If you trust the Universe, help will appear.

"You have all the time there is. Allow the sense of wonder at the beauty that surrounds you to grow, accept all nature as a gift. If you trust the Universe, help will appear. You’re lighter than the elements that surround you, » allow yourself to float free.
"To learn to float is an important part of learning to swim, but actually progressing requires a deeper level of concentration and commitment. Just as a power guides migratory wildlife to its destinations, so too will you be led if you remain sensitive to your inner guidance – which you can only do by staying emotionally unattached to the outcome. Walk within the pool of light that surrounds you. Don’t concern yourself with what lies ahead (which you can’t see anyway) your own intuition gives you light and time enough to see ahead as much as you need.
"So go your way in peace, and let love be your guide."


Love is the very air you breathe

"Love is the guiding principle in the Universe. This doesn’t mean that everything that happens is love or that nothing can happen apart from it. For as love is the flow tide of the spiritual universe, so there is also an ebb tide which purges and cleanses, sweeping away debris. Because of the presence and power of love as a force among humans many make the mistake of thinking that it can only be found within relationships.
Close relationships, especially sexual ones, are like the purest honey -hence the association with sweetness- and like honey can become addictive. (Sexual relationships with the goodness taken out are like refined sugar and have all the same implications for the heart – complete with binges & mood-swings!) Juvenile taste naturally desires more of this passionate and rewarding energy, but as you become older you‘re able to appreciate subtle flavours which don’t depend on so much sweetening. Then you’re ready to understand the pervasive and all-satisfying nature of the love that exists within the universe beyond human power. This is an underlying sweetness that doesn’t require artificial processing, and is open and available to all who rightly divine it.
Only by becoming aware of the dimensions beyond the limited planes of the physical world can you have any inkling of the amount or quality of this love in the universe. It is like the very air you breathe. It surrounds you and pervades your whole being. You have only to cease to strive to begin to become aware of it. Don’t compete to be what you already are, allow yourself to transform naturally into that glorious person you know your inner self to be.


Don’t seek peace, be it

"If you are peace you will spread peace – so don’t seek peace, be it. That is what distinguishes you from other people. If, as someone on the spiritual path, you cannot bring peace, what is the purpose of your journey?
"Wars, novelty management techniques, political factions – people have enough already! All implying movement, change and busyness: what is needed as a counter–balanceis the gentle assertion of stillness that transcends change.
"If you don’t express it, who will?"