This too will pass

"Don’t look out of the porthole at the size of the waves unless you want to be terrified. What matters is your direct line to the pilot. If s/he has steered you successfully throu the heart of typhoons and hurricanes and whirlpools and treacherous reefs - will s/he abandon you now?

"Perhaps you feel what you’re undergoing now is forever? Are you surrendering all your awareness to current pain? Can you not remember joy and goodness and truth and love? Have all these things suddenly been eradicated from the earth, just because you can't feel them at this particular moment?

"Think what I showed you yesterday – there are many varieties of natural hazard (which often these constitute beauty when viewed at a distance). Perhaps you are amid a swirling & dangerous river, but didn’t it look magnificent when you first entered this valley? And did you not choose to cross it yourself? You have such a pitifully limited perspective. Trust yourselfyou are God, all are God. Raise your eyes & your senses to the glory that is already within you. Shout, sing and dance for joy. Show your love for the world and your fellows. Glory in the storm, be at one with its fierceness. Once you can comprehend its ferocity you will have no more fear and the storm will blow itself away to become a beautiful calm and prosperous voyage."

> This came to me at a time in my publishing enterprise when I was overwhelmed by myriad management problems with personnel, cash flow, etc, whilst at the same time needing to remain focused on editorial direction and writing. In fact the enterprise went down about 6 months later when were side-swiped by someonelse's problems – and that had serious consequences. But looking at the whole episode 13 years later I see how I & my family were preserved 'by faith' – we did hold true to our course, we did remain calm & strengthened (by Sai Baba) within the vortex that engulfed us – and we ended up 'translated' to a different reality, just as these words promised.
> So if this happens to you, take encouragement. It's a rite of passage as you grow in faith. Don't worry where you draw your faith from, whether it's one personality or another, there is only one source 'that of God within you.'

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