Love All

"Love is the nexus point at which all worlds meet, in which all stillness and actvity meet, throu which the inner and the outer world meet. For love is being. Don’t search, be."



"Radiate blessing to all you meet. Let joy and delight be your ‘protection’. Accept – say yes. Spend one extra minute in stillness to be sure you’ve heard my voice."


Midway between heaven and earth

"From this position you can draw down blessings from above and shower them over your friends without becoming entangled or entrapt in the schemes and turmoil of existence.
You are a partner in creation, exercise your natural-born right as heir of the estate."


Waiting for the time to be ripe

"Can you wait? Can you allow our timing? Can you still the impatience of your appetite to allow everything to fit in with the masterplan? Something that may be right, may not be right yet. If you could only see (or at the very least trust) what is made ready for you then any ordeals that prepare you for it are but as a mere blink of the eye.
Are you not content to accept your individuality? Can’t you allow your life path to be different? Do you want to be swept back into the kind of activity that prevented you from attending to my voice for so long?
Be sensible – allow. Everything that is due will come to you – trust me, that is, trust your self."


Who are you working for?

"Success or failure are man’s way of looking at their activities. To us everything is. We only look at the durability of the thought form – how profoundly it is true to itself and its materials. You naturally are involved with the hustle bustle of the market place, the vagaries of fashion and the whims of unstabilised psyches. Ask yourself is your work done to please others, or is it done to honour the divine within you?"

> This was the first guidance to be received after the watershed move from London, amid the chaos of building conversion. My new life was not even beginning to take shape.


When the ego is stilled we begin to hear the symphony that was always present

> I guess I must have asked how long the torture of my uncertainty /falling would continue?

"Until there is no flesh and blood, just a living shell resonating.
Music holds out its hands and very simply asks for help."


Believe in the reality you want to create

"Be still, don’t let your ego get involved. Abstain from drinking. Begin to live as your highest self aspires to.
Sad heart, faint heart, look up, look up! You are my love, you are my passionate beating heart. You are my greatest joy in creation. I delight in noone more than you. Don’t despair, let go mourning, release yourself into the glorious sunlight. You carry your fate in your hands – why lug around a dark suitcase of horrors? Let those who want horror live with it - we are children of the dawn. Let us live as befits the heirs of light.
O sorely tested one, release your desires, your yearning for circumstances beyond your control. Allow your transformation to begin. To you who cry ‘will it ever be morning?’ I say look at me in love – look at the darkness, stare intently at the forms that throng around you. Because you’re insisting it’s night you can’t see the helpers that surround you: but the world you experience is simply the one you believe exists.
Do you feel darkness? You are darkness.
Do you feel light? You are light.
If you feel in two minds how can you act coherently? – I say to you one word, one word which changes dark to light, heaviness to joy, emptiness to fulfilment – PRAISE. Praise what? Anything - yes, even your self, just honour the godness of goodhead ...
Just let the form of the praise come forth from you as naturally as a nightingale’s song."

> This must have been just after returning from Sai Baba - an extraordinary light-filled episode, that was followed by the chaos of moving house on return home.


Keep Faith

Prior to Sai Baba visit

"It’s still your ego. You’re still thinking you’re a teacher of some kind. But you’re a follower – a follower of mine."

> Subsequent events were, beyond question, miraculous.
We were having to sell our London house as a result of losing around £14k on publishing CataList. Not only did a sudden bidding war between buyers raise the price to £13500 above our asking price, but the people who bought the house were willing to give us 4 months to move.
I had been i/v for a job in BBC Religion. I didn't get it but the head of the unit was very interested in the pilgrimage I hoped to make to Sai Baba & wanted to commission me to make a radio doc about it.
The only problem was that having found a house in the country, our bank was refusing to agree a lower mortgage on the new house - despite being willing to continue the higher mortgage if we stayed put. As matters stood we would have had to move almost immediately on my return, so packing up the house fell largely to my wife - which didnt enchant her. What enchanted her even less was the prospect of my leaving for India with this unresolved. I tried everything possible in the week prior to my Saturday departure.
On Friday I spent as much of the day in prayer as I could. But despite several calls to the bank I couldnt persuade them to change their minds. I really didnt know what to do. I felt I was supposed to go, but obviously I couldn't if this wasn't fixed. By about 6.30 I was in despair, the banking day had finished. Then came a phone call – a supervisor had been 'checking our figures' & found that his staff had made an 'error': he was approving the loan.
Sai Ram.


Balance Being & Doing

"The balance between doing and being is always a hard one to maintain.
To be aware that a problem exists is to be a long way towards resolving it.
You may need that knife edge – it may be the best teacher for balancing inner and outer consciousness.
Everyone has a different path – and each person's path creates its own energy.
Be still and know that I AM."


Falling is how you reach your natural depth

"If you will accept our timing we promise you the realisation of your heart’s deepest dreams. If you panic and skeeter to the surface now, then this will be as deep as you get. Don't you want the whole number? You can't know how things are designed to fit together – it's in order to discover & align yourself with that higher purpose that that you have committed yourself to this process. Trust it – now, as never before. There are helpers whose vibrations surround you, and which you can access if you will slow down sufficiently. Slowing /falling feels scary – but it's an essential phase in the process. It could take years, but we promise you one thing: the results will be worth it. They'll so far exceed everything you had in the past you'll look back & wonder how you stood your former life for so long! The pace of your inward opening is controlled subconsciously by your willingness to be open."


Just one step at a time

"Don’t run. A step at a time will do nicely."



"You are never so far up or so far down as you perceive.
Balance works vertically as well as horizontally.
BE – I/we can never repeat that too often. BE, allow, flow.
‘Whatever lies under thy hand to do, do it with all thy might.’"