Love is all around you

"Dont think of love only in terms of relationships; realise that it exists in the whole natural environment & fabric of life on earth. It's not cuddly or sentimental 'Christmas-only' love, but a vital, vigorous force that enables life to grow round obstacles. It's your job to make that real to people. Humans could do so much to make the planet a paradise, instead they end up making much of it a hell, both for themselves and for all other life-forms, because they don't understand vast scope & simple-complexity that how true love encompasses. They think love applies only to humans, and only in a certain kind of way. How tragic."

> Why then is this deeper reality not seen?
"Because of ego & intellect. Christ said 'unless you become like a little child you cannot (even) see the kingdom of heaven,' far less enter it. To understand, you have to see the natural goodness around you and amplify that – instead of seeing all the deviousness & crookedness, and responding to that."

> What is the kingdom of heaven?
"It is no more, no less than to be at peace with(in) yourself. You put yourself on the pathway to it by setting aside nearly everything your education taught you about becoming an adult!"