Going too fast for love?

"You can have speed (excitement) – or you can have love. You can't have both, tho it's easy to mistake one for the other, since love produces an energy which speed merely mimics. Love is being present & allowing your presents to present themselves in their natural form – speed is to do with the race to become, 'career', the pressure to shape things into a predetermined pattern.
"There are two worlds here. The outward journey, the prodigal son's adventure of differentiation, the process that drives someone to the farthest point away from the self, so that by charting their extremities their centre at last becomes clear. The return journey involves the reconciliation of all one has needed to distinguish oneself from in order to achieve clarity.
"Like the firing of an arrow or the throwing of a javelin, the initial phase outward /upward involves the projection of energy & will; but as the projectile reaches its zenith it turns back towards the earth, and in the return the priorities are reversed. You are no longer the doer, the driver, gravity is; and everything that hindered the first part of the arc accelerates the second. Obstacles become friends: friends become obstacles.
"This paradox means that as you return to the earth the essential nature of the inner or return journey is hidden from those blasting off on their life path – but love can imprint markers to guide those who come after, which they will recognise in time & be grateful for."


Fire starters wanted

"Each person on the planet has the capacity to contribute their pin-prick of light. Yet glow as they will no individual is visible from space. However if you spread the light by setting others ablaze & by combining to make common cause – then light clusters can be created that are truly visible in the heavens."



"At each & every moment of your life there is a message both to you & throu you.
The latter you may never see, just as you may never know whom you have really helped, but the former you need to decode to stay in the game. If you get too goal-oriented you'll never see the real point of any stress that arises – namely to help you grow into a perception that you, soul-you, is quite separate from the pressures which ego-you, the body-mind complex, may be enduring.

Where can enjoyment be in being gript by the jaws of disaster?
"Once you can see stressful situations, even potentially fatal ones, as simply a test then you're on your way to discovering the indwelling joy which is the fruit of the spirit, and birthright of every true child of god – the peace that passes all understanding. Literally so, because, rationally, it is inexplicable.
"If you have truly made a relationship with your inner otherness, then the vexations /dangers /losses /disasters /sicknesses that afflict everyone to one degree or other become grist to the mill, not distractions. Just as you can use boring repetitive actions for reciting affirmations, so everything that is a stumbling block for those on the outward journey can be an accelerator for those on the inward journey.
"Enjoyment becomes injoyment. Encouragement becomes incouragemeant. Energy becomes innergy. Entertainment becomes innerattainment. The choice is always yours."