Falling is how you reach your natural depth

"If you will accept our timing we promise you the realisation of your heart’s deepest dreams. If you panic and skeeter to the surface now, then this will be as deep as you get. Don't you want the whole number? You can't know how things are designed to fit together – it's in order to discover & align yourself with that higher purpose that that you have committed yourself to this process. Trust it – now, as never before. There are helpers whose vibrations surround you, and which you can access if you will slow down sufficiently. Slowing /falling feels scary – but it's an essential phase in the process. It could take years, but we promise you one thing: the results will be worth it. They'll so far exceed everything you had in the past you'll look back & wonder how you stood your former life for so long! The pace of your inward opening is controlled subconsciously by your willingness to be open."


Just one step at a time

"Don’t run. A step at a time will do nicely."