Be here still

"It is for God alone you write. If you seek approval from anywherelse you’ll fail. Only if you adhere to what you’re shown and don’t go wandering off will you get throu the maze.
People nourished by human consciousness draw their inspiration from fellow contact and respond subconsciously to the corresponding movements of thought patterns. Those who have deeper roots must keep stiller in order not to disrupt their ability to respond to the slower rhythms of the collective unconscious. As ideas translate themselves outwards from one area to the other or emerge to the surface it's easy to be affected by the energy resulting from the new viewpoints that collude with the process. But only those who have been to the depths know, independently of knowledge."
What then is an appropriate response to those who don’t have the depth of perception?
"Tolerance. If you try and guide them a certain way, having no balance, they’ll only misunderstand you. To use your own voice (=consciousness) to correct what you see as deficiencies will only result in further imbalance. Patience is hardest when you’re clear yourself, but you must trust the power of the universe to speak.
"Remember the keel slicing thru the water, giving balance to the vessel yet invisible to the eye. Translate the concept to a world without gravity. The water, the ship, the keel are wherever, going in whatever direction. Your holding onto your own stillness (but not onto any of the elements individually) harnesses the energy of the situation to your chosen ends. Panic, or look down, and you’re lost.
"Accept that if someone with stronger energy barges in they’ll pull it their way. Therefore continually be replenishing your own energy and stillness at a deep level. If the opposition can disrupt your consciousness they’ve won. But even then don’t strive. Accept that by losing you’re furthering the cause of balance, and strengthen the depth of your awareness to insure against a similar occurrence. If that distances you a little from people there’s no harm. I am here. We are here, your silent witnesses & loving helpers."

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