Keep your vision high

"Love, love, wonderful love.
"When you invite love to rule your life you enter a new dimension and your aura expands accordingly. You cannot then go back to the hemmed-in way you lived before (tho if you allow that aura to wither it becomes like an unstable orbit – you could crash into other bodies or begin to crack up).
"Your central task is to maintain and develop your own aura, to power it with spiritual growth. If you start getting preoccupied by anything material your aura begins to wither. Keep to the high energies: keep to the high vision. Let love be your guiding light."


Stay focused

"Let noone and nothing come between you and the light. Stay focused."

> This was a time when stress of my publishing enterprise was growing unbearable. The guidance that came to me most mornings as I woke was like a silver thread of connectedness to my inner divinity which tended to get obliterated as the pressures of day took over.


Let your inner reality speak

"Undertaking worthy projects can be the enemy of your inner life. What you do or say must never be allowed to become a substitute for what you are."


Ships of the Dawn

"You are a vessel of light. You are surrounded by vessels of light. As you voyage it is your light, not some external source, which becomes the dawn that overpowers darkness to create the conditions for growth. In the metaphysical world light is created by the intensity of each soul’s commitment to hir own enlightenment. Enlightened individuals are beacons whose light enters the dimensions of time, creating permanent illumination for all who follow afterwards. But you, captain of your own small craft, how much of that light currently burning in your cabin are you willing to risk by bringing it up on deck? Is it secure enough to weather the storms of the outer world?
"Now, as never before, the self-generating night of ignorance thirsts for its own extinction in the growth of light. Your service to that light may be no more than to allow its qualities of warmth and illumination to shine throu you and connect the earth and to the unseen world. You can only bring to any situation what you are: if you are at peace with yourself you spread healing: if your heart and mind are at war you cannot help spreading division. Horrors exist on the physical plane, now, as they have always existed, they are the consequence of humans’ free will. Do not despair at the folly and self-slaughter of humanity, rather, marvel at its capacity for love and healing.
"No one part of the world’s experience can be transformed separately: those fortunate enough to know enlightenment, security or plenty have a direct responsibility for the welfare of the less fortunate. Any suffering you turn your back on will in time become yours. Only by entering fully into the earth’s experience of pain, desolation, murder and abuse can you be released from anger-energy into the multi-dimensional world of wholeness.
"Within the metaphysical realm there is neither gravity nor one single direction. The function of pain is to release you from gravity: the function of joy is to offer you direction. The more your light shines the more it reflects in others, and the more you become aware of the incredible multi-dimensional dawning of an enlightenment that is encircling this globe. We see its effect in the many movements inspired by a vision of individual and planetary wholeness. Some are networks of light, some mere disconnected pinpricks. Which are you?"


A Virtuous Circle

"The message is love yourself - really love yourself: respect, cherish, reward and expand yourself. Give yourself time and space to grow tall in the sun, and spread your leaves to recycle the sky’s energy back throu your heart into the soil."