Hold the vision

"Hold steady to your course. Things are going to change around you in a big way. You must remain centred and not get involved in ‘helping’ the changes. Your job is to hold to the vision. That will mean you need to let other things go.
"Understand that in your life it has been necessary for your needle to loop together a vast number of threads – this was your own choice. Not yet, but soon, will come the time to start drawing in these elements to a design built to last for centuries. Be patient, not one ounce of energy you have expended will be wasted.
"Respect your path (respect all paths) but insist on your spiritual rights. You can and must focus on having the space you really need. If you allow yourself to be sold short in any way, nobody is to blame except you.
"At the moment, because of the existence you are called to, you cannot have constant access to my plane. You must therefore be vigilant to maintain your times of contact. As your awareness and your life gradually change (as you let go of the rigid cage of human thought) your level will rise and you will find access to the astral plane naturally increases. So don’t worry about this, or feel it is some lack in you.
"Your focus for the new year is to KEEP FOCUSED."



Yup, that's the whole message. Allow.


Time to grow

"It's time. Time to grow – deep and strong. Time to allow your power to come throu. Time to draw down the many blessings that are yours for the asking. If you let go, power will come to you: if you cling to it it will evade you. When you ask, do so from certainty not from need."


I love you

"If I say 'I love you' I mean I envelope you in a relationship which gives a resonant response to your deepest personality. I(/we) long to draw both joy and grief from your lyre; the highest notes you can sound will find me in tune with you, the lowest call forth an echo from my heart; I stand back to allow you to be loud, and draw near to hear you play softly.
"I am here to serve as your guide, but can only lead where you are willing. Have you seen a child learning an instrument? You can see the mistakes coming but are powerless to prevent them. Often they brush aside help, and angrily repeat the mistake. Be in–formed. Do not fix your desires on any external object. Judge truly. Please yourself, but honour others.
"Come to me minute by minute if you have bad feelings, don’t submerge them with stimulants. They are vitally part of you, and as a lover don’t you realise I am interested in the real you, the honest you – I am not a phoney fair-weather boon companion. If you are truthful around the areas of (bad) feeling vistas of insight will open in all directions because you’ll no longer be attempting to suppress the primary information your sense are feeding you."



"You don’t want bright sunlight all the time. Think of the beauty, the mystery of a morning mist – shapes rise fleeting and uncertain as you pass. Instead of the literal glare of day, you have an impressionism which sets your imagination free to interconnect ideas non-analytically.
So if mist descends on your mind, use it as a cloak to disconnect all your normal assumptions – invent new ones as the fancy takes you. Build great banks of fantasy, and let their soft inner power transform the sterility of those bright noons where your mind cannot escapable the brittle surfaces of meaning."


Take my hand. I will be with you.

"At last! I have your attention again. Perhaps you've been perplexed by how sometimes I appear as we, and vice versa? This reflects your powers of concentration and therefore the degree of spirit to which you have access.
If you wish to attract the cream of spiritual powers (archangels) you must be willing to undergo great compression purification distillation – call it what you will. That path alone brings the intensity that enables two-way communication. Of course mental awareness has a vital role to play, but it is limited by its own structure/s – which reflect the physical & cultural factors of your upbringing. Beyond this, a committed seeker reaches a point when s/he simply has to surrender to the true-fullness of the non–material world.
"Okay, so that feels a little scary – suddenly there aren’t any handrails. But you soon realise they were only taken away because you weren’t using them any more!
"Whatever ties you to the earth is what your transformation will come throu. In your case it's money – for someonelse it could be a relationship, job security, their dwelling. If I say you have to let go, what I mean is if you don’t let go you’ll always be tied to the physical plane – yearning for freedom yet never at peace because your nature calls you onward, tho you don’t know where or how.
"Remember how you were impelled forward at various stages. You didnt want to do it, but you knew the next step would only appear when you had? That’s how it is now. A step at a time, as you know. Why do you think you’re lame? [from a m/cycle accident.] So you can only take one step at a time, and not be leaping about all over the place! You watch out, or next time you‘ll hurt both legs!!
"The Universe is full of both positive and negative energy fields – black holes. The latter exist for the purpose of transformation. When the time is ripe you approach and are sucked in. The feelings are very frightening, you accelerate to the point of disintegration, but when you reintegrate you’re in a parallel universe where things appear quite different.
"Even after you've let go of everything else there will still always be one tie that is so much part of your perception you don’t even see it as an issue. There too you must allow the irradiation of love to penetrate so that its evolution may also be harmonious.
"Take my hand. I will be with you."


The chosen are tried in the furnace of humiliation

'Hah! So you’re afraid? Consider the uses of adversity. Draw on all your existing blessings. Rejoice. Rejoice that you have been chosen for growth."


Wisdom begins with calm

"Don’t assume because you receive these messages you actually know anything yourself. Your foot is hardly yet on the road. Your brain is dizzier than a hatchery of snakes, busier than the bow of a violinist! Can you bring yourself to begin the real process of learning – the part where you are simply still enough to allow your real inner wisdom to uncover itself?"


Praise! Honour the One, Honour the Many

"Open your heart and simply praise. Look at all the positive things for once – let negativity go, don’t be bound by it. Enlarge your heart to crowd out negativity rather than allow your heart-feelings to be crammed into a corner by all the burdens that press on you.
"It involves you being pro-active in your approach to problems – that is heart-active, not head-active or physically active. When there is a brick wall your body may try and leap over, your head may search for a way round, but the heart alone know that you can pass straight thru any material obstacle. Follow it."


Enforced stillness(!)

"So, you are finally brought to stillness! Model your future conduct on your present feelings. Keep your speed to a gentle pace, and you will spread a gentle peace. Allow – allow.
Go (& return) in peace!"



"This is my word for you this morning."

Later that day I had a motorbike accident - see 16/12/92


Honour your journey

"What is the core of your being? Love. Do you remember the traumas and difficulties when you were first awakened? But you came throu those fiery trials unharmed. Now, you have asked to move to a higher level, and your being must grow to prepare for your new responsibilities.
Remember, praise is what keeps your energies high."



"You must cultivate an intense following of your heart. If you attempt to follow up everything you become like a mental sorting office. Fast driving or competitive sport may develop your body–brain coordination but they do nothing for your heart.
"When you come to the end of your physical body you may have lived 70 years, but at your death those who come to guide you into the spirit world will only see the real you – they will look at the ‘hours on the clock’ of your inner heart. And what will they find? That you are 10, 20, maybe 30 years old?
"Do you truly live from your heart even as much as an hour of each day? How old were you when your head and your heart parted company? 8, 10, 14?
"Thereafter how much time have you spent working from you heart alone? – Maybe when you were intensely in love (but consolidate the moments & is it more than a couple of years?), maybe around young children? It is only true love that changes anything."


Diastolé - Systolé

> What can I do now to raise more money?

"As a human you have power over your own affairs. Religious guidance on a micro-level only works if you have achieved true synchronicity on the macro-level, the big issues of your life.
"Human thought (science, philosophy) extrapolates from the particular (the known, the measurable) to the universal (the unknown, the theoretical).
"Divine thought first offers you the biggest picture your karmic development allows you to see, and then lets you find the practical reality of this universal vision.
"Inner progress always involves attending to the larger issues not fiddling around with detail – which constantly varies as the centre alters. Often, and especially for those who earn from inner work, as the structure of your life grows you have to stand further and further back to gain a coherent view. That is the importance of letting go, and not struggling with details.

"Wake up, look at the broad issues.
"Are you too busy to refresh the vision by which you live?
"Is the river flowing thru your heart chakra clogged by mental weeds?
"Nothing can substitute for the inner reactor at the core of your being. But all should balance (tho not necessarily as equals): heat, cooling; energy, release; work, play. Darkness too must be balanced with light.
"Straining too hard towards the light creates a correspondingly larger shadow. Move fast if you must, but don’t in any circumstance force, struggle or strive – or you will produce a reaction, that is a universal lore. Every track is governed by a maximum safe speed. You may possibly exceed it with impunity for a time, but not indefinitely – and wrecks are never pleasant for victims or rescuers.

"Calm down. Cool down. Allow growth to be organic, and at the speed that the organism -not your intellect- determines.
"Money worries? Don’t seek ‘solutions’, apply energy to the sourceyour vision. Live with it in the forefront of your consciousness."

> Reviewing this in 2006 I contrast my present easy state (temporarily maybe!) with the acute need I was then experiencing, much as a sailor might sit in the evening sunlight at anchor reflecting on past storms. A writer who has helped me formulate my goals and shown me how to work towards them is Christopher Westra. I would recommend anyone to watch his web-movie.


Sailing into the wind

> What should I do in this difficult time?
"Pull yourself back to your centre. Be one–pointed. Be in your power. In every life, be it never so advanced, there will always be times of difficulty, just as on any voyage there are dangerous passages. Each such encounter shows you unequivocally what reality you respond to. Is your consciousness in the immediate sensory danger or is it fixed like a helmsman on the beacon?"
> How do I maintain higher awareness and yet produce the energy to calm the storm?
"If the storm doesn’t make you fearful you’ll be happy to ride it out; but since whatever happens to you reflects your inner awareness you may cause it to rise to the pitch you need to bring about an alchemical reaction in your perception. It is certain to be symptomatic of something you should be paying attention to. But it may also be a natural obstacle your ultimate destination requires you to pass.
"Unless you are a great Master the safe conduct of your vessel will require careful attention to detail – tho there will come a time when, having done all, you must stand firm and endure.
The real moral question a tempest raises is ‘Are you on the right course?’ If you feel doubt, then seek the point of the compass the wind is driving you towards. If you’re certain, you may have to tack into the wind, rather than seek to drive straight at it. Either way, your seamanship will be improved!"