Spiritual weather is a fact of life

"The stresses that act upon you in your life are equivalent to the texture of ground you might walk over. Sometimes it will be smooth, other times it will be rough, hilly, boggy, stony. But it is from these inconveniences that the beauty of the countryside springs. All kinds of natural features will require you to alter your course – so it is in the spiritual life. You want a perfectly metalled road from here to your destination? How boring – and what a boring person it would make you! Raise you eyes to the majestic cliffs, the luscious valleys, the delicate flowers alongside the spiritual path. Each experience is to be savoured for its own special sweetness.
"And what binds them all together? The sunlight of love. You produce your own weather. Do you like it sunny and warm? icy? gloomy and overcast? stormy? You can have it any way you want - easy or hard - the choice is yours. Do you find that hard to believe? Then stop being a victim and become a warrior."

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