'As gold is tried in the fire, so are the chosen in the furnace of humiliation'

"The highest prize is for those who can detach themselves in the middle of busyness. Before you can trust others you must have complete confidence in your self. The proof of that confidence is the degree of your inner peace. The more you trust yourself, the more you relax and allow the different parts of your personality to assume an organic integration. That is the basis of spiritual authority – that you have no fear of inner sabotage. Which is why the spiritual path leads you into situations that ruthlessly expose your inner weakness so that anything that is false, immature or contradictory will be purged out of you.
"That is why we say 'accept, allow’. Think of a foetus in the womb, if it is healthy nothing can detach it, it will grow no matter what the outer turmoil. But any foetus that is not well-formed may be dislodged and miscarry. Both experiences have their place. But you hang on, continue drawing in the nourishment - a suck at a time! You will grow naturally, and in due course emerge in a completely new reality."

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