Dream Prayer 1

In darkness is the light.
In the unseen, the form of what is to be.
Love blooms in a stony wasteland as well as in a garden -
So God fills every heart held hollow for hir.

In fear, the gift to know your self.
In pain, an infinite resource of power.
Sorrow colours the night sky with a rainbow
since the dream-time world defines every waking action.

O you, my helper in the light,
draw me from the disharmony of illusion
to the consonance of a reality that
empowers my own existence as it enables others.


Sai Baba

> Help, Sai Baba, help! I want to come to see you, but I can't unless you fund me.

"Be at peace. Allow. Follow."

> mirabile dictu, I was funded to visit Sai Baba by the BBC the following year!


Words & meanings

"An airport in no way represents the totality of a city or country. It is a convenient entry point, a place where you touch down. Only upon leaving it can you discover what the country you’re visiting is really like. Words bear the same relationship to religious understanding – they’re a fine entry point but soon you must leave them and voyage into the unknown, trusting the maps you have acquired. Not all maps are perfectly accurate, but nobody bothers to make one that is hopelessly wrong. You can, indeed must, trust what others have recorded about the routes you can follow – otherwise you can easily get lost and have to retrace your steps to begin all over again. But to see words as synonymous with meaning is like not seeing the 90% of an iceberg beneath the surface of the water."


Love changes the landscape

"When you can do nothing else, concentrate on love. Try -even when it’s hard- to realise you are surrounded by love. Use your energy to send out love as much as possible, especially to those you imagine are opposed to you. Do not look for the current situation to be dramatically altered by your love (tho it might be) but expect that love, if applied diligently, will create a new situation where the constraints that currently bind you will be loosed."



"You cannot fall because there is no downwards in the spiritual life – just as you cannot rise because there is no upwards. Neither can you grow or diminish. You are entire.
Progress derives from resolution, from resolving contradictions in your personality.
As you do so you slip throu the nets that restrict those enmeshed in coarseness or anger.
This straining process ultimately releases you from all earthiness into a being of the purest spirit.
That is your reward for all the trials, that is what your testing is for."


Hurry = Worry

A river takes millennia to carve its course – a tree several hundred years – you have taken decades to reach where you are now. Hurry = worry. Whatever is made well is made slowly.