What you’re seeking lies very deep within

"Don’t torment yourself. The infliction of self-pain is a means of seeking excitement, a way of seeking to break throu the impervious wall of your outer experience to a state of inner knowledge. But it can never be achieved that way. No matter how you batter away or slash at your conscious mind it will never yield the result you want, for consciousness is constructed out of interlocking concepts; and if you succeed in breaking one out another drops into its place.
"What you’re seeking lies very deep within. Only by the carefullest and tenderest self-love can you create an inner alternative that allows the existence of the wall to dematerialise. It doesn’t cease to exist, for it still supports your awareness, it just ceases to be material.
"It is an immense journey from knowing nothing of the inner world – back to your nucleus, where at last you know yourself as you were at first. On that journey the elements of consciousness are dissolved and rearranged.
"This can involve going throu periods of great disharmony – and those who don’t want to embark on that journey themselves often respond negatively to the unfolding soul – for they’re mortally afraid of the dissolution of consciousness that they know awaits them. You have to learn to let such people go."


Relax & praise your Self

"Don’t repeat questions, like a child, when you’ve already had the answers!
"Either you do trust or you don’t. If the latter then examine that problem. If the former, quietly relive your high-point experiences and remind yourself of the deeper meaning of trust — namely allowing the one you trust the time bringing about orbital conjunctions at the appropriate time.
"Trust is dynamic, don’t expect the relationships between truster and trustee to remain constant. You may be, probably will be, drawn onwards into a deeper awareness. (You’d quickly tire of a human relationship that didn’t progress, wouldn’t you?) So. Lighten up. Always remember praise. If you feel too tired to make the effort, then open up and listen to God praising you! After a little while maybe you’ll want to join in too? What've you got to lose?"


Trust your heart

"Nobody destabilizes you. You destabilize yourself by looking around for approval when you think you’re doing well. Trust your heart.
"Why this mission to explain? Were you called to do this? No, you were called to be. If you resonate with self-attunement the vibrations will call others. Striving dulls your note – and unresolved desire leads to anger, which in turn creates a negative environment where others will instinctively withhold what they might otherwise willingly give.
"It seems awfully hard, I know, that you should always be expected to act on your own, but how otherwise can you create the environment you wish? Why not simply trust the divine process to impregnate others as it has you?
"Let go."


Be here still

"It is for God alone you write. If you seek approval from anywherelse you’ll fail. Only if you adhere to what you’re shown and don’t go wandering off will you get throu the maze.
People nourished by human consciousness draw their inspiration from fellow contact and respond subconsciously to the corresponding movements of thought patterns. Those who have deeper roots must keep stiller in order not to disrupt their ability to respond to the slower rhythms of the collective unconscious. As ideas translate themselves outwards from one area to the other or emerge to the surface it's easy to be affected by the energy resulting from the new viewpoints that collude with the process. But only those who have been to the depths know, independently of knowledge."
What then is an appropriate response to those who don’t have the depth of perception?
"Tolerance. If you try and guide them a certain way, having no balance, they’ll only misunderstand you. To use your own voice (=consciousness) to correct what you see as deficiencies will only result in further imbalance. Patience is hardest when you’re clear yourself, but you must trust the power of the universe to speak.
"Remember the keel slicing thru the water, giving balance to the vessel yet invisible to the eye. Translate the concept to a world without gravity. The water, the ship, the keel are wherever, going in whatever direction. Your holding onto your own stillness (but not onto any of the elements individually) harnesses the energy of the situation to your chosen ends. Panic, or look down, and you’re lost.
"Accept that if someone with stronger energy barges in they’ll pull it their way. Therefore continually be replenishing your own energy and stillness at a deep level. If the opposition can disrupt your consciousness they’ve won. But even then don’t strive. Accept that by losing you’re furthering the cause of balance, and strengthen the depth of your awareness to insure against a similar occurrence. If that distances you a little from people there’s no harm. I am here. We are here, your silent witnesses & loving helpers."


Why did my play fail when I believed that every word represented a teaching?

"In whose eyes did it fail? The time is not yet ready. Painful as it may be, you have to accept that you’re a servant not a master. If you were a master you would not receive such gifts, your ego would exclude them. And how would you know your own mind amid the pampered expectations of your own servants? As the juggernaut of the future rolls inchwise across the empty tracts of time it is recreated afresh in the humblest act of each human – its direction defined by the relative perceptions of truth in each act. Nothing is unseen, no good ever wasted.
"You chose to be born into a body of long slow rhythms, and having learned to trust, you must trust for good and for all. Endurance is your testimony to the truth. The steadfastness is no harder than what those you admire have suffered. You have received a rare invitation to join their company. Accept what you have been given and compose yourself."


Rest in peace

"Rest in peace. If you lose touch with me(/yourself) – stay where you are, don’t go racing around – otherwise you simply obliterate the path laid out for you to follow. If that happens you must wait for another one to form. You’ve done nothing wrong, it's merely a phase of spiritual meteorology. Shelter till the weather passes, waiting for the new light.
"If you were to follow the earlier path now, that would be a mistake, the situation has altered. Shake off your inertia. It's all new. Glory and revel in the returning light. Trumpet your praise in a fresh dawn. Be alive, alert. There’s everything to play for."


Why strive to surpass your self - if you did, what good would it do?

"If you try to do more than I show you’ll lose contact with me, and get yourself back into the morass.
"So – it doesn’t mean anything to anyonelse? They’re not the judge of what best suits our purposes. It may take 10, 20, 50, 200 years before your contribution matures. But at the right time, it’ll be there. If you strive to be understood by those who have no understanding where’s the gain in that? You are not and cannot be responsible for other people’s reactions. Of course its rewarding to be appreciated, but you must stop needing it. Want it by all means, but anything that deflects you from the integrity of your walk should be avoided.
"To be alone is not to be lonely."


"Not only don’t strive — accept not striving. Release the whole apparatus of ambition. Allow yourself to hear my voice calmly and without interference. Even if you aren’t understood your stillness will be. Be honest when you can't do something, don’t feel you must oblige everybody. Aren’t you entitled to rest too? In communicating your vision let it explain for you, don’t strive. You’re called to develop another dimension of perception, just relax and it’ll come. Accepting your own pace is more important than meeting deadlines."


Let go

"If you hold feelings they chain you to the earth — hate, rage, regret, sorrow, nostalgia.
If you release feelings in exchange you get joy, praise, lightness & surrender.
"You can't hold onto the latter feelings — they have to be constantly recreated in a series of living presents. Negative feelings are like a room full of cigarette smoke – only those intent on their own death submit to such an environment.
"For those who wish to live the windows must be opened and fresh air allowed to sweep into the lungs. A grievance nurtured turns hurt to hate. You enfold yourself with negativity and your stomach seethes ...
"Open, open, open — open the windows of your heart. Let the energy you’re creating go to warm and power the wings of forgiveness. Be released for takeoff. Soar above the problem, see it from the perspective of spirit.

"Perhaps it was a tiny tack set there to burst the bubble of your ego?"


Creating new worlds

"An immense experience — to see a world realised and peopled. How you gloried in the characters you’d created at points where they synchronised with your imagination and longed for them to be different at others. So it is with your maker. S/he has known, long before you stumble into self-discovery, what you’ve the potential to become. It's the process of becoming your potential (of growing into childhood dreams) that defines your development.
"The feelings that ran thru the play were like a keel slicing deep beneath the water, steady, straight and invisible. At any juncture there can only be one centre, one groove. You’ve to be sure your consciousness is in that sync point and not to either side. That puts you right in the energy flow of the moment, the matrix that joins universal and subjective time. As you become centred you become consciousness."

After the run of my play The Watcher in the Rain


There is no limit

"Anyone can exist, but how much of the personality does this involve? The function of education is to make people aware of dimensions of experience that are there for them to expand into. There is no limit to growth. A person who has gone as far as s/he can is then offered new dimensions of experience to conquer, and so on within infinity/eternity. Yet these realities are finite in themselves, held in balance by the many polarities which define relative s/pace."

The day my play, The Watcher in the Rain opened


Be still & know that You Are

"Stillness is your greatest gift to the world. Most are so blown about by the hurricane of their emotions that they’re forever uncertain of, even, who they are physically. Don’t compete with egos, be content to be ignored, it's better than having created a false position which you must then sustain.
"Concentrate the maximum energy into your stillness so that your silent clarity is heard above all the clamour."


Only by simple acceptance are you freed from the barbed bait of perpetual enquiry.

"Don’t seek to ‘understand’. Only by simple acceptance are you freed from the barbed bait of perpetual enquiry. The multi-dimensional logic of the Universe can't be reduced to the conceptual world of human thought. Within the totality of all that exists nothing is amiss.
"At a simple binary level every Question has its Answer, tho the Answer might have been given several thousand years before the Question was asked, or might appear in a completely different cultural context. The point is, that only by ceasing to strive can the range of perception be extended limitlessly in any direction. Many of the Answers are of infinite subtlety; a factor here, a factor there, an undreamt wish from elsewhere, which perhaps require to be combined in a historical awareness lost centuries ahead.
"You’ll always find what you seek, but it’ll be the desire of your heart not of your head. Your heart knows: it knew before you were born, and it draws you onwards until your Question becomes the Answer you already feel."


"Purity is a hard-won thing. It isn’t virginal ignorance. It’s knowing all, yet not allowing yourself to be deflected from your true path. For each individual that is the ancient path of hir timeless soul. Being true may involve being misunderstood. If you really stand in truth, that won't worry you: if it worries you, you aren’t standing in truth.
"That is what purity is – purity of purpose. It requires no flags to be raised, no external permission to be sought. It is, and it knows -if not where- then always how it is to go. Cultivate that certainty and respect it within yourself — but don’t feel that gives you the right to have it all your own way. Sometimes a wrong result may produce a right situation. (Growth is often a little uncomfortable.) If you strive for truth, however meritorious, your ego invalidates the outcome. Truth is. If you respect it, you respect yourself: if you respect yourself, you respect it and all other lifeforms within which it manifests. All these are characteristics of I AM, the ever-existing one.
"Don’t seek to control, just allow the situation to be. Respect it. If others don’t respect you, it's because they don’t respect themselves. You can't change that except by refusing to play their game. Being Self-respectful maybe your function in that group?
"Heal your past by accepting it. Maybe you didn’t do what you should, or say what you should have. Well you didn’t. Send calmness to the situation, you weren’t misunderstood, they just weren’t ready to hear you. Think how often God is misunderstood, yet s/he is not for an eye-blink deflected from the purity of hir ancient purpose. Quietly and gently let the healing begin with your self.


All life is sacred

"All life is sacred. How are we to get this message across? It is your central moral dilemma.
Wars are a horrific distraction from the real issues of spiritual integration and social progress — distorting human values and giving comfort to those with a commercial interest in the disintegration of society.
"We, released from the physical plane, can't take life. The concept isn’t even relevant for we are purged of anger. And we would do too much harm if we could. When you die you’re released to the inner world, but if we were to ‘die’ we would die eternally — lost between dimensions, invisible tho present, trapt outside consciousness. The sustaining structure of the universe would collapse.
"God would have to begin again, as s/he does with every act of violence on earth, after which the process of evolution has to be woven afresh from its elemental beginnings. (That’s how important each one of you is — nothing can be perfected until every brow is unfurrowed.)
In the world of tomorrow we have described don’t suppose terrestrial life would be painless. Some element of stress is implicit within growth. Sudden, even violent, death couldn’t be avoided.
"What is -already- changing is your growing awareness of life’s meaning. And with freer intercommunication between worlds you learn to hear the answers to your questions. (The answers are always there, but often the questioners shout so loudly as to drown the replies!)
Try, do try, to live bearing these things in mind. The world of ego frequently drowns out your inner stillness but seek to maintain balance even when deafened. Fly by ‘live reckoning’. Glow in the dark."


Not every day is pay day

"You aren’t very still. Bear in mind my purpose in communicating with you: to guide and lead you onward. Individually, everyone’s rhythms tend to be too jerky and inconsistent to be combinable. Therefore to make units of power your separate peaks and troughs have to be blended into a functional whole. And that requires commitment to maintain the wholing process. Not every day is pay day, there are long periods without obvious reward, but in fact it all adds up — tho if you don’t work wholeheartedly in the interval it's reflected in your pay packet when it ultimately arrives.

This knowledge isnt for everyone

"You don’t know it all. You don’t know the half of it. Don’t parade your knowledge before the unprepared. It wrongs you both: you, Mike, because it pandars to your desire for attention, and so distracts you from your true course: your listeners because, if they’re of unbalanced energy, inappropriate spiritual information may unbalance them further.
"This knowledge we’re imparting isn’t for communication at large. It would be misunderstood. It would be taken as head-knowledge and it must always remain heart-knowledge — that is to say, information imparted to those who have reached a level of awareness and integration to whom such knowledge is appropriate.
"Channeling is a privilege, a separate (=‘holy’) activity. It doesn’t belong in the unawakened world for it would be corrupted. So remember that."

Rereading this message in 2005 gave me pause, as I'd already spent many hours creating this blog.



"So you want to understand about evil? That’s a great big question mark isn’t it?

"Each person is not only hirself but also a part of a spiritual family, just as they are of an earthly one. If you can imagine a space-like void in which people are in constant motion, not merely up and down, but in all directions and dimensions — so that they metamorphose not just in size and shape, but completely change appearance as they pass throu different dimensions (as images change 'eidetically' on the point of sleep) — yet each 'family' always retains its character.
"Now try and imagine this without a viewpoint. Allow yourself to experience the free flow of images. If you let yourself go you’ll begin to feel your perception constantly altering, yet you’ll never be in any doubt of your identity — unless you already have a problem with your Self-image, in which case you must whole yourSelf before you can contemplate such an experience.

"All the images you access in this state have the capacity to be whatever you wish. Yet they aren’t neutral. Tho they’re pre-formed, you make them into whatever you want by your choice/s in drawing them into consciousness (ie, your viewpoint of reality).
"As you see this is a multi-dimensional process. There is no before or after. Potentially, the thought image can assume any trajectory. Only the utmost stillness of mind can even begin to contemplate a state of no-mind. With some of these images you know at once what they mean. That meaning is like a colour or shape the activity of your mind superimposes on the image.
"If you could slow your mind to its highest vibration, ironically, you’d be able to accept the intangibility of the images; and so by acceding to their non-appearance you’d relax your mind (ego) sufficiently not to colour what you’re already aware of. Yet at the ultimate level, thought can never exist without a thinker: reality can never exist without a realiser: existence is nothing without one who exists. Far away from, yet intimately present in, the terrestrial plane it is a single thought of I AM which establishes all that is. Yet all that can be known is no more than a momentary image in the consciousness of the Eternal One.

"That evil exists is due to the Eternal One expanding hir unity by creating the potential for further self-integration. The function of this goes far beyond human imagination. Evil is simply anti-matter, or as-it-were malicious duality. Yet even this, like the naked force of electricity, exists as a part of the Great One, whose own evolution is constantly unfolding new vistas of wholeness/health. Even tho for existence to exist at all the integrity/wholth of I AM so far exceeds even our (spirit) awareness that it's like being able to dream in perfectly formed multi-dimensional theorems which have a dynamic which keeps them in constant evolution.
Evil exists in part because transposing pure thought into a limited number of dimensions involves quantization — a kind of simplification for the purpose of encoding infinity within the physical reality of finite things. There are inevitably compromises within such a process and inherent within those compromises lies error. Evil is the archetype of that inescapable corruption from which those of the spirit are motivated to escape.
"In terms of the multi-dimensional perfection of the universe the error rate is 0.∞1. But just as you might wish to correct some imperceptible blemish so the Existent One's loving /evolution works to bring about the healing /wholing of ever more profound aspects of matter. And you are the matter! S/he cannot complete Hirself without your participation. Once the participation of all is secured then, as we’ve told you, physical matter itself will begin to transform, and the whole concept of the universe will enter a new plane of evolution."
Where does that leave us with evil now?
"When the spiritual glaze is less than perfect the water of evil /duality will find a way in. Ironically the glaze isn’t a hardness, which can easily crack: it's an infinitely flexible polymer bond, like skin itself. We’ve explained earlier, your birth-personality is the medium you’ve selected for this particular incarnation, parents and all. Whether that comes with a blessing or curse (in your eyes) is of much less relevance than the use you make of it.
"Perhaps your karma has given you an ideal spiritual personality? Then of those to whom much is given much will be expected! Your realisation of your potential (the elimination of disharmony or ‘sin’) may possibly have significance for others. Your corruption-resistant glaze on your ego may be relatively water-tight. On the other hand, for whatever reason, the glaze may have failed in some measure. Like a leaky roof error may so interpenetrate your ego-mind complex that your multi-dimensional imagination offers you only cancerous data. A whetted knife is oblivious whether it cuts a finger or a plant.
"If your karma has brought you to a point of psychosis in a dysfunctional environment then, alas, there will be innocent victims. The result is an algorithm (the logical waveform of the combined data), or archetype, of the individual’s psychic response to the over-arching situation. But you can change that, and you know it.
"You may feel your situation is hopeless, you can never exceed the goodness of those around you, your personality is stifled by theirs, but you can at least excel in evil and latch onto those dark elements within yourSelf that call forth a powerful negative archetype? Think, how this would be to increase disharmony to symphonic proportions, like a drug-induced pulverisation of the brain. On the other hand there exists in your skull a small corner of blue sky. You can't always grab hold of it but you know it's there. Still your mind, see the blue sky grow. Escape is possible. Know that if you feel confused, God too is confused – and while disharmony exists in a single person all creation is in pain.
"We are not asked to do any more than we can: and that is – to be — to be content — to full of content. The short person isn’t expected to reach where the tall one can. Acceptance of your inner self is the main goal of terrestrial life. Once your heart is at peace it/you can travel to the many dimensions of spirit.
"It may not seem so easy? Then that is your life’s work! Leave the building of great cathedrals to others, concentrate on spring cleaning your own tiny chapel and watch the light come flooding in as the sky dissolves the walls. And in it's cheerful warmth evil disintegrates."