If you trust the Universe, help will appear.

"You have all the time there is. Allow the sense of wonder at the beauty that surrounds you to grow, accept all nature as a gift. If you trust the Universe, help will appear. You’re lighter than the elements that surround you, » allow yourself to float free.
"To learn to float is an important part of learning to swim, but actually progressing requires a deeper level of concentration and commitment. Just as a power guides migratory wildlife to its destinations, so too will you be led if you remain sensitive to your inner guidance – which you can only do by staying emotionally unattached to the outcome. Walk within the pool of light that surrounds you. Don’t concern yourself with what lies ahead (which you can’t see anyway) your own intuition gives you light and time enough to see ahead as much as you need.
"So go your way in peace, and let love be your guide."

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