Trust in that of God within you.

The anguish, also, is god –
    the desire for transcendence.
The search for unity
    of experience
links to the universal
process of environ-
    mental adptation.
To each the choice of path:
or materialism?
    (The world needs both.)
But for the spirit-led
    life becomes
a constant alembic of learning,
    where we are heated
to burn away impurity,
    distilling the spirit
of transformation, whose ultimate
    goal isn't seen
in physical existence.

    Here my dear mother
claps her hands with joy.
    On earth she suffered
ending her days in pain:
    yet now she shines,
part of the constellation
    of love upholding
all material existence.
    The confusion
that was hers was mine:
    and now I share
in her clarity.
    What was physical
slowly burnt away
    leaving her essence.

So the life dynamic
    within each
spurs or dulls the evo-
    lutionary process.
If all the universe
    is one organic
whole, then every part’s
    contained within
a single entity.
    Thus we see
that the identity
    of All is One –
and One comprises All.
    Yet the harmonic
of the One transcends
    the All, a sublime
melody arcing above
    the orchestra,
defining all the music-
    making below it.
Within this ensemble
    discord and its
resolution are the
    light and shade
which give existence form:
    a little suffering
gives richness to delight.
    A night of anguish,
that final stepping stone
    to morning joy.
The cosmos within which
    we live and breathe
reveals an underlying
surpassing human concepts
    of rationality –
as a great composer’s
    inspired designs
create the experiences
    enjoyed by millions,
with life far beyond
    their creator’s death.

Without the eye of faith
    noone can see
the ultimate destination
    of anyonelse’s
life trajectory.
    All that matters
is that we walk our own
    true path.
Sometimes that involves
    a walk in darkness.
Remember, the height of the building
    has to be matched
by the depth of its
    dark foundations.
Trust the architect
    who formed the world
to prepare the ideal fit
    for your contribution
to humanity
    now and forever.