and realms. If any single one of us were to become detached from that love the whole universe would be thrown out of gear, and all created matter would cease to cohere. We so care for one another that if one of us experiences 'heaviness’ all the others in hir circle flow to hir and fulfil hir with an infusion of love.
Glory be! O dance with us, dance with us do!"


You are not your body

"You’re free.
"The more conscious you are of your own process the freer you are. While you were unconscious of your Unconscious you were wholly the slave of its processes. Progress is learning that the essential You is separate from the processor which coordinates your body. Arrival is accepting that physical limitations are no more than that – and spiritual freedom is untouched by either good or bad news about your physical existence."


You can't get there by your mind - the journey isn't about that

"Yes, it’s alright. This is how you get from Here to There. If your mind could’ve got you there you wouldn’t need to come this way. Beforehand we told you - Allow.
"Calm down. Be at peace. You’re buzzing around, but the clouds stretch lazily in every direction. When you look back over your life will any of this activity be what you remember?
Is it bringing you into contact with your self? Or is it in fact preventing you unifying your experience? All I require is for you to be true to yourself. Can you not feel my arm around you? Do you not see how miraculously you have 'walked between the raindrops’? Will I withdraw now? You may cut yourself off by unbalanced awareness, but I will never withdraw the love that brought you into existence.
"It is not knowledge but love which changes situations and experience. Pursue love -or, rather- be love. Revel in its fullness. For that shall bring you peace at the last. Amen. Amen. Be superconscious.


This too will pass

"Don’t look out of the porthole at the size of the waves unless you want to be terrified. What matters is your direct line to the pilot. If s/he has steered you successfully throu the heart of typhoons and hurricanes and whirlpools and treacherous reefs - will s/he abandon you now?

"Perhaps you feel what you’re undergoing now is forever? Are you surrendering all your awareness to current pain? Can you not remember joy and goodness and truth and love? Have all these things suddenly been eradicated from the earth, just because you can't feel them at this particular moment?

"Think what I showed you yesterday – there are many varieties of natural hazard (which often these constitute beauty when viewed at a distance). Perhaps you are amid a swirling & dangerous river, but didn’t it look magnificent when you first entered this valley? And did you not choose to cross it yourself? You have such a pitifully limited perspective. Trust yourselfyou are God, all are God. Raise your eyes & your senses to the glory that is already within you. Shout, sing and dance for joy. Show your love for the world and your fellows. Glory in the storm, be at one with its fierceness. Once you can comprehend its ferocity you will have no more fear and the storm will blow itself away to become a beautiful calm and prosperous voyage."

> This came to me at a time in my publishing enterprise when I was overwhelmed by myriad management problems with personnel, cash flow, etc, whilst at the same time needing to remain focused on editorial direction and writing. In fact the enterprise went down about 6 months later when were side-swiped by someonelse's problems – and that had serious consequences. But looking at the whole episode 13 years later I see how I & my family were preserved 'by faith' – we did hold true to our course, we did remain calm & strengthened (by Sai Baba) within the vortex that engulfed us – and we ended up 'translated' to a different reality, just as these words promised.
> So if this happens to you, take encouragement. It's a rite of passage as you grow in faith. Don't worry where you draw your faith from, whether it's one personality or another, there is only one source 'that of God within you.'


Spiritual weather is a fact of life

"The stresses that act upon you in your life are equivalent to the texture of ground you might walk over. Sometimes it will be smooth, other times it will be rough, hilly, boggy, stony. But it is from these inconveniences that the beauty of the countryside springs. All kinds of natural features will require you to alter your course – so it is in the spiritual life. You want a perfectly metalled road from here to your destination? How boring – and what a boring person it would make you! Raise you eyes to the majestic cliffs, the luscious valleys, the delicate flowers alongside the spiritual path. Each experience is to be savoured for its own special sweetness.
"And what binds them all together? The sunlight of love. You produce your own weather. Do you like it sunny and warm? icy? gloomy and overcast? stormy? You can have it any way you want - easy or hard - the choice is yours. Do you find that hard to believe? Then stop being a victim and become a warrior."


'As gold is tried in the fire, so are the chosen in the furnace of humiliation'

"The highest prize is for those who can detach themselves in the middle of busyness. Before you can trust others you must have complete confidence in your self. The proof of that confidence is the degree of your inner peace. The more you trust yourself, the more you relax and allow the different parts of your personality to assume an organic integration. That is the basis of spiritual authority – that you have no fear of inner sabotage. Which is why the spiritual path leads you into situations that ruthlessly expose your inner weakness so that anything that is false, immature or contradictory will be purged out of you.
"That is why we say 'accept, allow’. Think of a foetus in the womb, if it is healthy nothing can detach it, it will grow no matter what the outer turmoil. But any foetus that is not well-formed may be dislodged and miscarry. Both experiences have their place. But you hang on, continue drawing in the nourishment - a suck at a time! You will grow naturally, and in due course emerge in a completely new reality."


What matters more than love?

"What matters more than love? Why then strive for things which aren't love?
Whatever you are striving for, no matter how admirable, will only divert from your ultimate goal rather than further it. For remember you don’t need to achieve anything, you are. Just be in that perfect resting place, warmed, well-fed, sitting in your favourite chair as you watch the world skeltering past your window pursued by their chosen demons. But you, your every need is met. The partner of your choice is already beside you arousing your heart, you are secure. So love, just love; and do whatever love inspires."


Take responsibility for your life

"The character of guidance a person receives reflects their own energies. You attract whatever you need."


Healing for the world

"You can now see how separate your inner and outer world are. You may be surrounded by storms, but in the cottage of your heart you are warm and cosy in front of a roaring fire. Well done. Now comes the bit where you learn how to make the glow warm outwards throu the walls – you begin to create your own environment – and that environment attracts others – and so you warm the world. It’s all going according to plan. Don’t panic. Allow ... a step at a time."


New Year, New Heart

"Let this be the year of the heart - your heart’s year. Let nothing now stand in the way of your heart’s growth. Be everything you dream of. Concentrate. Concentrate your being and don’t dissipate your power. (That doesn’t mean don’t relax - but holding something loosely is harder than clutching at it.) Allow. Allow your power to come to you and take up residence. Honour your body & its needs."